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#1 Posted : Thursday, September 10, 2015 7:22:24 AM(UTC)
Well, for all the early birds, playing FM6 before the great flood of players (on Sept. 15th) is a great way to find some bugs on the game and help T10 sort them out as quickly as possible,

As I said on the subject, I found one. I love the Mazda Cosmo and it was the first car I bought with currency in the game. The buzzing sound of its small rotary engine is music to my ears. So I started some test drives (of course, Rio first as it's my hometown).

And then I tried Nordschleife at night... It's unplayable. The bulbs are lit but they don't cast light on the track, making in impossible to drive on night courses.

Do you guys think T10 can still correct this kind of small annoyances in a short period of time? I hope so.