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#51 Posted : Saturday, September 5, 2015 6:01:11 PM(UTC)
Don't even want the game now. This is dumbest thing I've ever heard. Looks like I'm keeping my $100. Absolute deal breaker for me. Grow a set and make the cars like they were when they left the factory.

You just lost a customer T10
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#52 Posted : Saturday, September 5, 2015 6:05:05 PM(UTC)
It wouldn't be the forums without people finding a small issue, speculating on it to no end, coming to a conclusion with no concrete proof or evidence, and then over-reacting to it.

I hope someone from Turn 10 weighs in on this soon to clear things up, though I doubt that will do much to calm things down. Heck, maybe it's something that will be patched in after release. perhaps it was something Chevrolet requested for another reason all together, who knows.

All I know is that I'm not going to start thinking Turn 10 are trying to be super politically correct or anything, and I'm not going to let this small thing ruin my enjoyment of what's shaping up to be the best Forza Motorsport title yet.
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#53 Posted : Saturday, September 5, 2015 6:06:38 PM(UTC)
Hopefully, we can still paint the confederate flag on the Dodge Charger....
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#54 Posted : Saturday, September 5, 2015 6:09:02 PM(UTC)
Geez, this thread is the best laugh I've had for a while. Society has just become too sensitive.....
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#55 Posted : Saturday, September 5, 2015 6:17:25 PM(UTC)
We don't know why the symbols have been removed.

None of us here knows.

It could be a decision by Turn 10, it could be a decision by Microsoft, it could be a decision by GM/Chevrolet.

We don't know and we're not likely to know.

What I do know is this is a discussion we cannot have here on these forums. It's a highly contentious and emotional issue that has already turned politicial and that simply cannot be discussed rationally here. I have already permanently banned one poster this evening and do not wish to ban any others, so please, let's go play the demo or do whatever it is you need to in order to relax and enjoy the weekend and put this behind us.

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#56 Posted : Saturday, September 5, 2015 9:11:13 PM(UTC)
Hi folks,

Sorry Hieronymus, I want to put a brief comment in before we close this down:

Changes to the Super Sport models In Forza 6 were made in association with Chevrolet in order to align with the brand's global naming strategies.


Brian Ekberg
Forza Community Manager
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