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#26 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 5:52:31 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Difficulty Settings

Driving Assist Options
  • Familiar FM5 driving assist options such as driving line, anti-lock braking, traction control, and cosmetic or full damage are seen in the E3 floor demo videos.
  • New "Mods" challenges provide bonuses for accomplishments while using more difficult assist settings. See Mods overview post below.
  • "Fuel and tires burn on sim damage setting, but not cosmetic. In endurance races with sim damage, yes, you will need to pit." (s)

Drivatar difficulty and behavior
Drivatars from FM5 and FH2 carry over to FM6. Drivatar technology has been improved for more life-like corner/braking behavior. New Professionalism setting option on Drivatars limits their griefing behavior. (s) | (d)
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#27 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 5:53:42 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Tracks, Weather, and Lighting

arstechnica.com - Forza Motorsport 6: Getting dark and wet in a world-first hands-on - June 15, 2015
YouTube/TeamVVV - Dan Greenawalt at E3 on simulation - June 16, 2015
FM.net - FM6 E3 Features - June 15, 2015

Track Lists

Track locations and numbers
  • "26 world-famous locales and more than 100 ribbons. Not only will each and every track from Forza Motorsport 5 return to Forza Motorsport 6 (some with some new wrinkles – more on that in a bit), we’re including ten newly built and captured tracks."
  • Returning Tracks: Bernese Alps, Bathurst, Catalunya, Mazda Laguna Seca, Le Mans, Long Beach, Nurburgring, Prague, Road America, Road Atlanta, Sebring, Silverstone, Spa, TopGear, Yas Marina, Test Track Airfield. (s)
  • New/Revised Tracks: Rio de Janeiro, Autodromo Nationale Monza, Brands Hatch, Circuit of the Americas, Daytona International Speedway, Hockenheimring, revised Indianapolis, Lime Rock Park, Sonoma, Watkins Glen. (s) | (s) | (d) Virginia International Raceway (VIR) is an add on only available with the Porsche Expansion.

Track types
  • Ovals: Indianapolis and Daytona
  • Drag: carried over from FM5
  • P2P: not included
  • Playground: Test Track Airfield
  • Dirt/offroad: not featured in FM6

  • Tracks with night option: Daytona, Le Mans, Nurburgring, Spa, Sebring, Yas Marina
  • "I can confirm the Forza 6 does not have dynamic time of day." (s)
  • "At night the tarmac cools reducing grip, so racing at night requires a different set of skills than racing in the day. Players lap times will also be different in these racing conditions." (s)
  • There are no tracks with night + rain at the same time. "Currently we have rain on tracks that are famous for rain, and we have night on tracks that are famous for night, but we're not really getting into both night and rain. The difficulty of that situation for the diver is incredibly high." (5:15)

Does night temperature affect air density and horsepower?

  • Tracks with rain option: Brands Hatch, Le Mans, Nurburgring, Sebring, Silverstone, Spa, Top Gear
  • Puddles are 3D, and hydroplaning is modeled with porosity physics and coefficient of friction rather than 'wet multiplier'. Rain is velocity based so droplets move faster on a speeding car. (s) | (s) | (s)
  • "FFB in Forza Motorsport 6 has advanced. Driving through a puddle will pull the wheel towards it based on aligning torque." (s)
  • Puddles: "We recreated what we captured and researched. some tracks have more than others, but you can't turn them off." (s)
  • There are no tracks with night + rain at the same time. "Currently we have rain on tracks that are famous for rain, and we have night on tracks that are famous for night, but we're not really getting into both night and rain. The difficulty of that situation for the diver is incredibly high." (5:15)

Are there tires for wet conditions? What happens if my tuning setup doesn't include them?
"We automatically change the tires, if the car has race tires. If it has street tires, they are used in wet, dry and cold." (s)

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#28 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 5:54:26 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Test Drive

Test Drive allows you to take any car on any ribbon to test a tuning setup, learn the track, or use Photo Mode. This mode does not allow Mods and has no opponents. Test Drive can be entered from the main Go Race menu or while tuning a car. Following is a list of track options and their lengths in miles:

3.60 Autodromo Nazionale Monza Full Day
1.51 Autodromo Nazionale Monza Short Day
3.59 Autodromo Nazionale Monza Full Alt Day
3.63 Bernese Alps Festival Day
3.08 Bernese Alps StadtPlatz Day
2.52 Bernese Alps Club Day
3.63 Bernese Alps Festival Rev Day
3.08 Bernese Alps StadtPlatz Rev Day
2.52 Bernese Alps Club Rev Day
2.43 Brands Hatch GP Day
2.43 Brands Hatch GP Rain
1.21 Brands Hatch Indy Day
1.21 Brands Hatch Indy Rain
2.89 Catalunya GP Day
1.85 Catalunya National Day
1.06 Catalunya School Day
4.35 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Full Day
4.35 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Full Night
4.35 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Full Rain
3.42 Circuit of the Americas GP Day
2.30 Circuit of the Americas West Day
1.23 Circuit of the AmericasEast Day
3.59 Daytona 24 Hour Day
3.59 Daytona 24 Hour Night
2.94 Daytona Infield Day
2.94 Daytona Infield Night
2.50 Daytona Tri-Oval Day
2.50 Daytona Tri-Oval Night
2.84 Hockenheimring Full Day
2.29 Hockenheimring National Day
1.64 Hockenheimring Short Day
0.25 Hockenheimring Drag Strip
2.60 Indianapolis GP Day
2.50 Indianapolis Brickyard Speedway Oval Day
2.60 Indianapolis GP Classic Day
2.59 Indianapolis GP Alt Day
8.48 Le Mans La Sarthe Full Day
8.48 Le Mans La Sarthe Full Night
8.48 Le Mans La Sarthe Full Rain
2.60 Le Mans Bugatti Day
2.60 Le Mans Bugatti Night
2.60 Le Mans Bugatti Rain
8.44 Le Mans Classic Old Mulsanne Day
8.44 Le Mans Classic Old Mulsanne Night
8.44 Le Mans Classic Old Mulsanne Rain
1.50 Lime Rock Full Day
1.50 Lime Rock West Day
1.47 Lime Rock South Day
1.50 Lime Rock Full Alt Day
1.97 Long Beach Full Day
1.34 Long Beach East Day
0.45 Long Beach West Day
2.24 Laguna Seca Full Day
3.86 Mount Panorama Bathurst Full Day
16.15 Nurburgring Full Day
16.15 Nurburgring Full Night
16.15 Nurburgring Full Rain
12.93 Nurburgring Nordschleife Day
12.93 Nurburgring Nordschleife Night
12.93 Nurburgring Nordschleife Rain
3.20 Nurburgring GP Day
3.20 Nurburgring GP Night
3.20 Nurburgring GP Rain
3.51 Prague Full Day
1.82 Prague Short Day
3.51 Prague Full R Day
1.82 Prague Short R Day
3.83 Rio Full Day
2.84 Rio National Day
1.32 Rio Coast Day
1.01 Rio Mountain Day
0.68 Rio Mini Day
3.83 Rio Full R Day
2.84 Rio National R Day
1.32 Rio Coast R Day
1.01 Rio Mountain R Day
0.68 Rio Mini R Day
4.05 Road America Full Day
2.19 Road America East Day
2.17 Road America West Day
4.12 Road America Alt Day
2.20 Road America West Alt Day
2.54 Road Atlanta Full Day
1.77 Road Atlanta Club Day
3.70 Sebring Full Day
3.70 Sebring Full Night
3.70 Sebring Full Rain
2.13 Sebring Short Day
2.13 Sebring Short Night
2.13 Sebring Short Rain
1.70 Sebring Club Day
1.70 Sebring Club Night
1.70 Sebring Club Rain
3.19 Silverstone GP Day
3.19 Silverstone GP Rain
2.25 Silverstone International Day
2.25 Silverstone International Rain
1.64 Silverstone National Day
1.64 Silverstone National Rain
2.52 Sonoma Full Day
2.22 Sonoma GP Day
1.99 Sonoma Short Day
1.74 Test Track Airfield Full
0.75 Test Track Airfield Open Space
0.35 Test Track Airfield Terminal
0.36 Test Track Airfield Hangars
0.28 Test Track Airfield Cargo Yard
0.25 Test Track Airfield 2-Car 1/4-Mile Drag
0.50 Test Track Airfield 2-Car 1/2-Mile Drag
1.00 Test Track Airfield 2-Car 1-Mile Drag
0.25 Test Track Airfield 8-Car 1/4-Mile Drag
0.50 Test Track Airfield 8-Car 1/2-Mile Drag
1.00 Test Track Airfield 8-Car 1-Mile Drag
1.75 TopGear Full Day
1.75 TopGear Full Rain
0.94 TopGear East Day
0.94 TopGear East Rain
0.80 TopGear West Day
0.80 TopGear West Rain
1.42 TopGear Loop Day
1.42 TopGear Loop Rain
0.94 TopGear East R Day
0.94 TopGear East R Rain
0.80 TopGear West R Day
0.80 TopGear West R Rain
1.42 TopGear Loop R Day
1.42 TopGear Loop R Rain
3.27 VIR Full Day
3.27 VIR Full Night
3.27 VIR Full Rain
2.25 VIR North Day
2.25 VIR North Night
2.25 VIR North Rain
1.65 VIR South Day
1.65 VIR South Night
1.65 VIR South Rain
1.10 VIR Patriot Day
1.10 VIR Patriot Night
1.10 VIR Patriot Rain
1.63 VIR Patriot Alt Day
1.63 VIR Patriot Alt Night
1.63 VIR Patriot Alt Rain
4.43 VIR Grand West Day
4.43 VIR Grand West Night
4.43 VIR Grand West Rain
4.18 VIR Grand East Day
4.18 VIR Grand East Night
4.18 VIR Grand East Rain
3.37 Watkins Glen Full Day
2.49 Watkins Glen Short Day
3.36 Watkins Glen Full Alt Day
2.48 Watkins Glen Short Alt Day
3.45 Yas Marina Full Day
3.45 Yas Marina Full Night
1.96 Yas Marina North Day
1.96 Yas Marina North Night
1.47 Yas Marina South Day
1.47 Yas Marina South Night
1.43 Yas Marina North Alt Day
1.43 Yas Marina North Alt Night
2.95 Yas Marina Corkscrew Day
2.95 Yas Marina Corkscrew Night

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FM6 FAQ: Free Play and Split Screen

Forums: Discussion thread

Free Play allows you to set up your own custom circuit race between you and Drivatars, or against Player 2 in Splitscreen. All cars are available to Rent. Single player mode allows the use of Mods, Photo Mode, Rewind and Audio/HUD options, and post-race Replay. Drag, Drift, and Tag modes are not available in Free Play.

How can I set up a race against Drivatars using the same car model?
Unlike Multiplayer, in Free Play it is not possible to race against identical Drivatar opponent cars due to limited game options. The game automatically selects and upgrades Drivatars based on the race settings for Class, Division, and Drivetrain. For instance setting the car class to X will result in the majority of Drivatars using Honda and Chevy IndyCars. While you could race against only IndyCars or the Lotus E23, a race with only the Chevy Lola T90 is not possible because it and some cars in the game are not assigned a Division.

How do I choose designs for Drivatar opponent cars?
The toggle to show liveries on Drivatars seems to be non-functional and they only show stock paint colors, which cannot be changed by the player.

How do I race against my own Ghost?
This isn't possible in Free Play. See Rivals for racing against recorded laptimes.

What does the Next Rival message mean?
This is a reference to leaderboards (Time Attack in Rivals). For the current car class and track, the game is choosing your next Friend or Near Me target time for the current lap. If you beat it, the next higher up gamertag will be indicated on the next lap.

Each time you launch Free Play the main menu will show you as Player 1 with your current car; if you launch Free Play and your current car does not match the Game Options then you will be prompted to select a car. Player 2 can join by pressing the menu button on their controller. The lower right portion of the screen displays the next track, number of laps, car class, and number of total players (you and Drivatars) in the race. Press A on the Start Race tab to launch the race, or X to skip to the next track in the cycle, or select the other tabs to change race settings.

Single player menu tabs:

  • Mods: Equip or buy Mods to increase your performance and/or credit and XP payout. Using performance-enhancing mods will automatically result in a dirty /!\ lap time on leaderboards, and rental cars cannot use mods that come with credit or XP benefits.
  • Tune Setup: Change adjustable settings or find/load a tuning setup. Rental cars cannot use tunes.
  • Starting Grid: Shows your opponents. Drivatars are automatically upgraded near the top of the Class for each race. Drivatar cars are chosen automatically based on Game Options for the race and cannot be specified by the player. Grid order is set automatically though you may use a Dare mod to force your starting position.
  • Drivatar Difficulty: Select skill level, Limit Aggression On/Off, and Show Drivatar Liveries On/Off.
  • Assists: Increase credit payout by up to 75% by selecting more difficult assists (Line, Braking, Steering, TCS/STM, Shifting, Damage, Rewind)
  • Leaderboards: Global times for the current class/track. Tunes can be downloaded from here by selecting other players.

If some of these options disappear after you change the Playlist, try pressing Y to Reset to Default.
  • Playlist: There are 15 playlists matching the Series names from Stories of Motorsport. Each playlist uses a specified group of tracks and laps, and will load the next track after you have finished a race.
  • Max Drivatars: Choose zero to race by yourself or up to 23 Drivatar opponents.
  • Drivatar Difficulty: New Racer | Inexperienced | Average | Above Average | Highly Skilled | Expert | Pro | Unbeatable
  • Limit Drivatar Aggression: On/Off
  • Drivatar Designs: On/Off (Off limits the cars to stock color. Colors cannot be chosen for Drivatars.)
  • Laps: 1 to 50 (50 laps on the longest tracks could take 10 hours to complete. There is no 24-hour option.) Selecting a track may change this number, which you can change back.
  • Collision Mode: Default, Always On, Always Off (Ghost)
  • Division: Select any of the 30 car Divisions to limit car choices, or Any to allow all car models within the Class limit.
  • Car Class: Any, or E through X. Players cannot specify a PI limit as in Multiplayer options.
  • Drive Type: Any, FWD, RWD, AWD

  • My Cars: Your cars will be shown here if the game options allow it (C class + IndyCar will show no options). Cars you own that could be upgraded to the selected Class will be available to select but must be upgraded in order to race.
  • Buy Cars: Only cars that match the current game option restrictions will be shown here.
  • Rent Car: Only cars that match the current game option restrictions will be shown here. All game cars (including DLC you own, excluding unicorn cars) can be used as free Rentals. However, you will receive no credit or XP payout at the end of the race. Rental cars cannot be upgraded (no tuning setups). Rental cars can use Mods that do not pay credits or XP, such as Grid Position.

  • Only circuit tracks are available, so drag strips and the Test Track Airfield variants are not available. If you own the Porsche Expansion Pack then VIR will appear between Top Gear and Watkins Glen.
  • When you select a track the lap count will be automatically adjusted by the game; you can then change the lap count under Game Options.

Load your own tune or download a shared tune. You cannot upgrade or load a tuning setup for a rental car.

Increase credit payout by up to 75% by selecting more difficult assists (Line, Braking, Steering, TCS/STM, Shifting, Damage, Rewind). You can also set your assists in the pre-race menu.

  • Player 2 enters by powering on a second controller and pressing the controller's menu button. They will be prompted to select a profile, or Add as Guest named Player1gamertag(1).
  • Game Options in Splitscreen are limited to Laps, Collision Mode, Car Class, and Drive Type.
  • Guest players can only Rent cars; purchased-DLC cars are available but guests cannot access Player 1's garage cars.
  • Only daytime track variants are available for Splitscreen (no night or wet tracks).
  • Drag tracks and Test Track Airfield open spaces are not available in Splitscreen races.
  • Drivatars are not available in Splitscreen races.
  • Photo Mode, Rewind, and Audio/HUD options are not available during a splitscreen race.

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#30 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 5:56:09 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Career

Career features
  • "More than 70 hours of gameplay."
  • "The game will feature 24-cars on track – online or offline" (s)
  • "Average career race length in FM6 is longer than FM5. fuel and tire consumption is based on research." (s) "After the qualifier series, the number of laps increases. In later volumes, they continue to increase." (s)
  • "You can now practice and tune from pre-race in career. Practice writes to the hotlap boards." (s)
  • Mods: "Mods give the player the chance to affect the race, whether through adding additional challenges, changing the handling of the car, or offering additional bonuses at the end of a race. Mods are game modifiers, similar to perks in Forza Horizon 2 or Skulls in Halo 4, that you can unlock as you play in Forza Motorsport 6." (s) (See Mods post)
  • Stories of Motorsport: "told in multiple volumes, with each volume being a comprehensive career experience that lets the player travel the world and celebrate the past and present of automotive history. Volumes are further subdivided into series where players can choose precisely the types of cars they want to drive." (s) | (d) (See Stories of Motorsport post)
  • Showcase Events: "80 one-off showcase races as well as six full-fledged career paths through different racing branches (super street, grand touring, pro racing, sport icons, and Ultimate),..." (s) "There're Showcase events that allow you to play end-level content - Grand Prix cars, Indy cars, Le Mans cars - you don't have to pick up the cars, you don't have to add them to your garage, you don't have to wait for 40 hours, you can just drive them in the beginning..." (s) (See Showcase events post)

Partnership content
  • Top Gear track is in - see track list. (d)
  • Clarkson not in (s) but "We have Stig's Digital Cousin, we have the Top Gear test track, we have Top Gear inspired events in the game, and we actually have Richard and James continuing to voiceover in the game"(s) with "other automotive celebrities and passionate automotive people to host our Showcase events and some of the other "Stories of Motorsport"" (s)

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FM6 FAQ: Game Economy Overview

XP and Credits in FM6
  • "By finishing races in the game, you’ll earn both credits and experience points. Earn enough XP and you’ll earn a new level, and each time you level up, Forza 6 will give you a chance to win an in-game prize."
  • "Only garage cars return XP/CR and can be used in career." (s)
  • "Like FM5 and FH2, DLC cars will be free the first time you add them to your garage." (s)
  • "You can sell your cars back to the game for half of what you paid for it originally.." (s)

Loyalty Rewards
Players can receive free gift cars and credits at the start of the game from: being a VIP in FM5 or FH2; having played FM4, FM5, or FH2; and having cars in FM3, FM4, FH, FM5, and FH2. See the Loyalty Rewards Announcement and Contest and Gift Cars thread.

Forza Rewards
Forza Rewards is a monthly gift program that automatically tracks your activity across the Forza franchise. Players redeem rewards from the Forza Hub or via the website menu. See a list of the cars at launch in the Contest and Gift Cars thread and the Rewards in Forza 6 discussion thread.

Shared File Earnings
FM6 does not feature a centralized Storefront as in FM4 but uses a system like in FM5. "What we're doing with Forza 6 is giving people more visibility into the things they create. What I mean by that is we have a file system now that will allow you to see things like How many times has my livery been downloaded? and How much money have I made off of it. So we don't have an auction house or storefront or things like that, but every time someone downloads your livery or your setup, you're going to know." (s) | (s) | (d)

Tokens were added to the game on November 14th. Each player has 100 free tokens to start with and can buy additional tokens from the Xbox Store. Tokens are used to buy cars or upgrade parts or Mod packs instead of using credits. One token has the same value as 500 credits, so a car or Mod pack that costs 50,000 credits can alternately be bought with 100 tokens. There are no areas of the game that require tokens, and token display can be disabled in the Options tab / HUD tile by setting "Disable Tokens" to ON. See DLC thread post and discussion thread for more details.

Not included:

Auction House
FM6 does not feature an auction house as in FM4. (s)[/quote]

Players cannot gift cars or credits to each other.

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#32 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 5:59:28 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Loyalty Rewards, Forza Rewards, Gift Cars and Contests

FM.net News: FM6 Loyalty Rewards announcement - June 15, 2015
Forza Rewards Tiers update - July 31, 2015
Forums: Contest and Gift List thread

Players can start playing FM6 with a specified list of gift cars for their garage based on qualifying criteria listed below. Reward gift car models are not DLC cars unless specified.

Forza Rewards
Forza Rewards is a loyalty program that tracks your activity across the history of Forza games. By driving, purchasing DLC, unlocking Achievements and performing other tasks, you earn cumulative points toward your Forza Rewards Tier. The higher your Tier, the more rewards you can receive every month. Often these rewards will be credits that will help you afford more cars. The first Rewards for Forza Motorsport 6 are free cars when you start the game. If you're at least Tier 2 you'll receive one car; if you're Tier 8 you'll receive all 5 cars. See the Rewards section of this website or the Forza Hub app for details, see stats on your progress, and redeem rewards.
  • Tier 2 - 2015 BMW M235i
  • Tier 3 - 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition
  • Tier 4 - 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe
  • Tier 5 - 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
  • Tier 6 - 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
  • Tier 7 - 2014 Ferrari #62 Risi Competizione 458 Italia GTLM
  • Tier 8 - 2014 Audi #2 Audi Team Joest R18 e-tron quattro

Previous Gameplay Reward Cars
Play these other Forza games to get the reward car added to your FM6 garage:
  • FM4 - 2009 Ford Focus RS
  • FM5 - 2013 Ford Shelby GT500
  • FH2 - 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Shelby

Previous Garage Count Reward Credits
Build your garage count in FM3, FM4, FH, FM5, and FH2 (Xbox One) to get these credits in FM6:
  • For each game with 50 - 199 cars in your garage, you’ll receive 100,000 in-game credits.
  • For each game with 200 - 299 cars in your garage, you’ll receive 1,000,000 in-game credits.
  • For each game with 300 or more cars in your garage, you’ll receive 5,000,000 in-game credits
  • (maximum potential 25 million credits for buying FM6 cars etc)

Previous VIP Reward Cars
Own FM5 or FH2 VIP membership to receive these cars in FM6:

FM6 VIP Rewards
FM6 VIP owners will receive benefits including "community gifts." In prior games VIPs have received gift cars with exclusive custom liveries designed by Turn 10.

From time to time there may be contests run or sponsored by Turn 10 with gift car or credit prizes. See the FM6 Contest and Gift thread for past and current opportunities.
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#33 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 5:59:52 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Prize Spins

Mods and Prize Spins announcement - August 18

"By finishing races in the game, you’ll earn both credits and experience points. Earn enough XP and you’ll earn a new level, and each time you level up, Forza 6 will give you a chance to win an in-game prize. Similar to the prize spinner that was originally introduced in Forza Horizon 2, the prize spinner in Forza Motorsport 6 has a slightly different design (it’s grid-shaped, for example) and lets you see all the possible prizes you may win for each spin.

During a prize spin, each grid will light up individually at random – the player stops the spin by pressing the A button, at which point the grid will light up five more times before settling on the final prize. The prizes vary: in-game credits, a variety of a brand new car that will be added to their garage, or Mod packs you can add to your growing collection (for more on Mods, see below). If you already own the type of car you win, you will be awarded a credit amount for the value of that car. New prizes are always being added to the spinner, so pay attention each time you get the chance to spin for a prize; you never know what you might win!

As in Forza Horizon 2, you can choose to spin immediately after you level up, or you can bank your spins and perform several of prize spins in a row."
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#34 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:01:10 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Mods

Mods Announcement - August 18
Forums: Mods in Forza Motorsport 6 discussion thread
Forums: Mods List thread

"Mods give the player the chance to affect the race, whether through adding additional challenges, changing the handling of the car, or offering additional bonuses at the end of a race."
  • Mods are game modifiers that you can unlock as you play
  • Mods can only be used in either Career or in Free Play modes
  • Career lap times that feature Mods will be classified as “dirty” when appearing on that event’s Rivals leaderboard. "Mods times are marked on leaderboards and sort to the bottom of the leaderboard, below the times made dirty through cutting." (s) November content update: non-performance-enhancing mods (CR/XP bonus only) will not dirty lap times.
  • Drivatars will not use Mods. (s)
  • All Mods have rarity ratings – the more rare the Mod, the more powerful effects it can have
  • Mod packs can be won as part of the Prize spinner or purchased for in-game credits. November 14 update: Tokens can be used to buy Mod packs.
  • Mods can be sold back to the game if you don't think you're going to use them (s)
  • Mods come in three main categories:

Dare mods
"Dare Mods challenge the player to get out of their comfort zone and perform with specific driving requirements that will test their skills. Players will earn credits bonuses if they succeed in a race with a Dare mod added. All Dare Mods can be used as many times as the player likes, but only one dare can be used at a time. Higher level Dare Mods include more difficult challenges and much greater rewards. Also, because many dares lock the player into harder difficulty settings, the player gets double rewards for using them: first, the dare Mod rewards the player directly. And second, the locked assist setting continue to provide scalars as well – i.e. if the Mod give +15% cr for driving without STM and turning off STM provides +10% by itself, the player receives both scalars."

Crew Mods
"Crew Mods give the player a specific performance advantage during a race, depending on the Crew Mod used. Crew Mods don’t offer specific bonus rewards but can give players an advantage in a race, especially when going up against more skilled Drivatars or trying to optimize your car’s performance on a given track. These are like an extra level of tuning or upgrades. The player has to use strategy, knowledge of the track and knowledge of the car in order to get the most out of these Mods."

Boost Mods
"Boost Mods give the players a specific advantage during a race or a bonus for performing well in a race. Boost Mods might increase the total amount of credits you can earn after a race, or give you a bonus to XP or credits for performing certain in-game feats. Boost Mods can only be used once – after they are used in a race, they will be automatically discarded from your Mod inventory."

Using Mods
  • There are three Mods slots available to the player before each race for use in combination:
  • You can only use a maximum of one Dare Mod per race
  • You can only use a maximum of one Crew Mod per race
  • Players can play up to three Boost Mods in a race
  • Dare and Crew Mods are retained in your inventory; Boost Mods are discarded after use

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#35 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:02:02 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Stories of Motorsport

Forums: Events List thread - with list of eligible and non-eligible cars for each Volume
External: ManteoMax.com - FM6 sortable spreadsheet of cars and Divisions, and Career events list
External: Kudosprime.com - FM6 sortable database of cars and Divisions with photos of each car

From the Help menu description:
"The Stories of Motorsport spans five Volumes, starting in Super Street and ending in Ultimate Motorsport. Each Volume is its own career, a comprehensive experience that lets the player travel the world and celebrate automotive history, both past and present. Each volume is broken into three distinct Series. Think of these as chapters that range from tours of iconic racing venues to the ultimate collection of wet weather races. Tackle each Series with your choice of six unique Car Divisions. Each Car Division is a selection of cars that speaks to the essence of the Volume in which they reside." (s) | (d)

The main career mode in Forza Motorsport 6 guides the player through a collection of cars and circuit tracks with increasing length and difficulty. As you progress through Stories of Motorsport, you will be given the opportunity to enter Showcase events and then return to Stories of Motorsport.

In FM6 most of the cars are assigned a Division. These body types are used to select certain eligible cars in each Volume of the career. If a car is not assigned a Division or is not one of the options, it can't be used in career but it can still be used in Free Play, Rivals, and Multiplayer. Each volume has three Series of six optional divisions. Once a player starts a series they must complete it or start over in a different division before unlocking the next division. However, players may continue to use the same division cars for the next series or choose a different division. One division in each series in a volume must be completed before the next volume is unlocked. Players must finish each race in 3rd place or higher in order to proceed to the next race.

Restrictions for each series are not shown but you can determine them by opening one, selecting Buy Cars, and seeing where each car PI is, or buy entering with a low PI stock car which will prompt you to upgrade, and selecting Manual Upgrade will show the PI limit. If you see an "Illegal Car" message you will have to remove upgrades on your car to reduce the PI to make it legal. Buying cars from this menu includes automatically selected upgrade parts to bring the car to the top of the restriction limit; alternately you can back out of the event and go to the main menu Buy Cars list, buy a car stock, and then upgrade it to your preference. Note that some series have a PI restriction lower than the maximum for that class, so some downloaded tuning setups won't be eligible. Opponent Drivatars in Stories of Motorsport are upgraded to the top of the event restriction and do not adjust down based on the player's chosen car, so using a stock car will be less competitive.

Class maximum PI thresholds: E300 | D400 | C500 | B600 | A700 | S800 | R900 | P998 | X999

Stories of Motorsport Volumes and Series restrictions

Click links or scroll down to see eligible cars for each Volume.

Volume 1 - Super Street
  • Japanese Street Kings, class: C500
  • Compact Sport Coupe, class: D400
  • Hot Hatchbacks, class: D400
  • Ultimate SpoCom, class: B600
  • Rally Day Heroes, class: C500
  • Classic Compact, class: E300

Volume 2 - Sports Icons
  • Ultimate Sport Machines, class: A660
  • Modern Sport Legends, class: B600
  • Executive Heavyweights, class: A650
  • Track Toys, class: A700
  • Sport Utility Juggernauts, class: C500
  • Historic American Muscle, class: D400

Volume 3 - Grand Touring
  • Modern Hypercar, class: R880
  • Sport GT, class: S750
  • Exotic GT, class: S800
  • Birth of the Supercar, class: S800
  • Ultimate Grand Tourer, class: S750
  • Vintage Touring, class: D400

Volume 4 - Professional Racing
  • Modern GT Racing, class: R865
  • V8 Supercars, class: S800
  • Early GT Racing, class: R850
  • Global Touring Cars, class: S800
  • Formula E, class: S750
  • Historic Sportscar Racing, class: A675

Volume 5 - Ultimate Motorsport
  • Endurance Prototypes, class: P998
  • Legends of Grand Prix, class: S775
  • Can-Am, class: R855
  • IndyCar, class: X999
  • 1970s Grand Prix, class: R900
  • Modern Grand Prix, class: X999

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#36 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:02:37 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Showcase Events

Showcase events are interspersed during Stories of Motorsport progress, or can be entered outside career progress. Some Showcase events are locked until other Stories or Showcases are completed. All Showcase events provide eligible cars for free (rental) and must be driven stock, with your choice of Assists. Some Showcase groups provide the use of Mods, some do not.

Tip: Use your % bonus Mods for XP or credits in the Endurance events for maximum payouts.

Endurance Racing - Mods are allowed
9 events on classic endurance tracks in Endurance Prototypes, Modern GT Racing, V8 Supercars, and IndyCar divisions. These races can take from 45 minutes to over an hour to complete.

Race Driver Experience - Mods are allowed
13 events in IndyCar, Endurance Prototypes, Formula E, Global Touring Cars, V8 Supercars, and Modern GT divisions.

Bondurant Autocross - Mods are allowed
5 events. Beat the target time from a standing start by passing through cone gates. Increased difficulty reduces the target time. Bypassing or knocking over a cone adds 5 seconds to your time.

Factory Spec Racing - no Mods allowed
8 events.

Moments in Motorsport- no Mods allowed
9 events.

Top Gear Stig 1-1 - no Mods allowed
10 events. Beat the Stig's car.

Track Day Shootout - no Mods allowed
7 events in a single lap.

High Speed Chase - no Mods allowed
5 events in a single lap.

Passing Challenge - Mods are allowed
10 events. Pass a target number of cars. Increasing difficulty raises the target number.

Top Gear - no Mods allowed
3 Bowling events (knocking down pins with your car), 3 Passing Challenges, and 4 other racing events all on the Top Gear track.

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FM6 FAQ: Multiplayer

Multiplayer sections
  • Private lobbies - players control car restrictions and track selection
  • Hoppers - preset car restrictions and track rotations
  • Leagues - ranked competitive play

Lobby Features
  • "Custom lobbies with parties, yes. searchable custom lobbies, no." (s) (d) See this Xbox Support tweet on the option for developers to add this feature.
  • "The game will feature 24-cars on track – online or offline" (s)
  • "Spectators count towards the player count" (s)
  • Players can load tunes in lobbies
  • Forza 6 doesn't show kick votes anymore but they still work behind the scenes. If more than 50% of the lobby votes to kick a player, they will be kicked. (d)

There is no race qualifying stage in FM6. (d)

"Pitting is handled similarly to FM5" (s) (FM5 has automatic lane speed and repairs, no animated crews) (d)

Penalty area and Griefing
  • Quicksand has been removed and interactive tire barriers added to limit corner cutting and wall riding. (s) | (d)
  • New Leagues system ranks drivers by skill and temperament and puts similar players together to avoid griefers. (s) | (d)

Game Modes
  • Endurance - - - Up to 50 laps for circuit or 4 hours for timed race.
  • Drag racing - - - Yes
  • Drifting - - - Yes
  • Autocross - - - Rivals mode only
  • Track Day - - - Rivals mode only
  • Multiclass - - - Yes
  • Tag - - - Yes
  • Cat & Mouse - - - not one of the game types in multiplayer
  • Bowling/obstacles - - - not one of the game types in multiplayer
  • Soccer - - - not one of the game types in multiplayer

Photos and Videos
Drivers can Save Replay after a race and then use Photo Mode while viewing the replay in Forza TV.

"Players will be able to spectate any multiplayer race, including League lobbies and traditional multiplayer races. When spectating a multiplayer race, players will be able to switch in real-time between any of the cars in the race, and choose from a selection of cameras, including game cameras and on-board car cameras, as well as telemetry data. In addition, players will be able to chat with other spectators or with players in the lobby. For League lobbies, we will be giving access to select broadcasters so that they can broadcast (i.e. via Twitch) spectated Leagues races on their own channels." (s)

Is there a track editor feature?
There is no track editor in FM6. - see discussion thread

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#38 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:03:56 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Clubs, Sharing, and Gifting

"Forza 6 will not have car clubs" (s) | (s) | (d)

Sharing Cars and Credits
Sharing and Gifting cars and credits are not features in FM6. (s)
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#39 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:04:59 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Private Multiplayer Lobbies

To create your own multiplayer lobby, enter the Multiplayer tile and then press Y to Create Private Match. As the host you can set the lobby rules, choose the track, invite Friends, and Start the race. Players can load tuning setups and choose their own assists within restrictions by selecting their gamertag and pressing A. Players must select Ready in order to appear in the race grid after the start timer has ended. Note that regardless of the setting, only 5 Drivatars per human player are available and their cars and paint cannot be chosen separately. There is no race qualifying stage or championship points system in this mode.

Private lobbies cannot be made searchable (s) but you can set Xbox Live Privacy settings to allow players to Join Game and or Party from your profile.

Icons in the lobby
  • Microphone - This blinks when the player's mic is on and transmitting voice/noise.
  • Helmet/arrows - Drivatar player.
  • Star - Lobby Host. When the current host leaves a new one is automatically selected (by time in lobby?)
  • Check - Ready to race.
  • Steering Wheel - Currently racing.
  • Checkered Flag - Finished race, in post-race menu.
  • Crown - This player owns VIP DLC (or Deluxe/Ultimate digital editions)
  • T10 - This player is a developer.

Game Options that the Host can set:

  • Game Type - Circuit Race, Timed Race, Drag, Drift, Multi-Class, Tag (Pass the It), Tag (Keep the It), Tag (Virus)
  • Environment - One of the 26 locations. Drag is limited to Hockenheim, Sonoma, and Test Track. Tag is limited to Test Track.
  • Track - One of the ribbons for the selected Environment.
  • Track Scenario - Day or Night (if available for the Environment) or Rain (if available for the Environment)
  • Max Players - Up to 24, includes Spectators and Drivatars.
  • Max Drivatars - Up to 24, but the system only allows 5 Drivatars per human player. See explanation.
  • Drivatar Difficulty - New Racer, Inexperienced, Average, Above Average, Highly Skilled, Expert, Pro, Unbeatable
  • Laps - Up to 50
  • Damage - Cosmetic or Simulation
  • Collision - Always On or Always Off (Ghost)
  • Car Class - Any or E, D, C, B, A, S, R, P, X
  • Drive Type - FWD, RWD, or AWD

Advanced Rules
  • Scoring - Time Based for Circuit, Distance Based for Timed, Points for Drag
  • Bigger is Better - Yes/No (may not be optional)
  • Compare Best Lap Scores - Winner has the best Lap score.
  • End Condition - Number of Laps or dependent on type
  • Laps - Up to 50
  • Grid Ordering - PI or Random
  • Ascending - Yes or No
  • Per-Car Roll Off Delay - time between grid positions allowed to move
  • Number of Player Buckets - Up to 4
  • Score Buckets Independently - No or Yes (gives a 1st place in each bucket etc)
  • Group By Bucket - Yes or No
  • Tag Enabled - Yes or No
  • Number of Heats - Up to 10 (Drag Only)
  • Number of Teams - Up to 4 (Drag/Drift Only), unlocks Team Scoring Type, Interleave, Roll Off for each team
  • End of Race Timer - Up to 10 minutes

  • Force Team Colors
  • Force Stock Upgrades/Tuning
  • Force Off Suggested Line
  • Force Off STM
  • Force Off TCS
  • Easiest Shifting Allowed - Automatic, Manual, or Manual w/Clutch
  • Easiest Braking Allowed - Assisted, ABS On, ABS Off
  • Easiest Steering Allowed - Assisted, Normal, Simulation
  • Forced Camera View - None, Bumper, Hood, Cockpit, Chase Near, Chase Far,
  • Disable Wrong Way Indicator

Car Restrictions
Note that it's possible to set conflicting rules resulting in no possible car choices.
  • Allow Upgrades
  • Car Class
  • PI greater than / less than
  • Power greater than / less than
  • Weight greater than / less than
  • Year greater than / less than
  • Division
  • Model Family - some exist with no eligible cars
  • Car Type - Pre-Tuned, Production, Race
  • Region - Asia, Europe, North America (Holden is grouped with Europe)
  • Country - Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Sweden, U.K., U.S.
  • Make
  • Model
  • Drive Type - FWD, RWD, AWD
  • Engine Placement - Front, Mid, Rear
  • Engine Configuration - V, W, Inline, Rotary, Flat, Electric, Serial Hybrid, Parallel Hybrid, Series Parallel Hybrid
  • Cylinders - 1 to 16, 2 to 4 rotor, Electric
  • Aspiration - Naturally Aspirated, Turbo, Twin Turbo, Quad Turbo, . Disp. Supercharged, Centrifugal Supercharged
  • Power Handicap - 0.25 to 1.00 (1.00 is unaltered power)
  • Front Grip Handicap - 0.25 to 1.00
  • Rear Grip Handicap - 0.25 to 1.00

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FM6 FAQ: Multiplayer Hoppers

Forums: Events List thread with updated lobbies and restrictions

Multiplayer hoppers are live races against other players (no Drivatars). Matchmaking and grid ordering (by PI) is performed automatically by the server. The server cycles through tracks but players have 30 seconds vote on one of three tracks (between two named tracks, or Random) for the next race. Once the track is decided a 15 second countdown will launch the race. Hoppers are circuit races unless another mode is specified and typically run about 10 minutes per race with a 45 second end of race timer once the first player crosses the finish line. Rewinds are off (live race), Damage is Cosmetic (unless otherwise specified), and Collision is On unless specified for Ghost hoppers. You can select a garage car, rent a car, or buy a car in a hopper lobby. You can load a tuning setup and set your own assists by pressing A on your own gamertag in the lobby. Highlighting another gamertag will show the player's badge, Driver Level, car selected, and pressing A on that gamertag will allow you to open their Xbox gamercard (for messaging, parties, mute, comparing games, adding to Friends list, reporting and blocking) or Vote to Kick. Votes to Kick are not shown but will kick a player if half the lobby votes to kick them. Photo Mode is not available but you can Save Replay once the race is complete and later view the replay in the Forza TV menu and open Photo Mode there. During a race you can open the Pause menu (your car will coast in its last direction) to change Audio and HUD options. There is no qualifying stage or championship points system in multiplayer hoppers.

Lobby icons
  • Microphone: This icon will blink if the player's mic is on and transmitting voice/noise.
  • Steering Wheel: Currently driving in a race
  • Checkered Flag: Completed race, on post-race screen
  • Crown: This player owns the VIP DLC (or Deluxe/Ultimate digital editions)
  • T10: This player is a developer.

Press Y to spectate a race currently in progress. You can change cars and camera angles and view car Telemetry during the race. Spectators cannot Save Replay. Spectate may help you determine if a player is idle, in which case you may have to exit the lobby and reenter if you want to race.

Hot mic
Remember, if your mic is plugged in and not muted, other players in game chat will be able to hear you talking, breathing, eating, etc, and may overhear children, pets, music, or other noises from your room. Be considerate and aware of your mic status.

With Collisions on there is little you can do to avoid players who deliberately want to spoil the race. You can practice evasive driving to avoid sloppy drivers, especially in the first corner of a track where many collisions occur. Keep in mind that some lag issues may cause what looks like intentional griefing but in fact is no fault of the driver; for this reason the forums do not allow naming and shaming. If you feel a player is behaving against the Xbox Live Terms of Use, submit a Report from their gamercard for the enforcement team to review. You may also save a replay of an incident (with nondescript title to avoid attention) and inform a moderator or forzafb@microsoft.com where they can see the replay for investigation.

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#41 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:05:53 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Leagues

News: Leagues overview announcement from gamescom - August 4
Forums: League Info? discussion thread
Forums: Thoughts on Leagues? discussion thread
Forums: Events List thread - with updated league details

Leagues are a separate group of multiplayer hoppers designed for competitive ranking and payouts. Each league typically runs for seven days and is open during specific windows each day. Players are assigned to one of five divisions for each league, earn points for each race, and receive credit payouts for their rank on the division leaderboard when the league ends.

1 - Pinnacle
2 - Elite
3 - Professional
4 - Enthusiast
5 - Grassroots

If you have never played Leagues before, FM6 uses your regular multiplayer Hopper TrueSkill to place you in a starting division. Once your TrueSkill in Leagues is verifed, it switches to using the TrueSkill for Leagues exclusively from there on out (unaffected by Career and regular Hopper performance). The more you win, the more your TrueSkill increases, the more you are at the back of the pack the more it decreases. Leaderboard finish position has no impact to the Division you are assigned. TrueSkill score is not visible to players.

Scoring and Leaderboards
Points for each race = (your finish position, inverted) + (bonus points for any players you finish in front of that have a higher skill rating for you). At a minimum you will receive 100 points for finishing each race if you come in last. Players who start a race but quit or disconnect mid-race do not earn points and are not counted as beaten opponents. League leaderboards are ordered by point totals which accumulate from all your played sessions during the week. Players will receive a gift message for credits awarded based on their final leaderboard ranking when the league ends.

Event Restrictions
In the main Leagues menu, press X on a league's summary to see the restrictions (car class, car division, drivetrain, power, etc). Once in a league lobby you can also see Game Options. Unless otherwise specified, Leagues use Damage=Cosmetic, Collisions=On, Tuning=Allowed, Upgrades=Allowed to the maximum of the specific class restriction. A league named Ghosts indicates that Collisions are Off and player cars pass through each other. Players can set their own assists (TCS etc) by selecting their own gamertag in the lobby list and opening the Assists menu. Tuning files can be loaded from the lobby but settings can't be changed in the league lobby.

Car availability / How do I know which cars are eligible for a League restricted by Division?
See car spreadsheets at www.ManteoMax.com and www.KudosPrime.com or this thread for lists of cars by Division. Prior to entering a League menu you can also set a division in Free Play with no other restrictions and see the cars that match. Note that Career mode allows some cars of one division to also race in events of another division but they will not be available for more than one division in multiplayer. If a league is open you can enter it and select Rent or Buy Car to see eligible cars. However, cars must be currently configured to meet the lobby restriction for them to appear as available choices. The Rental and Buy Cars menus may show no available choices if the event restrictions eliminate otherwise eligible cars (such as "Car Class must be []" which is higher than the stock class of cars in a specified Division). Rental cars do not earn XP or credits from racing.

The official announcement gave this overview prior to game launch:
Leagues are a brand new multiplayer feature for Forza 6, one that lets players compete in thrilling multiplayer races that are scheduled and based around each player’s skill level and temperament. The cornerstones of Leagues are its scheduled race lobbies. All League lobbies run on a schedule and will be open in the game during specific times each day. For example, there might be a B-Class League lobby that will be open for four hours per day for a full week; after which, it will be replaced with a new League lobby featuring different cars and/or tracks. While a League’s daily open window may vary from League to League, we are designing these windows to be open to allow the most players within different time zones.

During an open window, players can join a League Lobby and compete against one another in that lobby’s playlist. After each race, players will earn points based on their performance (what position they placed in, as well as the number of higher-skilled players they beat). As long as a League window is open, players can continue to play in that lobby and earn points; these points will accumulate on that League’s leaderboard for the duration of the League. Once a scheduled League has closed down, players will earn credits based on their final position on the League’s overall leaderboard.

Our goal with League racing is to have players always have multiplayer matches that are geared to their skill. To do that, we are organizing players into different skill-based Driver Divisions. All players will begin at the lowest division when they first start playing in Leagues and more skilled players will quickly move up into their appropriate divisions. Each time a player races, we recalculate his or her skill level by comparing how that player finishes among the other players in a race. The more races you win or place highly in, the better the chance you’ll move up to a new League division. Once a League begins, players will remain in that league until the League has completed. When the new set of Leagues is set, each player’s Driver Division will be reviewed and players will potentially be reclassified based on their current skill level. In addition to skill level, League players will be organized by their temperament levels, which will ensure that clean drivers will be paired with other clean drivers, while players who tend to enjoy more contact will be racing with similar style opponents.

Driver Division will also control which League events players have access to. A newer, less skilled driver won’t be able to see or have access to the same League events available to elite-skill players. This allows us to create race events that fit for different players, tailoring the cars and tracks to the most appropriate skill levels.

In addition to a regular cadence of updated Race Leagues, we’ll also be creating special events that will give players of all skill levels the chance to compete. Whether it’s with one-off series tied to real-world race weekends or invite-only events featuring the best racers in the world, Online Leagues promises to be an incredibly exciting, and always changing, new feature in the game."

Players will be able to spectate any multiplayer race, including League lobbies and traditional multiplayer races. When spectating a multiplayer race, players will be able to switch in real-time between any of the cars in the race, and choose from a selection of cameras, including game cameras and on-board car cameras, as well as telemetry data. In addition, players will be able to chat with other spectators or with players in the lobby. For League lobbies, we will be giving access to select broadcasters so that they can broadcast (i.e. via Twitch) spectated Leagues races on their own channels.

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#42 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:08:16 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Rivals and Leaderboards

Leaderboards can be seen after race events and in the Time Attack sections of the Rivals menu. Every lap you complete in Free Play, Career (including practice laps), Rivals, and Multiplayer is compared to the leaderboard for that track and class and recorded to the leaderboard if it is your first lap or your fastest lap ever for that combo. The leaderboards rank clean laps above dirty laps, which are marked with a /!\ symbol. The crown icon next to a gamertag indicates ownership of the VIP DLC. Selecting a leaderboard time will allow you to watch a replay of that lap (from Rivals only), and you can download the design and tuning setup used by the player if they are available ("Tuned by").

/!\ Why is my lap marked dirty if I did nothing wrong?
Reasons for a lap being marked with the /!\ dirty lap symbol include: contact with a car or wall, heavy bottoming out (ride height too low/suspension too soft), driving outside the track boundary, drafting (either ahead or behind a close car), driving the wrong way on a track, using Rewind, or using Mods that affect car performance. Triggering a dirty indicator in the final sector of a lap will also cause the next lap to be dirty (due to the possibility of gaining an advantage entering that lap); rewind back beyond where the last split time pops up in order to keep the next lap clean. You may find it difficult to get a clean lap with other cars on the track; to improve your leaderboard rank, use Rivals to race alone on the track. See discussion thread.

Leaderboard Sorting Options
  • Global
  • Region
  • Friends
  • Division - If the car you used does not have a Division assigned by the game (as used in Stories of Motorsport) then this box will show a blank.
  • Hardcore - Laps must be clean, with no Mods and no assists: Line, ABS, TCS, STM must be off and you must use Manual with Clutch. See discussion.
  • There is no overall rank that combines all leaderboards.

click for larger view:

Rivals mode is found under the Go Race tab in the main menu. Rivals is a solo mode that allows you to compete against the ghosts of other players on the leaderboards for specific events and for each class/track. The next Rival listed will be pulled from your Friends list or the next nearest Regional or Global leaderboard time if no Friends are ahead of you. These Rivals will also appear in "Congratulations you beat: " and "Next Rival" alerts on your HUD when you race in Career. You can change your target rival to any listed on that leaderboard; higher ranked targets award more credits and XP if you beat them. Players may choose their assists and use tuning setups (unless an event is restricted to Stock Only) which can be adjusted or loaded from the pre-race menu. Photo Mode is available from the pause menu, and you can view and save the replay from the post-race menu. Mods are not available in Rivals mode. Forums: discussion thread

  • VIP - These events are accessible to VIP owners only (Deluxe/Ultimate Edition or VIP DLC). The events are typically similar to the events in Community Monthly.
  • Community Monthly - These events change monthly and typically include a mix of hotlap, track day, autocross modes etc.
  • Spec Challenge - The car is provided in stock form free for use in these hotlap events to remove the competitive edge of a tuning setup and instead compare players' driving skill under the same circumstances. Some events are single lap (making a good launch important) and some allow you to take as many laps as needed to beat your rival's time.
  • Track Days - Hotlaps with traffic cars on the track. Contact with other cars dirties your lap time.
  • Autocross - Slalom through cone gates on the track. Knocking over a cone or missing a gate adds 5 seconds to your lap time per instance.
  • Drift Zone - Scored by points rather than lap time. Points strings are banked when the car stops drifting. Contact with a wall or leaving the track will forfeit the current points string.
  • Time Attack - Hotlapping for each circuit track (including night and rain variants) in each car class.

How do I know which cars are eligible for an event restricted by Division?
See car spreadsheets at www.ManteoMax.com and www.KudosPrime.com for sorting by Division. Alternately you can create a private multiplayer lobby and change the restrictions to a specific division to see its eligible cars, and you can enter the Stories of Motorsport volumes you have unlocked to see eligible cars for each series by division.

Rental car availability
For each VIP and Community Monthly rivals event, Rental cars will be offered for free for cars matching the event restrictions. Because rental cars cannot be upgraded, some cars may not appear here if the event class requirement is higher than the the car's stock class. Rental cars do not earn XP or credits from racing.

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#43 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:08:40 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Photos and Screenshots

See the Forzatography forum for tips on taking photos and share your own.
See the Community Events forum for regular photo contests you can enter for the chance to win in-game credits.

Photo Mode
Photo Mode can be launched from Forzavista, from the Pause menu during Career and Free Play races, and from Replays.
  • In addition to photo style presets you can apply your own Custom settings for Shutter Speed, Focus, Aperture, Exposure, Contrast, Color, Brightness, Sepia, Vignette, and add Water drops to the lens.
  • When you save the photo a Forza Motorsport logo watermark will be added to the upper right corner of the image (no option to change its position.)
  • Once saved you can Share the photo with details for Make, Model, preset Keywords, and your own description.
  • There is no option to repair damage before a shot.

Forza Gallery - in-game and Forza Hub
Under the OPTIONS tab from the main menu. Here you can see your photo files and Share them, view Turn 10 Picks (contest winners), and Most Popular. You can press Y to follow a Creator so their photos are listed near the front of suggested images.

How can I download my in-game photos?
  • Method 1: Using a computer browser, find your saved photos in the GALLERY dropdown under the COMMUNITY menu on the website and save them to your computer.
  • Method 2: Take an Xbox One Screenshot (below) while in Photo Mode with UI hidden or while viewing a photo in the in-game Forza Gallery menu. (not available while streaming)
  • Method 3: Stream your game to Windows 10 using the Xbox app and take a screenshot from your device.

Xbox One Screenshot
See the Xbox Support topic on capturing and sharing screenshots. Double-tap the Xbox One controller power button and press Y to save the image or say "Xbox, take a screenshot." Use the Upload app to manage saved screenshots from My Captures, where you can set the image as your console background or share it to your activity feed, in a message, to Twitter, or to your OneDrive. See the March 2015 announcement for a quick video tutorial. Screenshot is not available while streaming.

Xbox App streaming video screenshot
When streaming to your Windows 10 Xbox App you can use the keyboard combination CTRL + Print Screen to capture the current display from your monitor and then use an image editor to paste and trim the capture.

How do I post photos in the forums?
Please post photos by linking to a hosted photo site such as Flickr. Click the Post Reply button in a thread and use the Insert Image icon or use bracketed url= and /url coding and enter the url for the image itself (.jpg or .png, not a webpage). The site will automatically resize large pictures to 800px wide. Create a thread to show off your photos in the Forzatography forum. See the How to upload a photo thread for detailed instructions.

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#44 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:09:00 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Replays and Video Clips

The Content Creator's Area forum exists for users to find videos as well as share your own.

Replay Mode
You can save a replay at the end of each race.
  • During replays you can Restart, Rewind, Pause, Skip Forward/Back, Change Camera Type, Change Car, view Telemetry, and launch Photo Mode.
  • Camera Types: Game Cameras, Replay Cameras, Car Close, Car Far, Car Close Advanced, Car Far Advanced, Wheel, Wheel Advanced, Three Quarter View, Roof, Rear Facing, Helicopter, Reverse Hood, Follow Advanced, Slow Spin, Side Dolly, Pan Across.
  • When you've selected a Camera Type, press X to cycle through the various angles for that type. Replays are not uploaded to the Gallery on Forzamotorsport.net but you can use the Xbox video editing features to capture clips from replays as described below.
  • Pending: What is the maximum time length for a saved replay? See discussion thread.

Forza TV - saved replays
Found under the OPTIONS tab in the main menu. Here you find your saved replays.
  • "Public" indicates that the replay has been shared and others can view it in Forza TV. "Private" indicates that the replay is only visible to you.
  • Select a replay and Press A for options: "Load" to view the replay, Share/Unshare, Rename, or Delete. Navigate with the controller bumpers to see Turn 10 Picks, Most Popular, and Search results. You can search for replays by Make, Model, Environment, Track, Keywords, Creator name, and replay Description.
  • Saved replays are not available on your Forzamotorsport.net gallery or in the Forza Hub; see Upload below for recording video for sharing outside the game.
  • Pending: How does replay calculate Rating, Downloads, Likes, and Uses? What is the maximum number of saved replays?

Xbox recorded clips
To save game clips to be uploaded to the internet, say "Xbox, Record That" (or double-tap the Xbox button on your controller and press X) to capture the past 30 seconds of gameplay, or snap the Game DVR app to record up to 5 minute segments. Use the Upload Studio app to edit and share videos up to 30 minutes long. Saved clips can be found on the dashboard in your Profile and in the Upload app, where you can choose to save them to OneDrive (and ultimately other hosting services such as YouTube). These recordings are 720p, 30fps. You can also find your clips at xboxclips.com and xboxdvr.com (both unaffiliated with Microsoft).

Video Creator
FM6 does not have an in-game video editor. See discussion thread.

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#45 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:09:56 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Streaming

The Content Creator's Area forum allows users to find uploaded videos and streams, and to let others know when you'll be streaming.

Twitch Streaming and Saved Videos
The Xbox One Twitch app can be used to stream your live gameplay. You can set your channel settings at www.twitch.tv to save streamed sessions for later viewing. Use Nightbot to set commands for your channel chat.

Forzamotorsport official stream
The Turn 10 Community Team streams weekly two hour sessions on Tuesdays (1pm Pacific time) and Fridays (3pm Pacific time) at www.twitch.tv/forzamotorsport

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#46 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:10:23 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Achievements

Achievements announcement - August 12
Xbox.com page for FM6 achievements

FM6 has 56 Achievements worth 1000 gs, the same for each edition. In addition, the Porsche Expansion DLC adds 250 gs, and the NASCAR expansion DLC adds 250 gs, for a total of 1500gs for the game. There is no menu for seeing Achievement progress within the game but the console Achievements app can be snapped to the side of the screen while playing the game. You can also review your Achievements progress in the Forza Hub, Xbox app, or at the link above at Xbox.com.

  • Cover Car does not unlock for gift cars - you must buy the Ford GT '17
  • Thru the Pack is designed to only unlock in public hoppers. (s)
  • World Traveler achievement may not progress past 96% - Turn 10 is investigating. (s)
  • For no-assists achievements, turn Off driving line, ABS/TCS/STM, and shifting must be Manual w/Clutch
  • Note that in contrast to the announcement, Down to the Wire is not listed on Xbox.com and Giving It a Go is 20 points instead of 5; the Mod Buff requirement has dropped from 250 to 50; and the Turning Left achievement requirement has been changed from the Honda Rahal to the Chevy Target IndyCar.

FM6 base Achievements List (1000gs)
5 Welcome to Forza Motorsport Complete the first race
20 Community Welcome Visit Forza HUB from Forza Motorsport 6
5 Takin' a Spin Test Drive a car
25 Record Breaker Go Faster than 250 mph in any car
20 Cover Car Own the 2017 Ford GT Cover Car
5 Posting a Selfie Share a Photo
5 Greatest Moments Share a Replay
10 Working Artist Share a Paint
10 Working Turner Share a Tune
10 Bronzed Equip a Bronze Level Badge
15 Smooth Silver Equip a Silver Level Badge
25 Digging Gold Equip a Gold Level Badge
40 Going Platinum Equip a Platinum Level Badge
10 Kickback Earn 100% credit bonus from Mods in a single race
10 Home Field Use a Track Specialist Crew Mod on the corresponding track
10 Up to the Challenge Finish first in a 24 car racing using the Suggested Line Off, Cockpit Camera only Dare Mod
15 I Dare You Finish first in a 24 car race using the Back of the Pack Dare Mod
20 You Shouldn't Finish first using the Manual Transmission Dare Mod
15 Modified Finish first with all Mod Types equipped
15 Mod Buff Collect 50 Mods
10 Meeting Objectives Complete 30 Race Objectives
15 Accomplished Complete 60 Race Objectives
10 Best of Spa Complete a race in the 2015 Lotus E23 on Spa in the Rain
10 Down Under Complete a race in the 2015 Ford #17 Xbox Racing Ford Falcon FG X on Bathurst
10 Turning Left Complete a race in the 2015 Chevrolet #9 Chip Ganassi Racing IndyCar on Indianapolis
50 Car Culture Complete a Race with every car from Ferrari
10 Collecting the Checks Earn 50,000 credits from Drivatars
20 Cashing In Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Design
20 Making a Name Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Tune
20 Giving it a Go Enter your first League Event
10 Spin to Win Do 25 Prize Spins
20 Unrivaled Beat 10 Rivals while running no Assists
10 Joining the Ranks Finish first in a League Race
10 Gaining Experience Complete 100 laps in Multiplayer
10 Nightvision Complete 50 laps at night in Multiplayer
10 Rain Dancer Complete 50 laps in the rain in Multiplayer
5 Speaking Up Vote for a track in a Multplayer Lobby
20 Devoted Racer Complete 300 laps in Multiplayer
20 Racking up the Mileage Drive for 1000 miles in Multiplayer
25 Real Deal Win a race with no assists turned on in a Multiplayer race
50 World Traveler Complete a Race ion Every Location (Environment) in Multiplayer
20 Thru the Pack Start last and finish first in a Multiplayer Race with 24 cars
10 Setting Pace Lead for a total of 50 miles
15 Chase Car Lead for a total of 100 miles
10 One Down Win a Race in a 2017 Ford GT in Free Play with 24 cars
15 First Time Win a Race in a 1966 McLaren M2B in Free Play with 24 cars
20 Street Legal Win a Race in a 2014 BAC Mono in Free Play with 24 cars
25 Forza Triple Crown Complete the One Down, First Time, and Street Legal Achievements
20 I Got This Finish 1st in the Formula Ford Cup Factory Spec-Racing Showcase Event
20 Dodging and Weaving Finish 1st in the Ferrari LaFerrari Passing Challenge Showcase Event
20 Showdown Finish 1st in the Ariel Atom Stig 1-1 Showcase Events
30 Just Getting Started Complete the final race of final series in the final Volume
20 Volumes Closed Complete All Volumes
30 Championship Legend Complete All Series
40 Showstopper Complete All Showcase Events
50 One for the History Books Complete all Car Divisions, all Series, and all Showcases

Porsche DLC Achievements List (250gs)
10 Welcome to Porsche Finish the Porsche Anthology Initial Experience Race
5 Rattle The Cage Fully explore the Porsche 919 in Forzavista
5 Show Off Equip a Porsche Badge
10 Potpourri Complete 1 Porsche Showcase
10 Creating an Identity Finish "Building Innovation" Series
10 Built For Speed Finish "Racing Dominance" Series
10 Latest And Greatest Finish "Growing Excelleince" Series
10 The Benchmark Finish "Supercar Synthesis" Series
10 Driving Technology Finish "Motorsport Next" Series
20 Origin Story Finish "The Origin" Era
20 Better and Better Finish "The Evolution" Era
20 Pursuit of Perfection Finish "The Future" Era
10 Business in Front, Party Out Back Race a front-engine Porsche in Multiplayer or Free Play 10 times
10 Middle Child Race a mid-engine Porsche in Multiplayer or Free Play 10 times
10 All-Terrain Race the Cayennne or Macan in Multiplayer or Free Play 10 times
15 Forest Fire Set a lap time under 1:30 at VIR Full
15 Party At The Country Club Play VIR in Multiplayer
20 Racing Through the Woods Complete 40 laps on VIR in Multiplayer
30 Titan of Motorsport Complete all Porsche Showcases

NASCAR DLC Achievements List (250gs)

10 Welcome to NASCAR Finish your first NASCAR race
20 Hometown Hero Finish the NASCAR Icons Tour Expedition
20 Around the World Finish the Passport to the World Expedition
20 Roadtrip USA Finish the One Lap of America Expedition
20 Mastering Mulsanne Finish the Road to Le Mans Expedition
20 NASCAR World Champion Complete the full NASCAR World Tour
10 Homestead 305 Complete a lap of Homestead in under 30.5 seconds
10 Hendrick Motorsports Driver Drive 50 miles in Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR models
10 Chip Ganassi Racing Driver Drive 50 miles in Chip Ganassi Racing NASCAR models
10 Team Penske Driver Drive 50 miles in Team Penske NASCAR models
10 Stewart-Haas Racing Driver Drive 50 miles in Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR models
10 Joe Gibbs Racing Driver Drive 50 miles in Joe Gibbs Racing NASCAR models
10 The Big One Race in a NASCAR multiplayer league
10 Shake and Bake Race in a NASCAR multiplayer hopper
5 In the Groove Complete 1 NASCAR Showcase Event
15 Dropping the Hammer Complete all 10 NASCAR Showcase events
15 Dirty Air Get 100 Perfect Draft Scores
5 Geared Up Equip a Platinum NASCAR badge
10 Stop and Go Complete 5 QuickStop races
10 Traffic Jam Complete 5 rolling start races

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#47 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:10:44 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Badges

Badges are icons you can choose to display for others to see next to your gamertag in multiplayer lobbies and on leaderboards, and display above your car or Drivatar. At the beginning of the game you can choose a national flag or a few other icons as your badge. Other badges are unlocked as you perform various activities throughout the game. Once unlocked, further progression for a badge's goal will increase it from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum level. Reaching each level will unlock the Achievements named Bronzed, Smooth Silver, Digging Gold, and Going Platinum.

Mastery group
  • Earn # credits
  • Complete # Clean Laps
  • Complete # Career Car Divisions
  • Gain # Perfect Passes
  • Complete # Multiplayer races
  • Complete # Multiplayer Drag races
  • Complete # Multiplayer Multi-Class races
  • Complete # Multiplayer Tag events
  • Finish 1st in # Multiplayer League events.
  • Beat # individual Rivals
  • Spend # hours tuning
  • Spend # hours panting

Milestone Group
  • Welcome to Forza Motorsport 6
  • Complete the Initial Experience
  • Add # cars to your garage
  • Ear the max level of Affinity for # brands
  • Complete # Career Volumes
  • Complete # Career Showcase events
  • Earn the # level of the Volumes, Showcases, and Car Divisions badges
  • Drive # miles
  • Reach Tier # in Forza Rewards
  • Earn # race wins
  • Reach Driver Level #
  • Be a Forza Motorsport 6 VIP
  • Receive # Community uses of your tunes
  • Receive # Community uses of your paints
  • Have # tunes rated 5 stars
  • Have # paints rated 5 stars
  • Drive # different cars
  • Use # Mods
  • Lead # laps in a race
  • Complete # Multiplayer Leagues
  • Reach Diver Division # in Multiplayer Leagues

Each badge is unlocked when you reach Level 25 Affinity for each manufacturer.

There are 48 flags to choose from, all are unlocked at the start of the game.

Go to the OPTIONS tab in the main menu to change your badge.

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#48 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:59:59 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Player Stats

From anywhere in the Main Menu press Y to see your game stats. Select Affinity or My Stats tab and press A to see details.

Manufacturers you've driven to Affinity Level 1 or higher are listed from highest level to lowest. Scroll over a manufacturer name to see:
  • Total XP
  • XP to Next Level
  • Cars Owned
  • Favorite Car
  • Total Distance
  • Total Time

  • Number of Races
  • Cars Owned
  • Distance Driven
  • Time Driven
  • Average Speed
  • Total Winnings
  • Number of Perfect Turns, Drifts, Drafts, Passes
  • Per track: Number of Races, Turns, Drifts, Drafts, and Passes

  • Time Driven
  • Time Spent Test Driving
  • Time Spent Upgrading
  • Time Spent Tuning

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#49 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 7:03:36 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Drift Mode

Drift events can be found in the Multiplayer Hoppers menu or players can create a Private Lobby with their own car restrictions for drift mode.

Drift points are recorded as the car is sliding while using throttle - simply skidding will not score points. After a moment of not drifting, the accumulated points will be banked to the lap total. Unbanked points will be lost if the car: turns more than 90 degrees to the track; leaves the track; collides with a player or wall; or uses Rewind.

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#50 Posted : Saturday, August 29, 2015 7:09:33 PM(UTC)
FM6 FAQ: Playground Games (Tag)

Other than timed races and drifting, FM6 also has playground game modes. Tag is available in multiplayer on the Airfield track variants, and Bowling is available in Career Showcase events in the TopGear group. FM6 does not include game modes for Cat & Mouse, Soccer, or demolition derby etc.

Tag events are available in the Multiplayer Hoppers menu with restrictions that may change from time to time. Players can also created a Private Multiplayer Lobby and set the Game Type to one of the three Tag options with their own car restrictions.
  • Pass the It - One player is identified as the 'It' from the start and passes it to another player by contact. The player with the lowest time as It at the end of the timer wins.
  • Keep the It - One player is identified as the 'It' from the start and tries to avoid having it taken from other players by contact. Most time as It at the end of the timer wins.
  • Virus - Once tagged each player remains infected and can tag other players. The last survivor to be tagged wins.

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