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#1 Posted : Wednesday, August 26, 2015 9:47:18 PM(UTC)
Hello all.

I'm Taunt.
Leader of Team527.

T527 Tandem Greeting Banner

The team has many members but only a selected few are part of the higher tandem group.

We are a very relaxed team. Not interested in points but mainly just hopping online and doing some fun tandems.
Often times, if you join our lobbies, you will see our cars damaged from pushing each other.
Because we are a open team, almost anyone is invited to be the team. With that being, we have AWD drifters as well as RWD.
Also some members enjoy doing competitions in which you may see some in those when they are available though we host some mini comps as well which are unbiased unlike other competitions.
You will see a RDWY member or two judging and a RDWY member in the drift comp will still lose because to us, a competition should be fair and not like FormulaD.

Some of our higher members are:
S50PWR (Co-Leader)
CRYWOLF26 (Co-Leader)
rb25driftbox (Co-Leader)

Many of us drift in real life and some of us are not old enough.

Rules for our club are pretty simple,
Be respectful to all.
When doing tandems, if doing a train and others can keep up, wait up for them to keep the train going.
Tandem as close as you can.
If you spin or go off track, look before getting back on. Don't get back on track in front of someone else drifting if they are near by. Just wait.

Not a lot of the members can tandem well but we try to improve those who are willing to try.

Often our lobby names are:
Team527 Tandems
Team527 Mini Comp

Hope to see you all in forza drift. See us in the game, be sure to tandem and touch doors with us!

If anyone has any issues or complaints about one of the members, please message me on Xbox as I rarely get on here.
Thanks for reading