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Official Formula Drift Pro1 2015 Rule Book:


1.1 Qualifying System

1.2 Qualifying Runs

1.3 Tandem Elimination Rounds 

1.4 Specific issues identified as zeros (0) in qualifying and tandem.

1.5 Judging Protest During Tandem Elimination

2.1 Car Regulations

3.1 Misc rules

4.1 Weight and Tire Classes

5.1 How to Sign Up

6.1 Connection and Being Late

6.2 ZTA/Terms and Agreement

7.1 Event Info

8.1 Pro1 Pro License

8.2 Pro Points

8.3 Twitch broadcasting and streaming



Qualifying System:

In competition, drivers are given two judged laps to qualify.

Each Driver will get 2 qualifying runs.Best run will count as their best score.

Tiebrakers will be determined by the driver worse run,style Points,and speed.

Each qualifying run is judged on four (3) criteria:Line, Angle, and Style.

Line is the ideal path a vehicle must take on course and is marked by Inner Clipping Points, Outer Clipping Points, and Transition Zones. Inner Clipping Point are reference points on the course where the vehicle’s front bumper should come asclose as possible to the reference point. Outer Clipping Points are also reference points and scored by determining howclose the corner of the vehicle’s rear bumper comes to the point. Transition Zones are areas on track where the direction of the line changes and vehicles must change the direction of their drift.

Angle measures the amount of counter-steer and relative rear slip angle a driver uses through the course.

Style is the general feel of the pass and how well the other two criteria were executed through the entirety of the lap. This is the most subjective criteria and judges will look for the most “excitement” that the driver can bring.

Drivers should be able to demonstrate full control of the car at all time.



Qualifying Runs







Tandem Elimination Rounds

Tandem round are based on two (2) runs, in Head-to-Head format, with competitors paired up based on seeding position. The higher qualifier will lead the first run and the second led by the lower qualifier.

The critical success factor is for the lead car to be able to run the course without error while being pressured by thefollowing car. The following car is to try and “out drive” the lead car. Driver consistency during a tandem battle is critical.

Lead Car must be able to clear the course without making any errors due to distraction or pressure by the following car.

Following Car needs to run the same basic line as the lead car but may also take a higher line in order to pressure the lead driver. Taking a lower line than the lead car will result in a loss of advantage. If the lead car is off line, the following car will gain advantage points by staying on the correct line althrough will not be deducted points for following the lead car. The following car should keep as close to the lead car as possible to gain the advantage.

Passing is allowed in Formula Drift Pro1. Passing is allowed anywhere on course as long as the lead car is clearly off the line the judges have specified. Any passing that occurs outside the scope of the aforementioned criteria will be deemed illegal and constitute an equivalence to a zero (0) run.

Collisions occur during tandem battle and in the event of contact, the driver at fault will lose advantage points. Incidental contact is allowed but not encouraged. Drivers are required to complete the entire course, even if the other driver crashes, hits, spins, stalls or is not able to complete the run. Drivers are always being judged as long as they are on course.

Pace Roll In The past we just used a straight up "50 Roll" this season we are using a Pace Roll. Both drivers will agree on a roll speed it could be slower or faster depending on the drivers. However if a decision cant be made by the drivers both drivers will use the Pro1 suggested roll which will usually be 50. Note: the end of the roll will not change only the speed.

Tandem Scoring will be observed by the (3) judges during the head-to-head battle. There will be no declaration of scores between the two runs. At the conclusion of the head-to-head battle, each judge will individually declare a winner. Judges will select from three options:

1. Driver “A” wins

2. Driver “B” wins

3. “Tie”

The majority will rule a winner will be decided. 

In the event there is no clear majority, a “One More Time” will be granted, and the competitors will begin another 2-run head-to-head battle.

Multiple “One More Times” may be necessary to determine a winner Up to three.



Specific issues identified as zeros (0) in qualifying and tandem.

Formula DRIFT has identified specific terms that would receive a judging zero (0) in both qualifying and tandem.


- Spinning out

- Clear straightening or losing drift (Losing drift and reinitiating quickly is a major deduction, but not a zero. Judges will determine if an zero should happen)

- 3 or more tires off course at the same time

- Hood, hatch and/or doors open during a run

The following items constitute and automatic zero or deduction in tandem:

- 3 or more wheels off course at the same time= Zero

- Straightening= Deduction

- Hitting a cone or course marker= Deduction

- Double entry= Zero

- Abrupt stop= Zero

- Stalling= Zero

- Resulting contact causes an abrupt change in the vehicles drift and/or causes a spin= Zero



Judging Protest During Tandem Elimination

Protest will be allowed starting in the Great 8 to Finals.Each driver will receive one card to protest upon any non subjective items.Items are below:

- Tire drops

- 3 or more wheels off course at the same time

- Straightening

- Hitting a cone or course marker

- Double entry

- Abrupt stop

- Stalling

- Resulting contact causes an abrupt change in the vehicles drift and/or causes a spin

If drifters want to submit a card.Each event a forum thread will be made on the Pro1 Forums.At the end of each round,judges will go to the site to look through any cards that were submitted before the start of the next round of elimination.



Car Regulations:

Parts that are allowed on cars

Engine and Power

Stock, Street, Sport, and Race Parts are allowed for the following:

Air Filter,Exhaust,Fuel System,Ignition,Displacement, Cams,Piston and Compression,Intercooler,Oil and Cooling
and Flywheel.

Platform and Handling

Stock, Street, Sport, and Race are allowed for the following:

Brakes, Spring and Dampers, Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars.

Roll Cage is mandatory in all cars,If a car doesn't have one.Contact the organizer to discuss if the car will be allowed to enter.

Stock, Street, Sport , and Race Weight Reduction is allowed.Make sure it falls into the class of the weight requirement


Stock, Street, Sports, and Race are allowed for the following:

Clutch, Transmission, Driveline, and Differential

Tires and Rims

Tire Compound: Stock, Street, Sport, and race.

Front tire width can go high as possible

Rear Tire width must fall into the weight of the car.

Any rim and rim size is allowed

Aero and Appearance

All aero and appearance is allowed on cars


Engine Swaps: All engine swaps are allowed

Drivetrain Swaps: All swaps must be RWD

Aspiration Conversion

Single, and Twin Turbo is allowed

Natural Aspiration/Known as a Centrifugal Supercharger is allowed

Twin-Screw Supercharger is allowed.

Race Tires or lower,No Drag Tires.

No Front Positive Camber

Rear Positive camber is allowed

RWD only

Up to 800 pi S Class, and NO Lower than 600 pi B class

No Trucks or Suv's

No Modded cars



Misc rules

No practice runs in tandem battles.All competitors must be in lobby with opponent to warm up tires before judges get in lobby.This is Mandatory so we can move down the list cleaner.

During Qualifying runs you will get 1 practice runs before running 2 official runs.

Must Have a Sponser Box 

Must have Banner

You Can Use The "5 Minute Rule" Once Per Round.



Weight and Tire Classes-

2100-2399lbs up to 245mm 

2400-2699lbs up to 255mm 

2700-2799lbs up to 265mm 

2800-2899lbs up to 275mm 

2900-2999lbs up to 285mm 

3000-3099lbs up to 295mm 

3100-3199lbs up to 305mm 

3200-3299lbs up to 315mm

Anything over the weight is not allowed.

Banned Cars -




How to Sign Up:




Tire Width:



Tire Compound:

Pro1 Sign Up Form:
Is on the website or on sign up on the forums.



Connection and Being Late

Connection to game- You battle will be pushed to the next lobby or make a new lobby with you and your opponent.

Lag testing-You can lag test, but will no longer be allowed to do lag runs on the course.Take it somewhere off the section.

Wheel and Controller issue- VFD will not allow a redo.Track staff or a judge will go into game chat to make sure everybody is ready.Wheel drifters check your equipment before battling, and controller drifters check for enough battery.

Being Late- If you feel that you are going to make battles, but show up late.Let one of the track staff or judges know.This way your battle can be pushed back.Note:Once all battles are completed,and if you haven't appeared online.You will be skipped.

Not at the line for qualifying-You will get 5 minutes to get to the line and go for your runs.This rule has been implemented so time time will not be wasted.

Late for battles- You will be granted only 5 min to show up to the line.You will be DQ for not showing up.

Talking during other people runs- I can just so be quiet, but that will not make people be quiet. JdmDrifter22 Tip- Make a private party with a spotter and you or it you can be the only one in. It will be quiet and you can concentrate on your runs.



ZTA/Terms and Agreement

All drivers must sign a terms and agreement form.Drivers will not be able to enter without signing one.

Ban and Suspend

1 offense=Suspend

2 offense= Rest of the season

3rd offense=Ban 

-Posting pictures after rounds creating drama= Suspend 

-Creating drama on the stream= Suspend

-Drama after the round about a battle= Suspend 

-No talking mess to drivers or organizers= Suspend

-Driving on the track without being told so = 2 Warning= suspend

-Being loud while cars are going.2 Warnings= Suspend

-Tampering with other drivers or organizers internet= Permanent Ban

-Anything illegal on the car during the event= 1st time is a DQ from round, and loss of events points, 2nd time= a half season suspension, and loss of season points.

If you have any problems about a round.Please, send me a pm or xbox live JdmDrifter22 after the event has ended. Keep the drama off the forums. An answer will come back that as quick as possible.



Event Info

Reserves will be taking out of Pro1. No show will be DQ

Drivers Meetingwill take place on Fridays for qualifying and Saturday at 8:00pm est. The lobbies would be open the whole day for practice for battles.This is ensure what is going down on the track.These meetings are important come to.No shows must look message JdmDrifter22.

Signup thread
Signup thread will be posted 2 weeks before on the Forza.net drift lounge and the Pro1 Forum page.

New Car Inspection Rule.
Sign ups will close the weekend before the event.All drivers must have their car Inspection by Thursday. Failure to to do this will result in a DQ from the round.The inspector will only need the build of the car. The tune is not needed. From there a sticker will be put on the car to make sure the car is cleared to run.Top 3 cars at the of each event will be checked. 

Car Swaps and Tune swaps

Drifters are only allowed car swap in season but only different rounds so for ex. You use one car that you signed up for one round the next you sign up another car for a different round.

Drifters are allowed to change the tune of the cars, but changing parts are not allowed during the event. Changing parts are allowed before inspection of the round and after the event has been completed going into the next event.

Decal Placement on Cars

The window banner must be place on front roof of the car.

The numberbox should be placed on both sides of the door.


Top32- 16 pts

Visit the website everyday during season to check points and wins.

At the end we will bring all the drivers down and mention 3rd 2nd and 1st place you will not know the winner right after the battle when the three drivers go up we will announce the winner there.

Come on guys let's make this a season to remember.


Formula Drift Pro1 will be live on twitch check it out on my channel and may be put on youtube.

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Attention we have 4 drivers.
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#3 Posted : Thursday, July 2, 2015 1:00:38 PM(UTC)
I would love to join and I would like to drive a Mazda RX-7 or any car at all been drifting for over a year now
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#4 Posted : Sunday, July 5, 2015 9:39:40 AM(UTC)
Would also like to join and re hone my drifting skills after Horizon killed them
Kill all tires!!!
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#5 Posted : Monday, July 6, 2015 6:15:45 PM(UTC)
Ok sign your car up
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#6 Posted : Monday, July 6, 2015 6:26:54 PM(UTC)
The last day is Thursday to register
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#7 Posted : Friday, August 21, 2015 12:08:51 PM(UTC)

Car: Nissan 240sx se

Weight: 3,215lbs

Tire Width:255

Hp/Tq: 640hp TQ-598lb-ft

Class: A 659

Tire Compound: sports