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#26 Posted : Saturday, December 20, 2014 9:51:47 PM(UTC)
Storm Island Expansion Pack additions

Storm Island Championship Events
The Storm Island Expansion Pack DLC add-on was released on December 16, 2014 and features a championship series progressing toward the Storm Island Finale. There are six tiers of 4 Championships, each with multiple events. These events are based on five new event types:
  • Rampage - Off-road point-to-point sprints with smashable chicanes.
  • Brawl - Off-road circuit races.
  • Extreme Cross Country - Cross country point-to-point races.
  • Cross Country Circuit - Cross country races with multiple laps.
  • Gauntlet - Point-to-point races at night with extreme weather and minimal signage.

Storm Island Rivals Routes
Like Festival Routes, Storm Island's event routes are available as Rivals in each car class. There are 26 routes:
Temple Brawl
Farm Trail Brawl
East Trail Rampage
Volcano Sprint
Forest Brawl
Backroads Brawl
North Forest Brawl
North Valley Extreme Cross Country
Temple Blast Extreme Cross Country (also used for the Storm Island Car Meet Showdown)
Coastal Run Extreme Cross Country
West Valley Extreme Cross Country
Downhill Rampage
Island Run Rampage
West Trail Rampage
Hillside Rampage
Temple Climb Rampage
Cliffside Climb
East Valley Rush
Midnight Forest
Ashfall Plains
Temple Trail
West Hill Cross Country Circuit
Temple Dash Cross Country Circuit
East Hill Cross Country Circuit
Hill Scramble Country Circuit
Forest Trail Country Circuit

Bucket List 1 (Medium difficulty)
1 Tear up the Ash Plains in the Rally Fighter - - Smash 90 boards in 2:00 minutes
2 Get some hang time in the #7 SST - - Destination and 8 Great Air skills (1:15)
3 Cruse coast to coast in the Ferrari F40 - - Destination (1:20)
4 Storm the temple in the Lancer Evo 8 MR - - Destination and Skill score: 15,000 (1:45)

Bucket List 2 (Hard difficulty)
1 Drift through the fog in the Corvette C6 ZR1 - - Destination and 10 Great Drifts (1:15)
2 Experience the Group B Rally era in the Audi Quattro - - Combined Speed Zones: 160 mph (1:30)
3 Go for a mini offroad adventure in the MINI All4 X-Rail - - Destination (0:55)
4 Make a perfect run to the fishing village in the Range Rover '14 - - Destination with Damage meter (1:45)
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#27 Posted : Thursday, January 8, 2015 7:44:49 PM(UTC)
Monthly Rivals - January
Added on January 8, 2015.

"Run the Forrest Run"
  • Restrictions: Model = Nissan IDx NISMO, Stock Only (car provided, G-Shock DLC required)
  • Route: East Forest Trail (Castelletto)

"Welcome to the Aerodrome"
  • Restrictions: Model = Hennessey Venom, Stock Only (car provided)
  • Route: Airport Drag (Saint-Martin)

"Rails to Trails"
  • Restrictions: Class=S1
  • Route: North Lake Trail (Montellino)

"Sugar Hillside"
  • Restrictions: Class=A
  • Route: Hillside Cross Country (Castelletto)

"Come On West Colline"
  • Restrictions: Class=S2
  • Route: West Colline Cross Country (Saint-Martin)

"Action Parc"
  • Restrictions: Class=B
  • Route: East Parc Street Race (Sisteron)

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#28 Posted : Saturday, February 14, 2015 5:39:01 AM(UTC)
Monthly Rivals - February
Added on February 13, 2015. Announced in the Week in Review.

"Lexus Meadow"
  • Restrictions: Model = Lexus RC F, Stock Only (car provided, Top Gear DLC required)
  • Route: South Meadows Cross Country (San Giovanni)

"Rural Rumble"

"Downhill Downforce"
  • Restrictions: Class=B
  • Route: North Lake Trail (Montellino)

"Grand Rapids"
  • Restrictions: Class=S2, VIP required
  • Route: Circuit Grandiose (Nice-Massena)

"Citadel of Speed"
  • Restrictions: Class=C
  • Route: Citadel Circuit (Sisteron)

"Jump Seats"
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#29 Posted : Friday, March 13, 2015 10:15:56 PM(UTC)
Monthly Rivals - March
Added on March 13, 2015. Announced in the Week in Review.

"Lightning Beetle"
  • Restrictions: Model = VW Beetle GRC, Stock Only (car provided, Rockstar DLC required)
  • Route: Temple Dash Cross Country (Storm Island DLC required)

"Four the Win"
  • Restrictions: PI<801, Drive=AWD, VIP required
  • Route: Harbor Sprint (Nice-Massena)

"King of the Fort"
  • Restrictions: PI<701, Year<2000
  • Route: Fort Street Race (Montellino)

"Long Winding Road"
  • Restrictions: Class=S1
  • Route: Largo Valley Street Race (San Giovanni)

"D Duel"
  • Restrictions: Class=D
  • Route: South Valley Sprint (San Giovanni)

"Few Things in Life"
  • Restrictions: PI<801, Make=Volkswagen
  • Route: Island Run Rampage (Storm Island DLC required)
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#30 Posted : Tuesday, March 17, 2015 12:23:26 PM(UTC)
Mazda MX-5 Challenge Rivals event and contest
Added on March 17, 2015. Announced in the Mazda MX-5 Car Pack announcement.

"MX-5 Challenge"
  • Restrictions: Model = Mazda MX-5 '16, Stock Only (car provided)
  • Route: Perimeter Sprint (Sisteron)

This is the official rivals event required to compete in the Mazda MX-5 Challenge for a chance to win a real 2016 Mazda MX-5. See Official Rules. Note that putting a time in this event is not the only requirement - you must also register via the Mazda landing page ad on the Xbox One console dashboard.
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#31 Posted : Friday, March 27, 2015 2:02:46 AM(UTC)
Fast & Furious events list

Car Missions
F&F begins similarly to Forza Horizon 2. You begin by heading to Nice and then complete Car Missions to build your garage collection. In addition to beating opponents in street races and circuit races, some missions involve reaching speed targets or accomplishing skill tasks. Once all Car Missions and the Showcase are complete, these events open up again to be played as often as you like. There are 17 Car Mission events.

There are two Showcase events where your racing opponent is an aerial vehicle.

Bucket List events
Bucket List events provide a car parked on the map for you to use in a skill-based challenge on a timer. There are 6 events:
Shelby GT500 '13 - - Skill Score - - Medium difficulty
Lambo Huracan - - Skill Score - - Medium difficulty
McLaren P1 - - Destination - - Easy difficulty
Ford RS200 - - Skill Score - - Medium difficulty
Mitsubishi Lancer - - Speed Zone - - Medium difficulty
Lexus LFA - - Skill Score - - Medium difficulty

Rivals events
Access the Rivals events tile under the Social tab in the pause menu. These 13 routes are based on Car Missions and Showcases. Each route has a leaderboard for A class, S1 class, and S2 class cars available in your garage or provided as a Rental car.
Bordure Circuit (Saint-Martin)
Circuit Grandiose (Nice Massena)
Highway Sprint (Nice Massena)
Montagne Hill Climb (Nice Massena)
Shoreline Sprint (Nice Massena)
Airstrike (Saint-Martin)
Special Delivery (Saint-Martin)
City Parc Street Race (Nice Massena)
Grand Tour Street Race (Nice Massena)
North Ridge Street Race (Saint-Martin)
Ville Street Race (Nicea Massena)
Le Prince Cross Country (Saint-Martin)
Nice Street Race (Nice Massena)

Monthly Rivals events
Oxide Ride - 1970 Dodge Charger, NOS enabled
Armored Division - Jeep Wrangler, no NOS
This Will Decimate All - Toyota Supra, NOS enabled
Up For the Challenge? - 2015 Dodge Challenger, no NOS

Online Freeroam events
The Leader of an online freeroam can set a group destination point and start events.
Bucket Lists - The 6 events in Solo are available as Co-Op multiplayer challenges.
Race events - There are 12 routes as in Solo, plus the 1-mile Airport Drag race
Playground Games - There are 3 zones for playing King/Infected tag matches, each zone with 4 arena sizes.

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#32 Posted : Tuesday, May 12, 2015 12:25:14 PM(UTC)
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#33 Posted : Tuesday, May 12, 2015 12:26:30 PM(UTC)
Monthly Rivals - May
Added on May 8, 2015. Announced in the Week in Review.

"Place Your Vettes"
  • Restrictions: Model = Chevy Corvette C7 Z06, Stock Only (Alpinestars DLC required)
  • Route: Harbor Spring (Nice-Massena)

"Simply German"
  • Restrictions: Country = Germany, PI<701
  • Route: Vine Valley Scramble (Montellino)

"Moving Trucks"
  • Restrictions: Body = Sport Truck, Class=A
  • Route: Fattoria Street Race (Castelletto)

"Number 5 Is Alive"
  • Restrictions: Country = Japan, Class=D
  • Route: Short Circuit (Saint-Martin)

"Left In Ruins"
  • Restrictions: Class=S1, VIP required
  • Route: Abbey Cross Country (Sisteron)

"It's a Long Way to the Top"
  • Restrictions: Drive = AWD, Class=A
  • Route: West Valley Extreme Cross Country (Storm Island DLC required)
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#34 Posted : Monday, June 1, 2015 9:12:39 PM(UTC)
Monthly Rivals - June
Added on June 1, 2015. Announced in the Week in Review.

"On the Promenade"
  • Restrictions: Class=D
  • Route: Promenade Street Race (Nice-Massena)

"Mud Run"
  • Restrictions: Class=C
  • Route: Pianura Cross Country (Castelletto)

"Festival X Country"
  • Restrictions: Class=B
  • Route: Festival Cross Country (Castelletto)

"Northern Lights"
  • Restrictions: Class=A
  • Route: Northern Cross Country (San Giovanni)

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#35 Posted : Tuesday, June 9, 2015 11:37:19 AM(UTC)
Porsche Expansion Bucket List and Rivals events

The Porsche Expansion Pack was added to the Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 2 on June 9, 2015 by content update. This added a dedicated Porsche tab in the Pause menu where the related events can be accessed. The tiles on this tab are greyed out until you purchase the pack, which is $9.99 for all players (not included in Car Pass or current game editions).

Remember to Activate the Porsche Bucket List from the tile menu in order to see the events on your map.

Porsche Bucket List
1 Push the 918 Spyder '14 to its limits. (Medium)
2 Cruise to the Chateau in the Porsche 914/6. (Easy)
3 Experience the precision of the Porsche GT3 RS (Hard)
4 Take a glorious early morning drive in the Porsche 944T. (Easy)
5 Experience the Festival as a blur in teh 911 Turbo. (Medium)
6 Find your own way to D'Orcia in the Macan Turbo '15. (Hard)
7 Attack the Autostrada in a Porsche Turbo S. (Hard)
8 Take a leap of faith in the Cayman GTS '15. (Medium)
9 Battle the elements in the Porsche 959. (Medium)
10 Hear the Carrera GT's V10 engine roar at 155 mph. (Medium)

Porsche Rivals

"Supercar of Tomorrow"
  • Restrictions: Model = Porsche 918 Spyder '15, Stock Only (S2 Class)
  • Route: (Castelletto)

"Cayman Unleashed"
  • Restrictions: Model = Cayman GTS '15, Stock Only (A Class)
  • Route: (Nice-Massena)

"Every Car Is A Sports Car"
  • Restrictions: Model = Macan Turbo '15, Stock Only (A Class)
  • Route: Periferia Cross Country (San Giovanni)

"For The Fun"
  • Restrictions: Model = Porsche 914/6, Stock Only (D Class)
  • Route: Ville Circuit (Saint-Martin)

"No Substitute"
  • Restrictions: Model = Porsche GT3 RS, Stock Only (S1 Class)
  • Route: Promenade Street Race (Nice-Massena)

"Picky Eater"
  • Restrictions: Model = Porsche 944 T, Stock Only (B Class)
  • Route: Town Square Circuit (Sisteron)

"Highway 911"
  • Restrictions: Model = Porsche Turbo S, Stock Only (S1 Class)
  • Route: Highway (Saint-Martin)

"Wail Sighting"
  • Restrictions: Model = Porsche Carrera GT, Stock Only (S1 Class)
  • Route: (tunnel)

"Portable Amusement"
  • Restrictions: Model = Porsche 911 Turbo, Stock Only (S1 Class)
  • Route: Old Town Sprint (San Giovanni)

"Fun Begins When The Road Ends"
  • Restrictions: Model = Porsche 959, Stock Only (S1 Class)
  • Route: Montagne Hill Climb (Nice-Massena)

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#36 Posted : Sunday, July 5, 2015 9:26:35 AM(UTC)
Monthly Rivals - July
Announced in the 6-26-15 Week in Review:

"Rolling Sixties"
  • Restrictions: Year= 1960-1969, PI<601
  • Route: Bordure Circuit (Saint-Martin)

"Dustry Trail"
  • Restrictions: Year= 1970-1979, PI<701
  • Route: East Trail (Montellino)

"Giovanni Air"
  • Restrictions: Year= 1980-1989, PI<801
  • Route: South Meadows Cross Country (San Giovanni)

"Festival Rewind"
  • Restrictions: Year= 1990-1999, PI<901
  • Route: Aerodrome Cross Country (Nice-Massena)

"Porsche Park"
  • Restrictions: Make = Porsche, Class=A (Porsche DLC required)
  • Route: East Park Street Race (Sisteron)

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