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#51 Posted : Monday, May 11, 2015 10:08:17 PM(UTC)
After reading this post I couldn't believe it had been 10 years since I sat there with my first xbox and a copy of FM1. I've played every iteration since then, but it wasn't until FM3 and mainly FM4 that I discovered online play and everything that came with that- the auction house, buying/selling paints and tunes, and the community. That's what made the series unique for me.

So after 10 years, you gave us many iterations of Forza, and all I've given you was this crappy thread. And yes, it took me almost 10 minutes of searching to find that. As a side note, MAN did I suck back then.

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#52 Posted : Monday, May 11, 2015 11:11:23 PM(UTC)
As a fan of Forza Motorsport for 10 years, the time I had with Forza was something that I loved and was something that I got my friends into. I liked how my experiences with converted my friends from loving those first-person shooters to those who have a passion for cars and car culture. Its amazing how the series started from humble beginnings to one of the best tipple A titles. What has brought me over to the Forza Motorsport series is the fact that my dad had bought a Saab 900 SE Turbo. I seen how the original Forza Motorsport that was released in 2005 had the Saab 9-3 Viggen a car that has a 2.3 Liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. That same year I had told my dad that there was a Saab in the game and my dad is a Saab fan so I told him that there is a Saab 9-3 Viggen and when I gave him the controller to play Forza he was excited to play with a car in a video game that had suited to his favorite automaker Saab. Forza Motorsport in 2005 was the ONLY simulation racing game to have Saab. After he had his time to play with the 9-3 Viggen in Forza he also bought a 9-3 Viggen after that. I liked how my dad was able to tell stories with his Saab. 9 years later I had got a 2002 Saab 9-3 SE w/ the Areo Rims which they can be seen on Forza Motorsport 2,3, and 4. So This is the car I loved in Forza that has made me tell stories of my own like my dad did with his 9-3 Viggen.The Saab 9-3 Areo
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#53 Posted : Tuesday, May 12, 2015 2:29:52 AM(UTC)
Hi Guys. My favourite moment in Forza hapened just 2 weeks ago when I was playing Hide and Seek with my friends in Forza Horizon 2. We were in Sisteron and I was hiding in a matte green Abarth 595. The place that I chosen, was in the top left of Sisteron, close to the Car Meet, on the outside of the corner, in the midle of bushes and trees. When looking for me, my friend passed close to me 3 times and in one of them it was raining and I had my lights on. And he didn't see me. After about 15 minutes, he came back and started to smash the bushes to see if I was there. He smashed the ones in front of me and behind me. Failing to hit me by inches xD After other 10 minutes, he came back again and decided to smash the other bushes and this time, he actually hits my 595. But he didn't notice. After looking for me in all Sisteron, he gave up and I told him to come to that corner. When he arrived, i got out of my spot and he just coudn't believe me. He said that I was changing places. He only believed that i had been there because our friends, that were hiding to, recorded him looking for me, come to my spot and living, with me being there the all time. Basically it was a blast, and that is what i like about Forza. Mainly Horizon 2, bacause it give us freedom to do a lot of diferent things, and having a blast in sinlge one of them.
So Turn 10, keep up the good work ;)
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#54 Posted : Wednesday, May 13, 2015 1:24:44 AM(UTC)
Wow - 10 years - Congrats Turn 10 and thanks for the great times so far - Looking forward to Forza 6 - big-time!

Forza is the game which really got me into motorsports - I had only a mild interest previously, but you got me, and I'm still loving it.

I've owned and played every Forza game - I still have my 360, so sill own Forza 2 and all since then, including the Xbox One titles. Also Forza kind of followed me through my gaming Career - From Game review winner, Game Reviewer, Xbox Community host, and finally Community Manager at NZ's largest gaming community site.

The reason for this was that I ran a lot of community events, and started with the mighty Forza 2 in this regard which essentially created an enthusiastic Forza community in NZ which still goes today - Our NZGamer Forza Horizon 2 club has over 160 members!

I've got a couple of interesting stories to share which I hope you enjoy...

One of our community members NOL LUV DI was the guy who created our first standard car - fully tuned, which we used for a couple of years for our more serious 'Racedays' - It was the wonderful Subaru 22b - All racers had to use that car tuned per NOL's specs. This made for some fantastic racing up until forza 4, where I started 'theme' nights, picking different themes to race to. Some of my favourites included F Class, VW's, James Bond, and my personal favourite - Ferrari! Turn 10 often supported me by providing dlc cars as prizes for these events which made them even cooler!

My all-time favourite event was in the Forza 3 era. One of our most famous race drivers is Shane Van Gisbergen who at that time raced for Stone Brothers Racing in the V8 Supercars. His actual race car was one of the V8 Supercars in Forza 3.

I ran a nationwide competition for some lucky Kiwis (people from New Zealand) to have the chance to race online with Shane who had agreed with me to do this. Microsoft in NZ came onboard and actually sent Shane an Xbox 360 + a copy of Forza 3. The night went fantastically well and Shane shared a whole bunch of stories with the lucky winners whilst we all raced around different tracks in Forza 3.

I interviewed him after the event and this was posted in various NZ sites + also in the old Forza forums - Check it out here - http://legacy.forums.forzamotor...rums/thread/3378547.aspx

So thanks for the awesome times over the last 10 years Turn 10 - You've given me a love for cars that I didn't have before - I've brought a whole bunch of kiwis together to race together, and I'm looking forward to seeing Forza 6 - I'm guessing this will be a bit of a landmark title, considering this will be your second on the new console (Just like Forza 3 was on the 360).

Bring it! and thanks.

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#55 Posted : Wednesday, May 13, 2015 10:10:38 AM(UTC)
oh my where does time go :),

well where do i start , forza plays a huge part in my life and career, since forza motorsport 1 all the way through to forza horizon 2. ive always had a huge passion for customizing and painting cars, since a early age ive been blessed with a artistic and creative talent, if it be sketching dragons, cartoon characters or filling my school books with random tribal patterns it all never really clicked or bonded until i threw cars into the mix. Early days in forza motorsport 2 - 3 i spent a insane amount of time in the paint booth replicating my favorite cars and liveries, as time went by and my talent grew with time i started getting requests from people whom had seen my designs either racing around online or right here on the forums. then it all changed, early forza motorsport 4 i was contacted by a old friend of mine Anthony ''Scotty'' Scott , a pro drifter who drove in the JDM Allstars Series (Now Drift Allstars) to design his Rocket Bunny Kitted Sil80. So i happily helped the dude out and created my first real design on a epic build of a car. After Posting images up a few weeks later on social media my inbox went crazy with requests from other well known Drifters From around the globe. as time went by and the designs i did got more and more attention i decided its time to give myself a name to run under, Drifters Ink was born, 3 years later and a small army of drift cars later i changed the name once again to be more open to the vehicles i design livery's on and in some case's even the aero. Infamous Creations was born, now in my fourth year and a reputation for designing some of the most well known drift cars in europe i gained the nickname Mr Infamous. To think all this started from the forza franchise.....Long Live Forza :)

3 by Tom Bamforth, on Flickr

581375_3882482824020_1337313826_3659568_1661739868_n by Tom Bamforth, on Flickr
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#56 Posted : Wednesday, May 13, 2015 12:17:08 PM(UTC)
Wow, some fantastic stories here folks. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!

Brian Ekberg
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#57 Posted : Thursday, May 14, 2015 3:45:55 AM(UTC)
First, very good birthday Forza and has all the staff.
I discovered the Forza license with the release of 2nd , Forza 2.
since it was the only car race simulation on Xbox360, my interest in this game and came quickly.
I took the license to the likings of the new episode but my biggest impression came and when I finally conected to Xbox Live !!
I've realized that I spent next nectar dand the world comunity. (Online racing championships, photos and mostly delivered by and for the comunity !!)
it made me want to go even faster and paint better and better, but sutout it gave me the opportunity to get to know players who have become friends, and see these friendships become more and stronger !!
I also met these virtual friends in the "real" life.
Over the years I have met many valued friends and this is thanks to you.
everybody know my attraction to the creation of painting,
mode games that take pleasure drift most and I practice
with my favorite car, the Mazda RX-7.
for sprint race I prefer the Chevrolet ZL1 and ZR1.
my favorite brand is Chevrolet & Ford.
the game beyond a simple "virtual" Forza Motorsport gave me the joi in real life ...
as I used to say :behind each joystick there is a beating heart :)
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#58 Posted : Thursday, May 14, 2015 11:21:01 AM(UTC)

My first Forza game was FM2. But i really became a Forza enthousiast with Forza Horizon, which was my second Forza game. I played that game a lot! And with the arrival of FM5 and FH2 on XBox One I played even more Forza!

Then I discovered this forums and community, and i think it's very nice to read stuff that other Forza players are posting. Also this is a good way to get answers if you have a question or if you need help by getting a particular achievement.

I also enjoy the Forza streams on Twitch by Johniwanna and Mechberg. Since last month I have a new job and i'm busy with moving to another city so at the moment I don't have that much time to play and watch the streams. When I play, I mostly play (monthly) rivals in FH2.

I want to congratulate Turn 10 with 10 years of Forza awesomeness and i'm looking forward on what's to come!
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#59 Posted : Thursday, May 14, 2015 12:48:39 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: RRGamble Go to Quoted Post
In June of 2011, my back was broken in a motorcycle accident. It was the single most traumatic experience of my life. Thankfully, I was not paralyzed, and eventually made a full recovery, but I was forced to spend several months in bed. For the first couple of weeks, I had to remain completely horizontal. With assistance, I was minimally mobile, so I could bathe and use the restroom and eat, but when it wasn't necessary for me to be up, I was to lie in bed. I listened to a lot of music as I stared at the ceiling or the inside of my eyelids, but the lack of variety of sensory input was becoming unbearable by the time I was able to lie in a reclined position.

Finally, I could sit partially upright. I asked my friend to arrange the television and Xbox directly at the foot of the bed. Over the following months of isolation, my Xbox provided countless hours of distraction. While I couldn't really participate in the outside world, I was able to occupy myself in my alone time with my small library of games. My favorite among them: Forza Motorsport 3.

I'd been a racing simulation fan for years, but a busy and active life had kept gaming to a couple of hours per week activity. Now, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, I began to push myself to reduce my times, improve my techniques, experiment with tuning and painting. Because I had the time and ability to really focus on the intricacies of the game and its many facets, I found myself enjoying it so much more than I ever had before.

With all that available time, I began creating and recreating liveries and decals, specializing in logos, emblems, and license plates, paying spot-on homage to nations, companies both global and local, to friends and schools. I experimented with photography, using what I'd learned from classes in the real world to improve the visuals and scenes I captured in-game.

I was still in recovery when Forza 4 released in October of that year, and I simply carried my enthusiasm from the old game to the new.

For me, the summer of 2011 was difficult beyond description. One can't really comprehend the effects that immobilization will have on one's self unless one has experienced it. Fortunately we find comfort in the least expected places. While I'd hoped Forza would merely provide a distraction from my woes, it turned out to become the beginning of a cherished hobby that continues to this day. Forza did so much more than help me momentarily forget, it gave me hours upon hours of genuine enjoyment and happiness. Forza gave me the ability to create and engage, set goals, and achieve in a time when I otherwise would have been unable to. Forza carried me through that summer. It got me through months of painful isolation.

To this day, I'm astonished that a video game could have been such a major impact on my life, but I can honestly say that I'm not sure how I could have weathered those days without Forza.

Thank you for this amazing story! I'm glad you're doing better and that Forza was able to play a small part in your recovery. Thanks again for sharing.

Brian Ekberg
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#60 Posted : Thursday, May 14, 2015 8:22:53 PM(UTC)
My first Forza was Forza Motorsport 2 and I remember (in detail) what car I had. It was a 2004 Audi TT with the word "boss" on the side with the S' replaced with dollar signs. Looking back on it, it was probably a little ridiculous but I loved that car it was how I got into Audi and AWD cars in general. It's crazy how I remember almost every detail about that car. Ever since I got that game I've been addicted to Forza ever since.. It's competitive friendly community and it's amazing detail and features.
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#61 Posted : Friday, May 15, 2015 3:29:39 PM(UTC)
I am not going to say I good in racing games. I own all the Forza titles, did not finish all of them but I enjoy the time spent playing. My friend online always make fun of me for taking part in the Forza 5 challenges. He think the races are too long and wonder how I do them without going to bathroom. LOL I like to share two stories, one is not Forza related.

I was taking part in the Forza 5 racing challenges to get the badges and not expecting any medals. A bronze medal is a added bonus. When I did the LeMans race a lot of people dropped out due to disconnects so only three of us are left, one in LMP1 car and the other person and I are in GT cars. My goal is to stay out of trouble and get the badge (and pray I don't get disconnected). My opponents are faster but I notice that they are braking too late and sometimes spinning the car accelerating. They got better as the race went on but I hang on to win my class. I got so excited seeing the Born Leader and Eat My Dust Achievements I forgot to see if I won the race outright or take a screenshot.

Last year I got a new car. The model and color is not common. I was out shopping druing the holiday season when a couple was waiting to cross the road, I stopped the car and wave them to cross. When I was trying on boots in Target I heard someone said "Your nail color matches your car." It was the couple I saw earlier. He complimented my car and we wish each other Merry Xmas.

Congrats Turn 10 and thanks for many great games.

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#62 Posted : Sunday, May 17, 2015 6:59:33 AM(UTC)
Forza motorsport has been a game changer in my life since may 2005. I admit that I used to be a gran Turismo fan, however that all changed when Forza was released ten years ago. I remember seeing in the list of upcoming releases at Gamestop and then going home to look at screenshots. Just off the screenshots and description of the game I was sold. Especially to find out that you could upgrade and tune the vehicles which is my favorite aspect in a racing game.

The day Forza was released, I was the only person at the store pick up the game. I was still curious about this game cause it had no history. So I get home, start up Forza, select the Mitsu Evo Fq for my first race and I was instantly hooked. I couldn't believe how realistic the handling and physics were. Also I was absolutely in love with the sound of the turbos in Forza. The tire smoke was incredible, and the car selection was epic. I never even heard of a Ligenfelter corvette, or a AB Flug Supra. Another realization I had with Forza was that so many vehicles in the game were not in any other games. In no time I had proudly dismissed Gran Turismo all together. No game could compete. I always found myself becoming bored of my games after a while, well, Forza was my cure. To this day in 2015, I still own my copy of Forza Motorsport and will never get rid of it.
I also have all limited collectors edition of all Forzas.

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#63 Posted : Thursday, May 21, 2015 12:33:47 PM(UTC)
My forza experience that I had started with the first forza . When I got my xbox that came with a copy of the first forza I didn't know if I would like the game or not because I was was into the arcade style racing games at the time. But when I played the first forza I fell in love with it. With so many cars to choose from and some I didn't even know about at the time made the game so fun. When I got my xbox 360 I got forza 2 for it and I played it non-stop. Once I got online for my xbox 360 I jumped into some online races and had a blast! Ever since I always bought the forza games cause its fun and with so many cars in different types like race cars and also with other things like painting and tuning cars to make it the best. I will always be a fan of forza in matter of fact I still own all my forza games from the first forza up to forza horizon 2 and haven't got rid of a single one of them cause they are so much fun to play.
Forza 3 Unicrons 2/3
Forza 4 Unicorns 17/17
Forza Horizon Unicorns 7/7

Forza 3, 4, and Horizon LE VIP and Forza horizon 2 day one owner
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#64 Posted : Friday, May 22, 2015 7:54:58 AM(UTC)
Recently posted this over at TougeUnion, just saw this so figured I would post it.

TougeUnion wrote:

I. Starting Out
I started out playing Forza with the original, back then I was more interested in drifting and constantly drifted down Fujimi Kaido(Which at the time is similar to the Old Down Hill). I didn't play much Forza 2 because of the lack of Fujimi, didn't really interest me as much. I began playing Forza much more when FM3 came out specifically when they launched Fujimi Kaido(specifically the New Down Hill), They sold me at the preview from Team Blackjack. Because of the lack of public lobbies and knowing many people that played Forza 3, I resorted to drifting down the New Down Hill. Eventually drifting the same track over and over started to bore me, so I just began to push myself to go faster, get closer to the guardrails, basically trying to be Takumi. I did this all through Forza 3's lifespan.

II. Enter Forza 4
Enter Forza 4 and the return of Public lobbies, now with P2P lobbies. I jumped right into the mix constantly running the downhill in public lobbies. My main cars back then were a SW20, 190E, and a Gen 1 Miata. I very quickly decided that I was going to make a team, being creative, I named it "Project D". Pretty early on I met up with FitDeez and Prodrift who also had a team named "Project D". I began playing and chatting with these guys along with other Project D members Island89, Smooth92, and NinjaHusker for quite a while. The last few runs we did were on the Old Down Hill, I was chasing FitDeez in his EG6, where in the last corner I chose a line for more exit speed compared to the normal line taken. Because of this, it ended up being an all out side by side duel to the finish. I ended up just nosing him out by about 4 feet. He responded with an Invitation to Project D.

III. Project D
This was a great group of guys to team with, Everyone was around the same level all running about 4.46s-4.48s which for the time was very fast. Even the fastest people from around this time were only doing about 4.42s-4.44s. I remember around this time meeting some of the JST guys such as Grave and Deadman. This was a very different time in the touge world, All teams of the time (Project D, JST, 99GT, KKTR, TGP) kept to themselves, occasionally meeting in public lobbies but didn't really talk much. However, this lead to all the times wanting to be the fastest, team battles happened frequently. It had a very Initial D feel the way teams acted back then. One night in a public lobby with the Project D crew, we came across a few other pretty fast racers at time, one in particular was hitting 4.38s which was about 1-2seconds faster than anyone else we had met at the time. After a few hours there was some talk about making a new team, we had decided to leave behind the Project D name and merge with them. Garage Kaido was born.

IV. Infamous
This is where I improved greatly, we had a bunch of team lobbies up constantly practicing lines and stuff, and since we were all similar skilled, we pushed each other to faster times. Soon most of us were below the 4.40 mark, with my main car as a EG6 hitting 4.38s. We ended up dominating the public lobbies, with some of us consistently hitting 4.38s which was about 1-2secs ahead of the majority. Like I had stated before, this is the time period where teams didn't really talk to each other, however our team leader decided to mock any teams/drivers we beat. This would be Felon as we all know.
At the time, we didn't know the true nature of Felon, and most of us on Garage K didn't know he was always sending messages trash talking others. Because of his constant trash talk, any Garage K members would be kicked out of lobbies hosted by the other big name teams at the time. We rarely were able to stay in any lobby for long without being booted so we mainly stayed in our own private lobbies. The drivers in Garage K, including me, were aggravated about constantly being booted, at the time we thought because we were slightly faster. This only motivated us to get faster and faster, and in turn I because very good friends with my fellow Garage K members. Soon, we had several members hitting 4.36s including Felon, Fuzzybear, Prodrift, and Myself along new additions to the team KraZe and Wilson. These were the fastest times then, beating the majority of others only hitting about 4.40s with only some of the faster guys hitting 4.38s. Going into public lobbies, everyone seemed to know of us and I remember hearing "Oh Sh*t, its GarageK" several times. It wasn't until later that we had learned what we were known for, Arrogance, Thanks to felon.

V. Rebuilding

Out of nowhere, Felon disappeared, leaving Wilson and myself to run Garage K. With the lack of felon, all of the teams started to become more friendly to GarK, we weren't kicked anymore and overall the community seemed to be coming together. This is when the Touge Battle Network was born and helped to bring the community even closer together with many meets and competitions including the most successful one, Touge Wars.

VI. Touge Wars
The 3rd or 4th Touge Wars was the pinnacle of touge competitions, there was an incredible 52 entrants. There was so much hype about this competition and many great battles that occurred in the early rounds including:
-Edward vs Kirk
-Koolaid vs Strawberry
-Beta vs SteveDivitis
-Wilson vs MiNd
-Edward vs Koolaid
After 5 rounds, the finalists were Koolaid, Beta, and Myself. We each battled each other leaving Beta ranking 3rd with 0-2, Koolaid 2nd with 1-1, and myself with 2-0. It should have ended here but some of the spectators watching said we should do another run between me and Koolaid. I agreed and ended up losing that battle, which put us at 1 win each. After that 2nd battle, posts about Koolaid winning already were up. Being that I was the only judge, I felt any defending or any complaints about the last race would make me look bad, so I just took my loss and left it as it. Me and Koolaid have talked about it several times since and both classify it as a tie.

VI. Breaking the Barrier

Before Touge Wars had begun, 4.36 was still the fastest time set, but it had been reach by several others such as Koolaid (Gen1), Beta(AE86), and Edward(Z32). Wilson and I happened to be working with the MR-S and spent hotlapping it. In a matter of about a week, Wilson broke into the 35s, then 34s, then finally ending with a 33.9. It was incredible for the time but he didn't tell many except a few other Garage K members. Using a MR-S with the help from Wilson I set to work practicing, one of my first 35s was in a big lobby (collisions off) where it caught a bunch of attention. This continued right after Touge Wars was finished, it was a mad dash to the fastest times. Some of the other drivers began pushing into the 35s range also. I was the next one behind Wilson to break into the 34s. Soon followed by Koolaid, Beta, KraZe, and Edward. The same several who were able to hit 34s slowly made their way into the 33 club also. At the time, that was thought to be the limit.

VII. The Newcomer
After reaching 33s, we returned back to our normal public lobbies and friendly battles. Many times I would livestream the public lobbies or competitions, trying to show off Touge as much as possible because it isn't very well known. In doing so, I would gain a few viewers and try to invite them when I could. One guy in particular was very much interested in touge after running it a few times and jumped right into the community. Very quickly he improved his time the low 40s and even was going to tryout for GTxS (99GT with a new name). For having only been running touge for about 2 to 3 weeks he was able to hit a 4.39 and 4.40 on his tryout runs. GTxS however denied him, which was a stupid move, his 4.39 puts him faster than half of their members. Although he wasn't as respected because he was just starting out, he deserved to get on a team...so I invited him to GarK. Welcome Kona to the team.

VIII. Coming and Going
Garage Kaido's leader was technically Felon, however in his several month absence Wilson and myself ran the team. Slowly but surely we were repairing the image of Garage K until Felon unexpectedly reappeared. It didn't take long for him to start returning to his old ways, only this time he wasn't the fastest anymore. Wilson and I had decided to have a talk with him, explaining that we would like to keep our newly repaired image and can't have him running his mouth. He immediately left and began telling some members that Wilson and I wanted them off the team. It was the last straw of drama, Wilson and I promptly left Garage Kaido, some other members joined us in leaving. Thus, Street Version was born.

IX. New and Improved
Street Version was essentially a group of friends that had all been racing together for some time. It included Wilson, KraZe, Smooth, Prodrift, Kona, Myself, and a newly added Avanti. Here at StV, we have always been about attitude over speed, If you were able to mesh well with the rest of us and got along with everyone as well as having the drive to get better, then you would get invited. The same core group that former StV when it was created is the same core group in it today. Even those who don't play Forza anymore and have moved on other things are still part of the Street Version family.

X. Pushing the Limits
After all the hot lapping for the 33s, we were stale and just wanted to race public lobbies and friendly battles. There may have been some competitions/etc, but there wasn't any major progress in hitting times lower than 33s. Enter once again Kona. He was determined to keep up with the veterans and spent hours hot lapping and improving his lines and technique. Soon the numbers started to fall. At first 35s, then he broke into 34s, then 33s. He had a knack for sitting down with a car and just driving it until he got the time he wanted. When he was on the verge of 32s, I took up the challenge and began to race him to be the first ever driver to get a 4.32. We both spent hours trying to achieve this and ultimately I was successful. Once I had that title I sat back and waited as Kona continued to hot lap (or Konalap) just waiting to see what times he could do. In amazement Kona had reached into the 31s, soon followed by KraZe and myself. However, when the dust settled, Kona had hit his current record of a 4.30.9 which was barely imaginable at that point... and still is... years later.

XI. Waiting
Since that time the community faded away slightly, mainly because were still on Forza 4 because Fujimi Kaido didn't return to Forza 5, and doesn't look like it will be in 6. The Horizon series also hasn't provided us with any technical mountain passes. The community isn't dead though, there still are touge racers that frequent the public lobbies. I only bumped into NorwayDude a few months ago, surprised I had never seen him before because of his great times hitting 33s and 32s. After a few days of racing with him and other StV members, he was promptly invited. That pretty much brings us up to date as of 5/2015, where we continue to push the limits of Forza 4 touge. We will continue on doing so, waiting and hoping, for next console game to have a decent mountain to race on.

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#65 Posted : Friday, May 22, 2015 4:53:19 PM(UTC)
Although my story begins in 2009, I've played Forza from the very beginning in 2005. Back in 2009, I was debating whether or not to buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360 (at that point I had a PS2 and an Xbox). I looked around to see which had the better games. I looked at games such as Gran Turismo 4 and Forza Motorsport 3 and saw FM3 had the Dodge Challenger SRT8 (which was never in a game I had previously purchased, and ultimately made up my mind on which console to buy). I bought the Xbox 360 and FM3 that December and then moved onto Forza Motorsport 4 in 2011.
In April 2012, I first used Xbox Live and have used it ever since. By May, I produced my first detailed design for a Corvette C6. I uploaded it to the storefront and wanted more downloads. I added in the description that the third person to buy it would receive a free Aston Martin DBS. Someone bought the design and I friended them, gifting them the DBS.
A few weeks later, the person who purchased my design invited me to a party. I joined, not expecting much of anything. We spoke for a while, and I soon learned he lived only a few miles from me. We soon met each other in person and are still good friends today.

Congratulations on ten years, Forza!

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#66 Posted : Monday, May 25, 2015 4:59:45 AM(UTC)
My Forza Moments… Where to begin. I could write a hundred things here. But I’ll stick to just a few.

Well how could I forget the Horizon 1 Community Bounty Hunter events? The first one I entered was chasing around Carson (I think it was) in a Bandit Firebird. I gunned that circuit for four days, chasing ghosts, trying to shave off fractions of a second while bouncing over curbs, knocking over street signs. And I did it, I beat the target by a fraction and won my first Unicorn, the Honda CR-X.

Also the Treasure Hunts. I remember once taking photos of boats, but it was the wrong boat! But other times I got it right and it was a great sense of satisfaction. I also took photos of my mini leaping through the air and won another Unicorn. I also once got a few words quoted in Week In Review.

In fact I think the first Horizon was my favourite Forza game - not that the newer games aren’t a huge leap forward in so many ways. But this was the moment for me when Horizon did for the open world game what Forza 3 had done a couple of years earlier for the track racing game - it was the build quality, the presentation, the music. A very different combination, but done so well.

Yet my favourite moment might have been when I wasn’t playing the game at all. Long after Forza 5 was out, I gave my copy of Forza 4 to a friend who’d just got his first Xbox and didn’t have any games. And he was so happy to have a Forza game. He didn’t even have an Xbox before, but he already knew the reputation, and I think that sums it up.

Well done, Forza. Happy Birthday. Keep up the Gold Standard.
Rank: S-Class Racing License
#67 Posted : Monday, May 25, 2015 10:45:14 AM(UTC)
Man, it is crazy how long it's been.

I remember when I first caught wind of F:M--it was on GS, I think--and I remember the screenies; an Audi S6, and a yellow Cobalt SS (I think--might have been a Neon SRT4) with a black tear vinyl. My puny NFS mind was like, "Ok; guess that could be cool." Little did I know, that vinyl was my first window into what would consume hours of my life in the coming years: the Forza paint booth.

Now, I wouldn't call myself a pro painter or anything like that, but my Ferrari 365 NART vinyl for FM4 continues to be a top seller, as does my EMI McLaren F1 GTR, which is nice. But I'll never forget times like when I nailed the Gulf logo (the revelation of a vinyl creator for FM3 is one of my top 10 "FM moments"), did a near perfect retro replica (again, the Ferrari), or actually managed to create a not-so-bad racing livery of my own (I took the logo and colours from my dad's company, and did a bang-up job on the Zonda R in FM3). Those were--and continue to be--great times.

Oh yeah, and the Pacific Shipyards track was themed after my hometown. Another way to help me forget NFS, which had also copied my town and surrounding area for NFSII.

Of course, there were also tough times; I don't know how many would agree, but FM1-2 were tougher games than 3-4 (haven't spent much time with FM5, so I can't comment), and there were some REEEEEEAAAAL tough races. Blue Mountain P2 enduro (I think), three laps of the 'Ring (or was it two?), the third of which had my Saleen S7R on bald tires, my Exige running out of gas on the last or second-to-last lap in the Tokyo enduro...these were tough races, and man they felt good when you finally nailed it.

Of course, FM3 brought cockpits, and that was awesome.

And then there's the cars. I loved (for a time, anyway) being able to hang the Ferrari and Porsche marques over the heads of my GT fanboy friends. That felt nice. Speaking of Porsche: the announcement of FM3's Porsche DLC was a red-letter day. I have to admit; when the teasers started appearing on third-party sites, I was skeptical; "EA has the rights. We Forzaers don't have a chance." Man, rarely have I been so happy to be wrong. Yes, there were disappointments at some of the content (no 356, no 917), but that was always going to be the case for someone, no matter which cars were included so I can't call it. Not to mention that they managed to include more than one car per model thanks to the smart body add-ons you could do; my guess was this was a bit of a licensing loophole that T10 discovered, so they could now show two fingers to EA and be like "oh, so you're satisfied after weeks (likely months) of negotiations that we only got 25 cars? Well, I hate to break it to you..."

And while it sounds weird when I look back on it, when the Sauber C9 made it to FM4, I was ecstatic. I'm always a day 1 DLC kind of guy, so I didn't even know it would be such a beast in R1 at the time. I just remember how in awe I was when I saw it at the Benz museum, and how cool, how imposing it looked. And again, it was nice to be able to tell my GT friends that I didn't have to drive for 8 hours (maybe 12?) straight to get it, as they had to do in GT4.

I could go on, but another highlight has to be the ingenious--INGENIOUS--body stuff you could do to cars like the Beetle and Raptor, and the classic Forza aero that started in FM4. So cool.

Lots of memories, and while I'm going to skip 5 (and likely F:H2--even though being able to drive Dom's Charger in the free add-on is on my highlight reel, too), I'm very much looking forward to 6.

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#68 Posted : Thursday, May 28, 2015 7:26:23 PM(UTC)
Hey, it's chrisrockz, and I'm sharing my stories with the community.eep

It all started late of 2011, when a friend introduced me to Forza Motorsport 4. He didn't like it; it was my kind of game. So, for my birthday in 2012, I got FM4 for myself. It was great. However, when Forza Horizon first came out, I didn't get it. I don't know why. Instead, I got Need For Speed for the next two years. In Christmas of 2014, however, after a whole year of bugging the heck out of my parents saying, "I want and Xbox One!" and coming up with reasons why I should get it, I couldn't believe what I found Christmas morning.

Forza Motorsport 5 was only a fantasy on youtube until Christmas morning. As well, I got Forza Horizon 2. I played FH2 all morning, knowing I should have regretting skipping two years of Forza. But I kept my dream alive by playing Forza 4 until Christmas morning.

When I first got my Xbox One, I was known as JiveMammal24347. However, one day my password wouldn't let me in, and I had to start my Forza games all over again. I bought a LaFerrari and P1! All my hard work down the drain. I had tears in my eyes and I was raging with madness. But I got over it really quickly. Actually, I did more than just expect the expected; I found new features around Microsoft and Xbox, and now I feel like I have a better reputation as chrisrockz than JiveMammal.

Now I have expanded my gaming to Minecraft and Call of Duty. However, Forza will always be special to me. I wasn't there to be in the first ten years of Forza Motorsport, because I was only a baby when it first launched. But I promise for as long as I and Forza will live, I will be more than happy to celebrate your anniversary

Keep gaming fun. But Turn 10 did more than put a smile on my face.
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#69 Posted : Saturday, June 6, 2015 1:44:45 AM(UTC)
To the archives! Here are highlights with links to Forza and FM.net's history. I mostly use Internet Archive's Wayback Machine links prior to the new forums in 2014 to preserve the site look but articles since 2011 can be found on the current website using their link extensions.

Since Forza Motorsport 4 was released I've included every announcement and Week in Review link in my spreadsheets for each game, found at www.ManteoMax.com
My calendar of Forza-related events also linked there includes the same stories plus Rear View Mirror and Heavy Metal Affliction articles for the last couple years.

Turn10Studios channel at YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Turn10Studios

Turn 10 Studios established. www.forzamotorsport.net/turn10

May 3 - Forza Motorsport released (original Xbox). Wikipedia
- Gamespot's Brian Ekberg reviews Forza Motorsport: Gamespot
- 1UP.com's Che Chou reviews Forza Motorsport: 1Up.com
- IGN video review (low res) YouTube
Forzamotorsport.net: "You Are What You Race" web.archive.org
May 17 - E3: Xbox 360 announced. Full Microsoft briefing: YouTube

May 9 - E3: Forza Motorsport 2 teaser video. (27 minute mark): YouTube
May - Microsoft announces sponsorship of ALMS race team. FM.net
May - Forzamotorsport.net gets a new face. FM.net
May - FM.net Community forums screenshot - 907 members. Forums
June - Dan Greenawalt photoblogs trip to the 24H of Le Mans. FM.net
July - Forza Motorsport 2 box art revealed. FM.net
Aug - IGN interviews Dan Greenawalt, articles on FM2 progress. FM.net
Sep - TGS and FM2 playable demo at X06 in Barcelona. FM.net
Nov - FM2 development update (will miss Holiday release target). Weekly Pitpass Report v.24
Dec - Photo of Dan Greenawalt asleep at his desk. FM.net
Dec - Forums screenshot - 2,470 members. Forums

Jan - Preview of FM2 scoreboards, car classes, multiplayer. FM.net
Jan 26 - FM2 track list, game release targeted for May 2007. Pitpass
Feb - "The Forza Motorsport Showdown" on SpeedTV. T10 Blogs. FM.net
Feb 27 - Drivatar tech in depth. New Forzamotorsport.net design. FM.net Greenawalt interview with IGN.
Mar - FM2 at GDC. Auction house. Car list to date. FM.net
Apr - T10's Audio Test Lead triple screen equipment setup. T10 Blog
Apr - Forums screenshot - 10,000 members. Forums
May - Greenawalt interview with IGN.
May 30 - Forza Motorsport 2 officially released. Tournaments. FM.net
Jun - Forums screenshot - 50,000 users. Forums
Jul 10 - E3
Jul - FM2 free Nissan DLC and Peugeot 908. 1Up.com
Aug 19 - FM2 Platinum Hits edition released in the U.S. Announcements Greenawalt interview with Eurogamer.
Aug - Forums screenshot - 75,000 users, half a million posts. Forums
Sep - FM2 DLC. Leaderboard reset. Wikipedia
Oct - FM2 Motegi Track DLC. Greenawalt Q&A with Gamespot. Announcements
Dec - FM2 DLC and Road America Track DLC. Announcements

Feb - Forums screenshot - 100k users. Forums
Mar - FM2 DLC. Announcements
Jul 14 - E3
Sep - Unicorn, Anniversary, and LCE cars. Announcements

Jan - FM.net new white background design. Forums
Apr - Forums screenshot - 160k users. Forums
Jun 2 - E3: Greenawalt and Audi on stage to present FM3. YouTube
Jun - E3 stage demo with Ekberg/Greenawalt/Chou. YouTube
Jun - Forzamotorsport.net new white background. 360 wheel. News
Jul 27 - FM3 LCE and Pre-Order announcement. gamerscoreblog.com
Sep - FM3 goes gold, XBL Demo, themed 360 console bundle. News
Oct 27 - FM3 released. Car List, free DLC, press reviews. News
Nov - Forums stats - 200k users. Forums
Nov - FM3 free Hyundai DLC. New Community Photo Gallery. News
Dec - FM3 DLC. FM3 soundtrack on iTunes. News
Dec - FM3 wins Best Driving Game at Spike awards. Wikipedia

Jan - FM3 DLC. https://web.archive.org/...s/news/OfficialNews.htm?
Feb - FM3 Nurburgring Track DLC. https://web.archive.org/...s/news/OfficialNews.htm?
Mar - FM3 DLC. https://web.archive.org/...us/news/OfficialNews.htm
Apr - FM3 DLC, free MINI DLC. https://web.archive.org/...us/news/OfficialNews.htm
Jun - FM3 DLC. https://web.archive.org/...us/news/OfficialNews.htm
Jun 14 - E3: Greenawalt w/Kinect. (at 1:hr21): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4XwMhTHvWI
Jul - FM3 DLC. https://web.archive.org/...s/news/OfficialNews.htm?
Aug - FM3 Cycled Production Hopper. https://web.archive.org/.../NewsDetail.aspx?id=3181
Oct - FM3 Ultimate Collection & Top Gear partnership. https://web.archive.org/...s/news/OfficialNews.htm?
Dec - FM3 DLC. https://web.archive.org/...us/news/OfficialNews.htm
Dec - FM4 teaser at VGA Awards, scheduled for Fall 2011. https://web.archive.org/...net/en-us/FM4_Announced/

Feb - FM4 vinyl shapes design challenge. https://web.archive.org/...munity_Shapes_Challenge/
Apr - Forums screenshot - 250k users. https://web.archive.org/....net/forums/default.aspx
May - FM4 Pre-Order details. https://web.archive.org/...port.net/en-us/preorder/
Jun 3- E3: FM4 unveiled for Oct 11 release. Forza party pic. https://web.archive.org/...port.net/en-us/News.aspx
Jun 6 - FM4 at E3: Stage demo with Dan Greenawalt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5jR8veljQY
Jun - Forzamotorsport.net new dark background design. https://web.archive.org/.../en-us/Welcome_to_Forza/
Jun - FM4 Limited Collectors Edition pre-order. http://forzamotorsport.n...ews/LCE_ForzaMotorsport4
Jul - FM4 Pre-Order Incentives. https://web.archive.org/...order_incentives_program
Jul - FM4 BMW Design Challenge. http://forzamotorsport.n...M4_BMW_Design_Challenge/
Jul - Forza Garage FM4 car reveals. https://web.archive.org/...en-us/forza_garage_7_14/
Aug - ALMS 2-yr partnership, Hockenheimring. https://web.archive.org/...port.net/en-us/News.aspx
Aug 24 - Under the Hood 1 - Porsche license. https://web.archive.org/...net/en-us/underthehood1/
Sep - Under the Hood 2+, Warthog, Infineon, Season Pass. https://web.archive.org/...port.net/en-us/news.aspx
Oct - Fanatec, Forza T-shirts, FM4 Demo, BMW M5 Cup. https://web.archive.org/...port.net/en-us/news.aspx
Oct 11 - FM4 released. Reviews. Launch party pics. https://web.archive.org/...port.net/en-us/news.aspx
Nov - FM4 DLC. News
Dec - FM4 DLC. 2011 Year in Review. News

Jan - FM4 DLC, free Veloster Pack, Launch Bonus Pack, VIP gift cars, King of the Track challenges. News
Feb - FM4 ALMS DLC, Bounty rivals, John Schommer joins T10. News
Mar - FM4 DLC, Rear View Mirror, Game With Dev, Track Day. News
Mar 5 - FM4 Porsche Expansion, Forza Horizon announced. News
Mar - Forums screenshot - 300k users. Forums
Apr - FM4 DLC, Heavy Metal Affliction, "Making of FM4" videos. News
May - FM4 DLC, VIP, Porsche Expansion. Unicorn giveaways. Kenan Besirevic joins T10. News
Jun 4 - E3: Forza Horizon trailer shown. (30 min mark) YouTube
Jun - FM4 DLC, free Viper Pack. Forza sponsoring 24H Le Mans. News
Jul - FM4 DLC. Forza Horizon pre-order/bonus. phREDESIGN Community Bounty Hunter taunt video. News
Aug - FM4 DLC. Forza Horizon car reveals. Forza Viper in ALMS. News
Sep - FM4 DLC. Ian Webster joins T10. Forza Horizon Behind the Scenes videos and LCE/VIP pre-order. News
Oct - FM.net redesign. FH demo, SmartGlass experience. News
Oct 23 - Forza Horizon officially released. Season Pass. News
Nov - FH Bondurant Pack. Monthly Bondurant Challenge Rivals. News
Dec - FH DLC and Rally Expansion. 2012 Year in Review. News

Jan - FH DLC, free Honda Challenge Pack. News
Feb - FH DLC, VIP Pack. News
Mar - FH DLC, Pre-Order Car Pack. FM4 ALMS Challenge Rivals. T10 streams 12hrs of Sebring. FM2 servers shutdown. News
Apr - FH DLC and 1000 Club Expansion. News
May - FM5 announced. P1 Ride contest. Robin Stockton joins T10. News
Jun 10 - E3: McLaren P1 and Dan Greenawalt FM5 presentation. YouTube
Jun 11 - Brian Ekberg interviews Dan Greenawalt at E3. Twitch
Jun - Forums screenshot - 350k users. Forums
Jun - FM5 "10 Years in the Making". FM4 Le Mans lap contest. News
Jul - FM5 at Le Mans and ESPY Awards. Live Challenge/Bacon Suit. Forza Rewards in beta. News
Aug - Forza Rewards. Inside Turn 10. FM5 LE and VIP announced. News
Sep - Xbox V8 Supercar at Bathurst. Forza Filmspeed video. News
Oct - Forza Store and Paddock Pack merchandise. FM5 Bathurst. Audi/Le Mans Vidoc News
Nov 22 - Forza Motorsport 5 launched with Xbox One. Car Pass. News
Dec - Graphical Evolution of Forza Motorsport video RVM
Dec - FM5 Drag/Tag, economy change. 2013 Year in Review. News

Jan - FMC DLC. FM5 Championship of France. WIR
Jan - New Forzamotorsport.net design and forums stats reset. Announcement
Feb - FM5 DLC. Free Honda Pack, design winner. DICE Award. WIR
Feb - FM5 DLC and free Road America track. Announcement
Mar - FM5 DLC. Twitch livestreaming with Xbox One. WIR
Mar - Dan Greenawalt's "State of the Forza Union" open letter. WIR
Apr - FM5 DLC and free Long Beach track. WIR
May - FM5 DLC. History of Forza 2005-2014 video. Tanner Foust partnership. WIR
Jun - FM5 Bondurant DLC. Forza Road Racing Class - Bondurant. WIR
Jun 2 - IGN reveals FM2 during June. Compiled article and videos: Announcement
Jun 9 - E3: Dan Greenawalt announces Nurburgring for FM5, Ralph Fulton presents Huracan in FH2 coming Sep 30. YouTube
Jun - FM5 DLC and free Nurburgring Expansion. E3 links. WIR
July - FM5 DLC. WIR
Aug - FM5 gets Rolls Royce and Formula E. FH2 at Gamescom. WIR
Sep - FH2 Demo/VIP/Car Pass. Leave Your Limits ad. Forza Fuel. WIR. Announcement
Sep 30 - FH2 officially released on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Announcement
Oct - FH2 DLC. Forza Hub app launched. WIR
Oct - Forza Motorsport Experience coming to the Petersen Museum. WIR
Nov - FH2 DLC and Bucket List 3. WIR
Dec - FH2 DLC and Storm Island Expansion. WIR
Dec - 2014 Year in Review. RVM

Jan - FH2 DLC. FM6 announced with Ford GT. WIR
Feb - FH2 DLC. FH2 Fast & Furious game announced. WIR
Mar - FH2 DLC and free Mazda Pack. WIR WIR
Mar 27 - FH2 Presents Fast & Furious released (free). WIR
Apr - FH2 Furious 7 DLC. Life in the Foust Lane. WIR
May - FH2 DLC and Pre-Order Car Pack. Forza's 10th Anniversary. WIR
Jun - FH2 DLC. E3 Xbox FanFest tickets and info. FM6 reveal. WIR

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#70 Posted : Saturday, June 6, 2015 10:46:05 AM(UTC)
Max you're truly insane.

How long did this take?
Forza Twitch & Mixer mod.
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#71 Posted : Saturday, June 6, 2015 11:12:51 AM(UTC)

That was the first pass anyway. I need to find that Bo Duke costume pic.


Live Challenge penalty

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#72 Posted : Tuesday, June 9, 2015 1:07:45 AM(UTC)
WoW, thats 10 years ! Incredible... I remember these afternoons and nights with forza, which after I couldnt get up to school. Hymmm. If i think now about these years I thought about fantastic sets of cars, incredible DLC, the best gameplay ! My story with the series started at 2012, when I bought my first XBOX360. All the people and my neighbours talked about forza as the best racing game. I must check it and I don't regret. Forza 4 was amazing. these cars, tracks, graphics - just fell in love. I must check other games in the series - forza 1,2,3. The build of story enrapture. Then arrived Forza Horizon - the open world monster. The festival which give us a lot opportunietes. Then I didnt have any DLC - I only was simple student and didnt have work. And now? Be a student, have a work. Forza 5 was to me too little. I must buy FH2, second one, cause firstly I beat it on the X360, after bought XOne, bought it again. Bought with Vip Carnet, Season Pass, All the DLCs!!! Is it worth it? Yesssss !!!! Now I say with others - FORZA - THE BEST RACING GAME EVER !!!

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#73 Posted : Tuesday, June 9, 2015 6:56:46 PM(UTC)
So... My story began when I discovered forza 1. Started playing it and to my ultimate surprise I discovered the 2001 Honda prelude si. HOLY **** ! I'm kind of a Honda hater now but omg was I in love with this game at that point. I couldn't believe I had finally found a game that contained cars that I sought after in reality. Forza motorsport has credit for growing my passion for car culture as an entirety. I went through the grinding of every instalment to date except horizon 2. But don't worry, I plan to pick it up eventually. I remember when I actually tuned an fc rx7 to drift without turning off the assists. Lol. Once I realized I was doing it the most difficult way possible you can imagine my frustration. But awesome accomplishment none the less. Now I'm huge into painting and drifting mostly. I had the chance to hang out out with my favorite fd driver michael essa in 2014 at formula drift Texas where I showed him the renderings I did of his 2014 pro car. To my surprise he actually asked me for a photo with it before I could ask for his autograph or anything. The event could have been canceled and I wouldn't have cared. I was stoked to say the least. Now I'm doing his 2015 pro car and I plan to do the same thing.

I'd like to thank turn 10 for creating the most amazing game I've ever played and changing my world of auto enthusiasm.

Keep up the great work.

Slidin Silvia
Rank: Racing Permit
#74 Posted : Thursday, June 11, 2015 10:14:00 PM(UTC)
First off, congratulation to Turn 10 for making such an awesome series of games. I first got into Forza Motorsport back in 2005 when a friend of mine told about the paint and vinyl editor and the fact the C6 Corvette was in it, I ended up getting an Xbox and Forza for Christmas and have owned every Forza since.

It wasn't until Forza 4 that I had my favorite moment, I was messing around on the Nurburgring GP circuit and found a decent jump. I had an idea for a photo and to my surprise, nobody else had done it, so with the help of my friends I made the "Bandit jump" photo of me in the '77 Trans Am jumping over a couple of muscle cars painted like highway patrol. The photo went on to be one of the most viewed images and let me be the number one ranked photographer for a while. I later uploaded the replay of the jump and it made me the number one director, probably still am. I never expected the photo and replay to get as many views as it did, I even had one guy say the picture was photoshopped somehow, I laughed at that. Anyways, thanks you Turn 10 for the many years of awesome games and I hope the future of Forza gets bigger and better.
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#75 Posted : Monday, June 15, 2015 4:59:00 PM(UTC)
Forza 3 was my first introduction to the Ford Focus RS. Loved the look of the car and how it sounded and enjoyed racing it online and offline.
When Forza 4 came along I was happy to see that the RS was again in Forza, but the November Speed Pack introduced me to this..

The 2013 Ford Focus ST.

The ST quickly became one of my favorite cars in Forza 4....and then Forza Horizon....and then Forza 5....and currently Forza Horizon 2. All the while I was reading up on the car online, watching video reviews, and taking test drives. The ST was going to be my next car.

Late last year the finances came together where I could afford a new car but there weren't any 2014 ST's in the color I wanted left so I placed an order on a 2015 in early January. It took a little over five months but I picked up my 2015 Performance Blue Ford Focus ST over Memorial Day weekend. I'm still breaking it in but it puts a smile on my face every time I see it. That's what a car is supposed to do, right?

"Win on Sunday, sell on Monday," used to be an auto manufacturer motto. Maybe now it's, "Play on Sunday. Sell on Monday."

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