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#1 Posted : Monday, March 23, 2015 5:55:39 AM(UTC)
Hey guys! New Forza player here :)

Recently started making some replicas of my favourite cars, and thought I'd post some screenshots of them on here :) All of the posted pics are available to download on FH2 if you like them (gamertag is the same as on the forums).

Please remember that I'm new at this, so any advice on designs would be awesome :)

All custom sponsors on the designs are made by me :)

Audi Quattro Rally:

audi quattro rally


This is based off the well-known rally Quattro. I kind of mixed a few similar paint jobs together, and kept shared sponsors such as HB International and Michelin.

It's not a 1:1 replica because I really was getting tired of making the sponsors to stick on the car :P

NFS Rivals Shelby GT500


As close as I could get to the cop Shelby GT500 in NFS Rivals. Finally I can drive this car in a bug-free game :D *looks at EA*

NFS Underground: Eddie's Eastsiders R34


Not 100% accurate, but I made it for myself so I didn't really mind. Only now I've decided to share it :P

Ford RS200 Rally


Again, this is not entirely accurate to the real liveries. I really don't have a long attention span, lol :(

Please give me feedback on my photos & designs/replicas, it's much appreciated :)

Oh yeah, how do you change the type of paint for your stickers? Like making a sticker chrome or matt, or completely erasing it to be transparent so you can see the car's base paint?

Thanks & hf!

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