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#1 Posted : Thursday, October 9, 2014 3:03:46 PM(UTC)
I need some help on how to set up a good drag tune. I can't really figure out how to do so. So any help is appreciated.
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#2 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 7:58:47 AM(UTC)
This is an old post from the old FM4 forum by ARGO 308.... The post no longer exists, but the methods are still sound... Note: Use Race Compound in FH2 since there is not a drag compound...

By AGRO 308
Pasted from <http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/forums/thread/4900164.aspx>

Ok guys, I will try and help everyone here learn how to drop catch and tune for a drop catch as best as I can in this tutorial. Please remember that some cars are harder to tune than others. These tunes are for cars where you do not have to keep them at a certain class or with certain restrictions.

I will start from the back of the upgrade menu and work my way through.

Conversions :
• Pick the engine you want in your car (Some will be faster than others).
• Use aspiration conversion if possible (Turbo is best)

Aero :
• Any parts that reduce weight without reducing stats should be used (Use after market hoods and remove bumpers where possible.

Tires :
• Make sure you use drag radials
• leave front tire width stock
• make sure rear tire width is at its maximum.
• Pick some lightweight rims (I use hole-shots).

• Make sure everything is using race upgrades.

Platform and Handling :
• Make sure everything is using race upgrades.

Power :
• Make sure everything is using race upgrades.(Some cars will require you to lose some power to reduce wheel-spin)

Ok now you have your parts combo. I will go through the tuning setup except for gearing here.

Tire Pressure :
• Front should be as high as possible
• Rear should be anywhere from stock to 35 PSI

Alignment :
• Front Camber = -0.5
• Rear Camber = 0.0
• Toe both 0.0
• Caster = stock

Springs :
• Front Spring rate as low as possible
• Rear Spring rate as high as possible
• Ride height as high as possible on both

Damping :
• Front Rebound as low as possible
• Rear Rebound as high as possible
• Bump stiffness as high as possible on both

Aero :
• If you used any adjustable aero ensure it is set as low as possible

Differential :
• Acceleration = 100%
• Deceleration = 95%

There is many ways to tune your gearing, I will explain the basic way gearing works in drag racing.

Leave your final drive at stock. Move your first to 1.80, go to hot-lap and test it. Try holding at various RPM ranges and catching after the wheels stop spinning. If your car still spins then you must lengthen the gear (take it to 1.70 and test again), if it doesn't you should shorten the gear (take it to 1.90 and test again).

2nd and 3rd gear are tuned by testing, set your third to tap out just after the quarter mile, then test your 2nd gear to find the best pull.

Ok now to the Launching
Drop Catch launching is where you hold your revs at a certain point and catch the revs after the race starts at a certain point.

Lets say for demonstration sake, the drop catch is 8000 to 2000.

As soon as you have control of your cars revs, get the revs to sit at 8000and hold your throttle there so it is stable. You must keep your throttle in that exact place through the entire launch. When the countdown finishes the revs will drop automatically (still holding your throttle in place) wait for it to reach 2000 and mash on the throttle.

Timing of your catch point is the key to this launch and some cars will be harder than others.

Some cars will require you to bounce off the rev limiter instead of holding at a certain RPM. To do this effectively, you need to be able to hear your cars revs and be very familiar with it.

I hope this helps and its not too much of a mess, all feedback welcome.

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#3 Posted : Friday, October 10, 2014 9:19:16 AM(UTC)
Lots of this info is good but out dated. I would use a tuning guide inside of the forza 5 section before using the ideas in here from forza 4.