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#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 8, 2014 2:54:38 PM(UTC)
I painstakingly went through every adjustments I could to find shortest braking distance from 60-0mph for Lambo Haracan! I yielded 33.5m. The Cambers & brake bias/pressure settings are as follows: Rear Brake bias=44%, Pressure=96%. Min Front Camber=-0.7, Min Rear Camber=-0.6. Max Front&Rear Camber=-3.6 F/-3.6R....Max Front Camber=-4.4 & Min Rear Camber=-2.6....This took me hours to do & may vary according to how much Power Upgrades each individual has. I didn't max out power, but my Lambo is an X999. I left off anything that put my handling stats in the red...GREEN,GREEN,GREEN for me...lol Let me know if this is helpful or if you have better 60-0mph =33.5m. Thank you ForzaH2 fans...Just remembered....Although -3.6 F&R gives 33.5m 60-0mph & -4.4F&-2.6R gives best Traction at start, I also got same results for 33.5m with a -4.4F & -3.1 R...So any of those should work well...1 more thing....you can get tyre pressure recommendations from www.tyre-pressures.com. The app works well on my mobile too. Recommended psi for a Haracan is approx 35.0 psi. To get 33.5m 60-0mph I use 34.7 Front & 35.0 Rear.

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