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#1 Posted : Wednesday, April 7, 2021 8:18:34 AM(UTC)
When I first saw this message, I wasn't sure if I was just overdoing it, if the game needed to have a higher limit, or honestly why there was a limit, to begin with (save for saving database space of course). If I race a car, it has a tune. Most of the time, I don't want to delete that tune because there is a good likelihood that I'll use it again at some point. I use ForzaTune, so I have them saved, but of course, would prefer not to have to reenter all of the tuning parameters into the game. I also often have several tunes for a car, especially if I enjoy driving it. For example, the 599 Evolution or the BMW M6 FE. I admittedly dig through my garage and find tunes that I no longer need, but that's a challenge in and of itself trying to look for tunes to delete.

I personally think that given the sheer number of available vehicles and how quickly we can amass them, having a hard limit on tunes is a bit of a barrier. Naturally, I'm not going to use all of the cars I get on a regular basis. However, each season we are presented with new challenges, and (at least for me) they most often involve the use of a car that I either haven't used or have a chance to if I haven't. If I really like the way the tune works out on the car, I like to share it and wouldn't want to delete it in that circumstance. This is all a very first world problem haha, but nonetheless, I'm mainly curious if others encounter this?
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#2 Posted : Thursday, April 8, 2021 6:59:54 AM(UTC)

Upload the tunes and then delete them from your "garage". The tunes will still be "out there"

This makes our private garages tidy but the tune-library becomes a mess. Good work Playground
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#3 Posted : Saturday, April 24, 2021 12:04:03 PM(UTC)
I've been getting this too many tunes message as well but I have 0 tunes saved so there's nothing to delete in my garage, apparently, this has been an issue for years with no fix. Wondering if anyone has a work around? I don't want to reset my game save because I have a lot of progress, rare cars and money saved up over the years but it really sucks not being able to put any tunes on my cars. Is there a way forza can reset my game and gift me my progress/cars? I emailed support and they said they were working on it so I don't really want to reset my game for it to be fixed next week or something, but maybe it will never get fixed because it's been years now...
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#4 Posted : Thursday, October 7, 2021 4:43:43 AM(UTC)
Problem is obvious, everybody can figure out how stupid it is right at the beginning, but developers :D

elementary school maths problem :

- you have 745 cars.
- you want at least 2 settings for each car. (i mean it's the purpose of saving settings, having multiple ones)
=> How many settings you will get in total ?

Meehh too hard !!!!!!

(same goes for paint jobs, 500 slots for 745 cars....)