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#1 Posted : Saturday, September 25, 2021 1:19:38 PM(UTC)
When I discovered that the 2014 Playground Box Truck was made available to drive in Horizon 4, I immediately decided to take a break from the "What's on the telly" series


to do what any dedicated Forza player would do. I took the truck to Mudkickers Adventure Park and several danger signs to see what a ridiculous spectacle could be made of this otherwise sedate background vehicle. The results of this little experiment far exceeded my expectations. Of course I've never been satisfied to merely post a series of disconnected jumps, crashes and other awkward "fails". This short video ties everything together as a young child's imaginative vision of his family's move to Edinburgh. Thank you to Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft Corp for making this possible. I'd love to do a movie about the bus and/or snow plough too if either of those vehicles should ever become available to drive.

The Playground Box truck video is here: