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#26 Posted : Wednesday, August 28, 2019 9:40:31 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Froggy2205 Go to Quoted Post
Good to hear that FRR will be put into A and S class lobbies from September. Would like to see it in the endurance hopper as well to help gather more information from the point of view of a longer race with pitstops.

This is welcome news - do you have a source?

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#27 Posted : Wednesday, August 28, 2019 11:56:25 AM(UTC)
August Forza Monthly podcast. They said it was coming, welcome news. But they didn't specify September, so it might not make it in next month's update. They are doing it in the most popular lobbies to gain more information. They might be a surprised at a resurgence of players with this move though. I can't stand the community hopper because of how Forza's exaggerated suspension interacts with the FFB on stock cars on my wheel. And there are too many variations to go tuning the FFB to every car in the hopper. This has been sorely needed and it's good enough to go live. I think they overestimate the number of players that prefer anything goes track limits. There is still plenty of room for abuse as you can use small non penalized contact to push people out of the way, but it's a massive improvement over nothing at all.

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#28 Posted : Wednesday, August 28, 2019 1:28:14 PM(UTC)
Thanks for the confirmation - with an uncertain date. Even so, very happy to have tune-able lobbies with FRR coming soon-ish (?). This was my greatest disappointment with the August update. I agree about the Cycled Production cars - they are worthless with a wheel.
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#29 Posted : Monday, September 2, 2019 7:40:11 PM(UTC)
Is there 1 place where all the rules are spelled out for frr? I feel that there is still alot of improvement in the application of the penalties themselves. I have been hit off the track by other players and I'm the one being issued a penalty for cutting the track or avoidable contact. If I put so much as a sliver of a wheel off the track and not get of the throttle and loose at least 2-3 tenths of a second I will cop a penalty while others I'm chasing don't seem to be under nearly as much scrutiny. I think it's a great concept but I see alot of disparity in who gets penalised
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#30 Posted : Friday, October 4, 2019 11:34:40 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: The Big Rin Go to Quoted Post
Is there 1 place where all the rules are spelled out for frr? I feel that there is still alot of improvement in the application of the penalties themselves. I have been hit off the track by other players and I'm the one being issued a penalty for cutting the track or avoidable contact. If I put so much as a sliver of a wheel off the track and not get of the throttle and loose at least 2-3 tenths of a second I will cop a penalty while others I'm chasing don't seem to be under nearly as much scrutiny. I think it's a great concept but I see alot of disparity in who gets penalised

I'm in agreement with this question, as it seems the "new" standard in the FRR hoppers is to gradually push an opponent off the track. The offender never seems to get the penalty, while I'm penalized for cutting or avoidable contact. This also seems to be the standard operation for some drivers if you are attempting an overtake on the exit of a turn and your car is able to accelerate faster, they just simply edge you out by making you move off the track.
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#31 Posted : Friday, October 11, 2019 9:07:08 AM(UTC)
It's for when the rules in forza gt endurance ???? !!!
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#32 Posted : Friday, October 11, 2019 3:40:59 PM(UTC)
I tried it, and the system seems to be pretty good. There will always be instances where it might get it wrong, but all and all I think it does the job it sets out to do. That being said, I am looking forward to driving something other than a cycled stock division. Also, I sincerely and strongly hope it is implemented in league, where people are actually racing for points. At least if I see people cutting the corners (such as Yas Marinas) I'll know they will pay a price for it at the end.

Also, one thing I really love about the system is the lack of walls and tire barriers now! It allows you to see through corners and pick out landmarks, when in-car or hood view. Which has been limited previously. That is such a huge bonus! As it is now, I hardly play the game as often as I would like, due to corner cutters and grieffers. So these race regs can't come out soon enough. Ty turn 10 for doing something about this. And for the people who don't like them, I'm sure there will be hoppers that don't have it enabled, although if there weren't, it certainly wouldn't break my heart! 😁

One more thing (off topic) Can we please have a steering wheel icon on the leaderboards for people using a wheel. It would be nice for comparing times, but more importantly, getting tunes. Just like the hardcore boards, if you race that way, chances are a tune from that board will be a better for you to use or like.
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#33 Posted : Monday, October 14, 2019 8:13:39 AM(UTC)
T10 has now added A class and S class - beta-FRR hoppers. Both have been a lot of fun and very clean racing lately. Dive in.
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#34 Posted : Tuesday, November 12, 2019 2:18:40 PM(UTC)
I really like the new regulation setup. There still appears to be a few flaws. Seen a guy literally cut across a section of course (2 or 3 turns), on ViR and didnt get penalized. Also, I think 12 seconds is a little to nice, maybe 8 or 10 tops and or a maximum number of penalties. People still find ways to take advantage of the system. Maybe reduce penalty times for repeat races where people are continually racking up penalties race after race. I also like being able to see how much penalty time other drivers have, not just for race strategy, but warns me to watchout for them.

"Integrity, is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." -Anonymous and/or Paraphrase -Charles Marshall.
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#35 Posted : Friday, November 22, 2019 7:56:32 PM(UTC)
I think there needs to be more disqualifications for the outright aggressive players. Say a player hit the same car consecutively, maybe 3-5 times in the space of 5-10 seconds i think they should be disqualified, and/or a player hits any cars maybe 10 times within 20-30 seconds. I like the idea of this and this game needs at least one lobby for cleaner racing but it seems that unless your in the top 3 or so people still either just don't care or are far too aggressive, making it almost impossible to have a good race. If there were a way to implement this fairly and consistently so that victims aren't being punished i think this would be the best way to filter out the bad sports and players lacking any kind of etiquette.

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#36 Posted : Sunday, January 19, 2020 5:45:25 PM(UTC)
Just hopped on FM7 yesterday for the first time in months and saw this.

Excited but cautious and wary of implementation, I've given it a try (I primarily run S Class, so that was awesome to have btw.)

Gotta say, I'm impressed. A little more fine tuning and it should be really good. It's been far more enjoyable than regular hoppers, and the system seems to work fairly well.

It'll never be 100% perfect, and I've been nailed for a couple contact incidents I thought were unfair, but there's no way for a computer to know exactly what's going on in every situation.

I will say the biggest, most glaring thing is something others have mentioned...multi-car incidents and getting rammed from behind unfairly penalizes the lead car who had no control over the situation...and not in a small way. I got rammed from behind...hard....once going into a turn, and couldn't believe it when I actually got a 5 sec. penalty. I was like, what? Lol.

Also, the DQ limit need to be dropped....12 seconds is waaaay too forgiving. I've seen people running around causing mayhem (bumping, cutting, etc.)at the end of a race that clearly had no business still being there and had been running like that all race, only to look and see that they had just barely under the 12 second cutoff by the end. People will always find a way to game the system and do *just* enough to avoid triggering penalties, so if you've racked up like 8 penalties and 10 seconds...you're clearly intentionally being a jackwagon, or are a total noob that needs to go play career for a while. Either way, you don't belong in multiplayer.

Also, I agree with the need for at least a lenient license system that forces a temp ban/cool down after a couple of DQs.

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#37 Posted : Thursday, January 30, 2020 7:02:05 PM(UTC)
I like what the race regulations are doing to help prevent corner cutting and excessive car-on-car contact. One of my biggest issues with forza's online play (since I started with forza 2) is the destruction derby feel that happens frequently. I enjoy legitimate racing. I want passes for position to have more creativity than pushing someone off the track, plowing into corners or using other cars rather than braking appropriately. I believe forza 7 does a great job at simulating a racing experience as far as available cars and tuning options. I would like to see more online play devoted to the "spirit of the race" and the race regulations seem to be an attempt in that direction. I understand people play forza for reasons other than my own. Having a variety of multiplayer game modes allows different people with different expectations to enjoy the same game.
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#38 Posted : Sunday, March 29, 2020 8:07:38 AM(UTC)
Overall I like them, however track limits are too inconsistent some corners are perfect in the limit and others you can’t even put a tyre on the curb. Collisions are fudged you get 5 seconds for being punted in to someone else.

And please please can you add a frr endurance gt lobby for those of us who want long races but with rules
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#39 Posted : Sunday, April 26, 2020 6:41:57 AM(UTC)
Really like the FRR S-class hopper.
But rules still need some fine tuning.
Like most others I experience penalties after being punted into other cars having no control because of the big punt.

Intentional rammers should be given a direct DQ, must be possible to measure difference in speed between cars, intentional rammers alwasy hit at close to full speed, so a significant difference in speed will be present.

And about the cars. Most will probaby disagree with me, but there should also be some regulations like forced slick tires, forced racing aero pack, race suspension, roll cage and whatever race components available for the car. As a result of this a lot of cars which is allowed in S-class now will not be allowed. But my guess is this will result in more driveability, cars won't be as fast, cars will be more even. Cars tuned down from higher classes should not be allowed, only cars within the class or the first class below the present class. So in S-class: Cars tuned from original S or A class is fine. Cars tuned down from R class, not allowed. Way too many manned rockets out there at the moment.

Just some thoughts.

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#40 Posted : Friday, June 19, 2020 4:18:21 PM(UTC)
1. Have fastest laps results show pently (cutting) time added to fastest lap time.
Don't reward people for cutting track to have a low lap time to start in a better grid position. (I don't cut ever)

2. If 1 is implemented show fastest lap(with added pently time) reguardless if clean or not.

Sometimes I am the fastest guy on track and so I catch guys and get dirty laps times as I am in their draft and so I never get a clean lap so I always start in the middle and guys 10 seconds slower than me get ahead of me at the start and I end up repeating the whole process next race.
Also lap limes don't record in Forza Race Regulations so clean laps showing in cut laps will not show.

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#41 Posted : Friday, July 31, 2020 9:56:11 AM(UTC)
So the things the regulations lobby gets wrong is 1. Somebody rear ends you or spins you out and you take a penalty. 2. When useing the rumblestrips on corner exit that is not cutting the track. Also if somebody wants to be and **** and come into a breaking zone fullspeed with the intent of wrecking people that should be a auutomatic DQ banned from lobby for 24hrs. Instead of stacking time penelties the easiest solution is 1st time warning unless blatant. 2nd infraction drive through. 3rd DQ or stop and hold for 20 seconds. The problem with just lil time here a lil time added there is the person is still right where he was. After you get a drive through you should go invisable and forced into pitlane. That is the only way people will learn. Because right now most trouble makers will think well i can still ruin his race and if they know how to hit you you will take more penelties than them. Which doesnt wirk at all.
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#42 Posted : Monday, December 21, 2020 4:45:53 AM(UTC)
I know this thread is a bit older. Anyway wanna make my comment too.
Slamming other drivers is worse than cutting corners imho.
1st of all there could be a "high speed collision warning" which is the same in FH4 where cars are ghosted to avoid hits from behind.
This should come along with a warning. For the 2nd time drivers should be DQ. On a straight with full speed where a car spins in front of you there should be ghosting aswell but w/o penalty.
Drivers can still be on a fast track w/o been punished for nothing.
For cutting corners it's a bit difficult as there are two ways of "leaving the track". For most of the reasons you wont have an advantage timewise e.g. Copse or Stowe corner at silverstone/1st corner Hockenheim etc.
But doing this on purpose you should def get a time penalty e.g. Circuit of the Amercias/Virgina IR Patriot. But also here I would appreciate a warning first.
As a conclusion slammers are really a pain in the **** and doesn't bring fun to the hoppers. Even not in the FRR hoppers.
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#43 Posted : Friday, January 15, 2021 9:49:15 AM(UTC)
my humble opinion on the FRR.
The seasonings are good, maybe a little weak in some cases.
It would be good to create an area where you lose the time that you accumulate lap by lap in a compulsory way (GT style). And if the penalty time is greater than 10s, you will be disqualified or have to go through the box and lose that time in a stop and go.
Once, tested and they already have a final version, I would include it in all modes, except freestyle.
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#44 Posted : Tuesday, March 2, 2021 4:15:07 PM(UTC)
Please make GT Endurance FRR lobbies!!! I think the GT Endurance lobbies are still the most populated ones so we need this.
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#45 Posted : Monday, April 19, 2021 2:56:34 AM(UTC)
Going on the ripple strips on the exit of corners is not something you should get seconds or any disadvantage for, cutting corners yes, cheating yes, over stepping the track accidentally on exit because you’re trying to stay on someone no, there shouldn’t be penalties

The system needs a lot more work
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#46 Posted : Monday, April 19, 2021 3:06:26 AM(UTC)
Drivers who cut the track don’t even get any penalties but as soon as you cut or overstep a curb my 5mm you have a 1-1.5 second penalty, the people who race dirty end up having less penalties then the people who actually race and make the smallest mistakes like overstep a curb by 5mm no one would even complain about that in real life racing

Going off the track also doesn’t need a penalty, it’s already a penalty enough going off track and if you’re off track it’s usually because of some other guy who doesn’t know how to drive and has knocked you off

Yet you get the penalties and the guy who actually caused the mess gets away with nothing

Stupid system
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#47 Posted : Wednesday, July 7, 2021 3:58:52 AM(UTC)
The collision detection needs some work. If some guy spins in front of me but I hit has back bumper as he is spinning out because I have nowhere to go but I get a 7-second penalty for their MISTAKE ... HOW IS THAT FAIR. Also if I am under hard braking trying to avoid a car that has stopped or slowed for no reason again why should I get penalised for their mistakes.
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