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#1 Posted : Sunday, June 6, 2021 8:00:18 AM(UTC)
Loaded up the game for the first time.

Allows me to take part in the initial 3 introductory races. Won't go beyond with the menu become onresponsive to both mouse, keyboard and controller. This is also happens at various parts of the home menu too, namely the video setting options (defaults to 4k?) and messages as well as various other places. Only thing I can do is ALT-f4

I can temporarily fix by reseting app data in menu AND on game start up cancelling the login/sync menu (Found this in a previous post I was reading). But won't retain any progress/settings on restarts.

I suspect the issue is some kind permissions access issue where the menu/save file items are trying to access/write to local assets unsuccessfully. Giving myself ownership rights to windowsapp folder doesnt work.

I have spent the last 2 days trawling Google for answers and getting frustrated, so if anyone can direct me to a solution I would be grateful.

Nvidia drivers up-to-date.
1tb m2
M27q 1440p