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#1 Posted : Monday, May 24, 2021 4:00:38 PM(UTC)
hey guys i was wondering if the mitsubishi evo is one of the better drifter cars in the game i saw gtoofast's video on youtube and it kinda inspired me to use this car instead let me know any advise thanks!!!

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, June 1, 2021 5:29:29 AM(UTC)
It depends on what kind of drifter you are

If you´re a casual drifter who only drift for fun, i think is a good car
If you´re a drifter who his slogan is "Scoring is live", it won't help you much, on that chase, i recommend the Dodge Viper FD, BMW Isetta and Shelby Monaco with the traction control and stability control disabled and the steering simulation on

You will have a hard time mastering them, but, it will be worth it

I hope I helped you :D
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#3 Posted : Sunday, August 29, 2021 4:42:55 AM(UTC)
No one needs simulation steering to "flick" their car unrealistically. Any car can be a nice car, just depends on how ot os set up. For instance a 500HP car running on stock tires can easily hit 300k+ on Needle Climb and get you 3 stars. A fully modded car that is tuned right and still RWD can easily hit 450k+ on Needle Climb, and some can hit 500k+.

This is really the 1st Forza period that people have overly abused the simulation steering on controllers or keyboards to drift in an unrealistic faction.

AWD cars can power drift through corners holding a faster speed amd tend to either hold a corner, or wanting to straighten out. This can be the different between a good tune, and a bad tune.

Generally, a majority of people will use Manual, or Manual w/ Clutcj so they can "clutch kick" the back of the car out. As well as use regular steering.