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#1 Posted : Saturday, May 1, 2021 5:10:38 PM(UTC)
I'm seeing more blueprints which are Forzathon related or easy creds and influence instead of race events, so if you've spent a lot of time making custom routes please post them here.
I and hopefully other players will give them a shot. I posted a couple a while ago but these have been altered.

A few of mine:
64km road - 904 811 389 - found at The Colossus.
50+km dirt - 136 042 308 - found at The Gauntlet.
14km drift run w/ downhill section - 551 036 621 - Fortune Island, at this event - https://imgur.com/a/IYHnmSR
^ For this just set the AI to unbeatable and give them a head start.

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, May 11, 2021 7:16:26 AM(UTC)
International Touring Car Cup at Mount Glennorama

(Starts at Glen Rannoch Hillside Sprint location)
1 lap - Unbeatable AI laps it in approx 4 mins 15 seconds

Share code: - 372 518 153

A class entries: -

Alfa Romeo 155 Q4
Audi RS2
BMW M3 '91 & '97
Ford Sierra RS500
Ford Fiesta XR2
Holden VK Commodore
HDT VL Commodore
Honda Civic '97
Mercedes 190E
Nissan Skyline R31 '87
Peugeot 205 Rallye
Renault Clio Williams
Rover SD1
Toyota AE86
Vauxhall Lotus Carlton
Volkswagen Golf '92 & '98
Volvo 850 R

Happy for any feedback and hope someone else enjoys the lap 👍

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#3 Posted : Wednesday, May 12, 2021 4:21:27 PM(UTC)
Thank you to everyone who has co-op raced this with me so far or done it solo.

The race starts tight, quick and technical after braking hard into a slow second right turn that is very easy to misjudge and overshoot. It really opens up in the second half and is super fast towards to end with opportunities to reel opponents in or open up a gap if you're brave enough to absolutely ring it and take the risks.

This is a really good race for the HSV GTSR and Volvo 850 R if you're itching to use them. Lazydata has a really nice Volvo road racing tune and the engine sounds lovely. The GTSR is a monster with Nalak's tune and feels really nice on the second half of the lap especially.

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#4 Posted : Friday, May 14, 2021 10:12:16 AM(UTC)
New track and my favourite so far. Introducing "Greendalewald" 😄

Fast, twisty, tight and punishing with rewards for bravery. It's clear post rain with Deep Forest and Grindelwald vibes. The final turn is inspired by the last one at Laguna Seca. Slow down to a crawl into gear 2 before a drag race to the finish with a long straight and jump into an up hill double left hander as you enter the 2nd and final lap. Same cars listed as above.

Share code is: 135 228 711