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#76 Posted : Friday, May 7, 2021 9:56:04 AM(UTC)
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To be fair, the changes they made in 2019 made a huge difference. Here’s a good video from Grandma Driving that shows how bad it was before and then has a clip of PGG discussing the changes and why they were needed:


With those changes, it’s possible to generally avoid issues. I can go many races without being troubled by anyone trying to ram me as they won’t be quick enough to be anywhere near me after the ghosting ends.

Whilst it was good they did something about it, my concern was the woman in the video saying they had deliberately delayed it...while she doesn't say how long it was delayed, it does make me wonder.

Not surprised you have few issues given how fast you are Jezza...I, on the other hand, have regular issues as I am not a fast racer at all so am always in the middle of the pack and, very rarely, up front. Ultimately, I have enough stress in my life without the added stress of trying to race a bunch of 3 year old children (as in the temper tantrum side of things as I suspect most 3 year old children are more mature than a lot of those who race the online stuff)....Horizon 3, whilst I came to it late (last September) and didn't do much online racing, the little I did was actually enjoyable as opposed to 4's online feeling like a chore
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#77 Posted : Saturday, May 8, 2021 1:15:30 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: George RGJ Go to Quoted Post
[quote=ziperrPL;1191190][quote=George RGJ;1191139]Asking for a racing game to make penalties for rammers is ridiculous. But you will know this if you had more experience playing racing games of course.

Why is it ridiculous to ask for penalties for ramming in a racing game? I would agree for a arcade racer like Horizon, but the way you worded it, seems like you don't even want penalties in a more serious game like Motorsport or GT or even in full on sims like PC2, AC or iRacing.

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