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#76 Posted : Monday, April 26, 2021 8:21:41 AM(UTC)
-Character steers hand-over-hand whenever taking hairpin and square turns.
-Character reaches for and physically engages and releases the hydraulic handbrake.
-Gear stick physically moves whenever the character changes gear.
-Character physically honks the horn.
-Character physically operates the brake, clutch, and gas pedals.
-Players can take down and put up the roofs of convertibles in free roam and races.
-Dust and mud kicked up by opponents ahead of the player collects on the windshield. Same applies to the rooster tails of opponents whenever the tarmac is wet.
-Windshields shatter gradually depending on the force and location of impacts.
-Windshield wipers accidentally turn on when changing gear rapidly.
-Rearview mirror becomes crooked after heavy impacts.
-Debris remains on the track after a lap has been completed.
-Buildings, walls, and large trees sustain damage after impacts.
-Spectators flinch whenever a vehicle slams against a barrier.
-Traffic vehicles honk their horns if they are cut off or caught in a traffic jam.
-Oncoming traffic vehicles either screech to a halt, or swerve onto the shoulder to avoid collisions.
-Licensed Safety Gear
-Licensed Trackside Advertisements
-OneDrive Radio Station
-Skill Shop
-Bucket List Challenges
-Star Showdowns/Midnight Battles
-Car Soccer
-Cat and Mouse
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#77 Posted : Friday, April 30, 2021 4:36:08 PM(UTC)
I would like more classic & vintage cars as i ONLY drive pre 1990 models (with a preference towards pre 1980). I would also like all stock cars to be as close to the manufacturers style (not hotrods) and stated top speed as people can tune them up but as far as i know i am stuck with silly 118 mph VW beetle and 90 plus mph isetta (Forza Motorsports).
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