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#126 Posted : Wednesday, April 21, 2021 6:39:50 AM(UTC)
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And if you're just desperate, go to 'Emston on sea sprint' (south of the highway). Turn the difficulty up to max and start a custom race there, just pick a popular one. They are all the same, highway up, highway down, rinse and repeat until you're rich. Rewards are based on race length and these are veeeeery long (and very boring). They are also made in a way that you can't lose them (the ai track is screwed on purpose).

Do this with an Aston Martin Vulcan FE with all the skill points maxed out and on a 5 lap race as described you'll pick up between 60-70 skill points which you can use to unlock wheelspins from cars in your garage and you'll go up several road racing levels, each of which will give you a wheelspin. A few hours grinding like that and you'll have enough to buy anything you want
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#127 Posted : Wednesday, April 21, 2021 7:09:51 AM(UTC)
Find some good blueprints and you can earn money mybe even faster than you did hunting threashure chests. I have made
a few circuit-races, all on tarmac and no cheats to win. Just grab a good setup (from me?) and beat the unbeatables easy.

Go to Princes Street and you`ll find:

Classic Sportscar 3x10 minutes (3 laps) gives ca 280.000 + a lot of experience points, like 40.000. Code 241 363 643

Classic Le Mans = 5laps, ca 42 min, gives 465.000++ code: 152 348 688 or 182 209 794

Try my Acura Integra A-class tune here, it owns the unbeatables. Easy money!

Edinburough Circuit Race, 3 laps = ca 11min = 105.000 Code 131 817 611

Notice how I`ve set up those yellow banners as brakepoints ;)

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