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#1 Posted : Sunday, April 18, 2021 5:41:00 PM(UTC)
I just got the game a couple days ago on steam, and I saw the car I've been looking for, the Toyota Tureno was the vehicle for reaching 80% percent completition. The problem is, the most I could get to is 75% since we're in autumn. Is there any way I can get that extra 5%?
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#2 Posted : Sunday, April 18, 2021 7:20:09 PM(UTC)
You'll still be able to pick up Daily Forzathon percentage from Autumn this week, and then when Winter arrives on Thursday you'll have new events to add which should put you over the 80% for the season and collect the Trueno.

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#3 Posted : Sunday, April 18, 2021 7:40:12 PM(UTC)
The seasons run Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Each week's challenges bring you approximately 20% of the full month's point tally. So if you 100% Autumn, Winter, and Spring, you will have approx 60% of the total. But the Monthly Rivals and Online Adventure are worth 20% that counts for the full Series so that should bring you to 80%, enough to get you the Trueno. I believe it actually ends up being 81% but my mental math is sketchy.

So bottom line, do every event you can for Autumn. You have til the end of Spring to complete the monthly Rivals and Online Adventure, but might as well get them done sooner. Make sure you do the photo challenges, and do the Daily Forzathons before they expire. And check ahead at the Winter and Spring Forzathons, because they might require a car you do not yet have, so make sure you get it from the Autoshow, or in the Auction House. Good luck