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#3126 Posted : Friday, March 19, 2021 8:58:25 PM(UTC)
Please delete, accidental double post.

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#3127 Posted : Friday, March 19, 2021 8:58:50 PM(UTC)
Please PG, please bring back the old Nissan Skyline GTR R34 sound. The one that R32 and I think R33 currently has, please bring it to R34. The one you have changed to is a lot worse. It's inaccurate and just unpleasant to listen.

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#3128 Posted : Saturday, March 20, 2021 9:18:00 AM(UTC)
The main reason I'm no longer playing horizon 4, except logging in on thrusday to do a few challenges and logging straight out again, is how boring all the roads in the game are. I'm surprised there isn't more written about it. The only fun / noteworhty road in the game is the road up fortune mountain, and a few parts of the lego map. The main map in this game is totally forgetable and boring. I own almost every single car in the game now, but I don't have anywhere to drive them without falling asleep. I really wish horizon would look a bit more at "the crew 2" for general map design and variation.

80/90'S CARS. There is a serious lack of cars from this era. And the general lack of mercedes benz models in the game is very disappointing.

BODY KITS. Customizing cars is fun, the whole "making it yours" thing, and there are way too few body kits in the game. Should take some notes from NFS.

HOMES WITH CUSTOMIZATION. I don't get why we're buying houses when there is nothing to do there. It's like they're only there to fast travel to, but I can fast travel in the map without the houses, so what's the point? If I could buy homes with different layouts / garages around the map, where I could customize the garage and choose what cars would be visibly parked outside of it, that would at least make sense. Maybe have it so when you're doing an online race, you have the winner circle outside of one of the homes the guy in 1st place owns? That would give owning cool homes a bit more meaning. And make it so when you're in an online session, you could choose to visit the homes of the people in that session? Walk around in their garages, see the cars they've chosen to park there etc.

CAR MEETS. For the main map (or if you have customizeable homes as mentioned avbove), you should be able to arrange a car meet. Select a area on the map, and then select where people can park, so people can come, park up, and walk around with their avatars. That way the avatar customization would have some kind of point to it also. But for car meets to be any interresting, you'd have to really step up the customization in this game, to where it would be interresting to see what people have done. Meeting up and seeing a bunch of lowered cars with the forza canards on the front and the ugly forza wing on the back (like most customization is now) isn't worth it. Maybe additional things you could unlock / buy are things for meets, like a car wash/stereo/dj/etc etc ? The biggest homes on the map would have spaces to arrange meets at?

And have the general things that goes on at car meets. Voting for the coolest car with a cash prize, if the map contained motorsport tracks you could arrange track days etc etc. It's kind of weird that a game so much about cars and playing with others doesn't seem to have concidered what people like to do in real life with cars at all.

CAR CLUBS. I wish the game would have an option to start a car club where you could have restrictions on what brand of car or type of car could be in the club, and then have the option to prefer the matchmaking to put you in an online session with other people from whatever club you choose (should be able to join more clubs). Maybe you're in a nissan or toyota sort of mood, and you'd like your online session to just be filled with other likeminded people? Maybe you'd like to join a session with only people who're into GROUP B cars? (Hey, where are all the DTM cars?) This would again tie nicely in with the whole "car meets" thing..

EXPANSIONS BE PART OF THE MAIN MAP. I wish things like fortune island was just added to the main map.

/end rant :)
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#3129 Posted : Wednesday, March 24, 2021 9:31:35 AM(UTC)
A few suggestions to lengthen the game's life without requiring a third dlc expansion:

Expansion Multiplayer: (Okay, yes, this is DLC suggestion, but it's just one.) Extremely popular in FH3, this was removed to make way for the addition of Ranked. Big mistake, should've never been omitted. It's probably too late to reintroduce now, but FI and LEGO runs would certainly be refreshing change to play rather more sessions of the toxic, somewhat broken Ranked that replaced them.

Route Reversal/Partitioning: Why not do what Turn10 does with Motorsport tracks and make reversed versions of existing routes and circuits available for online and Rivals? Some may require barrier adjustments and/or jump re-working in some off-road cases, but the resources needed would be minimal, I would wager. They've already done three reversals with the LEGO expansion's Ocean View/Lighthouse Scramble and Three Fields/Plastic Flowers Circuits (Falcon Indy/Arrowhead Circuit is a near-identical reversal), so why not go farther with this? A few of the longer existing routes could even be partitioned and reversed, but most everything in FH4 is already too short, imo.

Combining Routes: Since FH4 routes generally too short to partition, what about combining a few existing close-by routes and/or circuits for some longer races? The Titan, Gauntlet, Colossus, and Marathon are always crowd pleasers during Online Adventures. Had they not neutered the expansions by removing their multiplayer, The Leviathan, Kraken, and LEGO Goliath routes might have been just as popular.

Online/Ranked Map Combinations: Introducing new combinations of online adventure/ranked maps would be welcomed greatly. The map combinations from classes dropped from online are just sitting there unused and alternate routes/circuits could be swapped in. Not too long ago, I did a custom online B700, all terrain types including FRR, and the map combinations we saw were extremely refreshing. The 'star of the show' was actually FRR, believe it or not, as the the change-up in maps created entirely new FRR's requiring new/different best routes to whatever race was next. Even the hardcore anti-FRRers I was with enjoyed the change up.

B700/C600 Online Adventures: Frequntly requested even today, the addition of B700 fully into online play would be huge, dare I say even ― gasp ― C600 if they were feeling wild and crazy. While I've no doubt some players would be unable or unwilling to tolerate anything lower than B700, they wouldn't have joined in to begin with and would be free to drop out to find another lobby exactly like they did in FH3. Lower classes in multiplayer didn't break FH3 and from my admitted cursory sampling of low class racing in FM7, it doesn't seem to have ruined Motorsport, either. I think there's more than enough room for a full B700 and even C600. D500 is probably a step too far with the FH4 map being such harder than FH3's flat Aussie map, though I personally would be thrilled with D500 online.

Winter Rivals: I stopped short of suggesting All Seasons Rivals as I don't think there's enough difference between Spring and Summer to warrent the addition of Spring to Rivals. Autumn could be very worthwile if made wetter and muddier, but that may tread into needing additional resources. But at least making Winter Rivals, a season which needs no extra differentiating from other seasons and was very popular on FH3's Blizzard Mountain, available in-game would be very worthwhile. If anything it'd at least be *something;* the work is already done and just needs to be made accessible. And if not for consideration here in H4, going forward it may be more practical to have wet-dry-snow leadboards than a seasonal perspective.

Now, I acknowledge that some of these suggestions may not exactly be selling points for some players, necessarily. Is Winter D500 cross country Rivals for everybody? No, I know that it is not, but like everything else in this game, those that don't care for one thing or another are free to go do something else. I've always maintained the omittance or removal of any feature is bad for everyone and for the game itself as a whole. These suggestions I suspect would almost all be largely easy to implement and require minimal resources/low cost making use of existing elements already in the game. While some players may be cool to some of the suggestions above, collectively these additions/reimplementions would certainly add some playability longevity to the game's life with little cost/effort.

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Pfffffffft touch this
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#3130 Posted : Thursday, March 25, 2021 12:05:32 PM(UTC)
After playing regularly for several years, I'm bumping up against the limit for tunes.

I'd love a way to manage and label tunes better. Some interface that shows all the tunes I've created in one place, so I can delete the ones I want to make room for new ones. Also, I'd love to be able to see the downloads and likes for my shared tunes. That would help me understand what is effective and what isn't in tuning.

Also, a more robust labeling system for tunes would be great. In online adventure races, you don't know the courses of the event or the classes of cars allowed until you get to the preparation stage. When you see the eligible cars, it is impossible to tell if the cars are set up for off-road or street or drift. It would be great to be able to see some kind of label for the tune that is on the cars (other than "favorites"), and maybe even be able to change tunes while the race is loading.
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#3131 Posted : Thursday, March 25, 2021 12:36:50 PM(UTC)
Better and new avatar and racers, not just borrowed from motor sport 7
Celcius for UK English
New music now and then as gets boring listening to the same ones
Avoid multiple menus to go through In order to get driving
More than two expansions
And where is London

Thanks for listening
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#3132 Posted : Tuesday, March 30, 2021 11:39:31 PM(UTC)
Private servers pls! I'm tired of randoms following the convoy when where cruising and they catch us off guard and hit AI cars in front of us! Pls could we get private servers they were in horizon 3 so why can't we have them in 4?
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#3133 Posted : Thursday, April 1, 2021 9:33:21 AM(UTC)
I'm wishing can we get a 3rd expansion for Forza Horizon 4 to a newer Hot Wheels expansion? Just make it a pay for expansion in the Xbox store/Windows store/Steam store.
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#3134 Posted : Friday, April 2, 2021 3:57:03 PM(UTC)
Logitech g923 true force support PLEASE 🥺
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#3135 Posted : Sunday, April 4, 2021 4:28:36 AM(UTC)
Rivals is such a good place to test builds. It lets you choose your route and cars without having to ait for matchmaking. It would be perfect if we could enable drift points to see our score during the lap. These poins would not contribute towards leaderboards and would not be used for ranking, but would just serve a pupose of getting an estimate on how good your car is doing on a specific track.
I wish I were able to tell Anna 'Start counting drift score' anywhere in freemode. Just 2 presses on the dpad: counter pops up, Another couple of presses: its gone. Bonus feature: Anna places a marker on the gps in the place where you started the score tracking. if you pass through it with your car again, it resets score to zero but it does not go away. (and/or it stops count when you arrive at your destination on the minimap) it would let us do casual drift laps/routes anywhere on the map that you could do while waiting for the matchmaking for example and would allow to quickly test and adjust builds without having to wait for a match or driving to one specific part on the map.
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#3136 Posted : Sunday, April 4, 2021 11:21:22 AM(UTC)
First of all I must preface this by stating this is a pretty substantial feature that would most likely be even theoretically possible only in a sequel game instead of Horizon 4, unless PG would for some reason end up doing a third expansion, which is highly unlikely. However, I don't feel like making a separate thread for this is really beneficial since the sequel has not been officially confirmed yet.

There has been a lot of talk about expanding player homes and garages, but after looking at Adam LZ's newest purchase which is a literal multi-building motorsport dream compound I cannot help thinking all the possibilities how something like this would fit perfectly in a Horizon game. I really wouldn't care about being able to enter the castle or some random British countryhouse, but instancing into a substantial private compound with a small testing/drifting track going around it, having multiple areas where to actually store and physically display your favorite cars and being able to invite people there to host car shows, small scale drift jams or to have a clubhouse where members can all store and display their favorite cars would be so much more immersive. Maybe, just maybe you could even walk around in this area forzavista style since it would be obviously separately loaded instance away from the main world. With the older console hardware this would most likely be a hefty loading time with multiple custom vehicles strewn around the area, but with the new SSD's of the most current console hardware and PC's this could probably be a manageable loading time, I wouldn't know since I am not a game dev.

In my head you would have a few different locations across the map where you could purchase your compound, you would enter it like the festival area or a player home, and after loading in you would be in a separate, private instance where you could invite your friends or just roam around and look at all your cars. Currently I have a 600+ strong .jpeg collection which really detaches me from having a ownership or value to any of these vehicles. Having the possibility to display even a few dozen favorites (or more) physically and being able to walk around them, pop the hood or just sit in and drive it out to my small private track straight away... It's something I would really hope to see in the future of Horizon franchise.
Inertia creeps
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#3137 Posted : Sunday, April 4, 2021 1:55:27 PM(UTC)
Hey, Thanks for everything you have done for us in the past.

I have a feature that you could maybe be added to make racing a bit more realistic.
I'm referring to the gear shifting, is it possible to add another race mode where the gear shifting is semi-automatic, meaning it is automatic but you as the driver can force the car to shift one gear up or down to maximize our acceleration up a hill out of a corner.
This would be amazing if it's brought into the game.

Kind regards
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#3138 Posted : Monday, April 5, 2021 2:33:05 AM(UTC)
I would like an option to pick the sound 'stage' seperate from the camera view.

Right now U have about 3 sound stages; bumber, cockpit and chase. Unfortunatly in chase view U lack same propper engine bass some people complain about including me. I would be very pleased if I could pick the bumber or interior sound stage when driving the chase view once in a while. I know some games have this option and I would love to see this implented in the forza series.

Thanks for the great game none the less.
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#3139 Posted : Monday, April 5, 2021 2:56:27 AM(UTC)
I don't know if this has been posted earlier, but when we're in the World Map and place the marker over an event, scene or whatever, and the route is being shown outside of what's visible, we can't toogle without unmarking the event.
What about being able to lock the event in the map, so we can toggle the map to see the whole route, and maybe also adding some more info about the race while it's locked like this?
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#3140 Posted : Monday, April 5, 2021 3:45:58 AM(UTC)
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#3141 Posted : Monday, April 5, 2021 5:10:03 AM(UTC)
-Please Turn off loading screen music,
-I just wanna play quick adventure road races and street races, not dirt races ! There must be option for this.(Not custom races)
-Add B class road and street races, we would like the see old antique cars on road, not on dirt.
-Add more rotation races. Veteran players knows every inch of current rotations, tracks. Its not fun and not fair for new players. (Add custom rotations that made by players for exmp)
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#3142 Posted : Monday, April 5, 2021 1:08:14 PM(UTC)
Amongst all these requests, I believe mine will be one of the easy and quick ones.
I want a red rotary bulb tp place it on the roof of some cars like crown victoria and some old muscle cars. That way I can have the Torino from Starsky&Hutch or 1971 Firebird from Funky Cops. It would be a pretty sick little addition to the game.
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#3143 Posted : Tuesday, April 6, 2021 7:57:58 AM(UTC)

When in free-roam; the cars pi-number should be displayed along with the drivers name
Gt: fairlane305
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#3144 Posted : Friday, April 9, 2021 5:00:28 AM(UTC)
I wonder if they can put more realistic smoke when u do burnout, its suck to have a 1000hp+ car and not even have smoke when u wip it to hell, when you drift there is almost no smoke at all, i know burnout car and burnout pad its asking a lot but it would be nice too haha im a big forza player but in open world like this people like me would very appreciate to have this in the game u got drag drift race just need burnout to complete everything like a sonoma thing but forza style 😎
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#3145 Posted : Monday, April 12, 2021 6:35:57 AM(UTC)
I wish there was away to rock crawl/ off-road. I also wish that there was split screen capabilities.
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#3146 Posted : Monday, April 12, 2021 8:21:54 AM(UTC)
Hi Forza developpers !

I absolutely love the game but it would be super cool to add those features if possible (even as paying dlc) :

- The map from Horizon 2 as extension (France and Italy are so beautiful and with the cars in FH4, it would be awesome to cruise with a 812 Superfast on the Mediterranean Coast)
- I currently have 900 millions credits in the game, I own pretty much everything but why not adding new houses to buy, or some really expensive assets in the game
- When in house, would be beautiful to have a view of some of our cars displaying in house

Have a nice day !
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#3147 Posted : Thursday, April 15, 2021 10:21:34 PM(UTC)
Just a few Things:

- The ability to Turn the Lights Off
- quick refresh in The auction House
- new rims (mostly jdm rims: rays, work, rs Watanabe)

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#3148 Posted : Saturday, April 17, 2021 2:08:38 PM(UTC)
After watching the Netflix show, HyperDrive, I've been trying to find some game that has the elements to make a course like that or have a similar Feature. I think that the Forza Team would be an amazing group to put something like that together, either as an event in a Horizons game or as a chapter in the Motorsports series.
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#3149 Posted : Saturday, April 17, 2021 6:43:28 PM(UTC)
- Colored tire smoke
- neon underlights
- New Eliminator prizes
- Paint/Tune shop to count as businesses and you get a garage or extra house that normally can't be bought if you make it to legendary.
- Demo Derby PGG so we can enjoy the damage mechanics for a bit
- POLICE PURSUIT MODE. One or more person is in a faster chase car/s and starts after a delay and has to catch and tag the suspect as they try to get to the finish or a certain distance away. Random or preset escape routes, YES with Super 7 obstacles. :D This would give so many cars new life.
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#3150 Posted : Sunday, April 18, 2021 4:33:22 AM(UTC)
I'd love to be able to color specific parts. For example, let me paint my brakes, have the ability to color trim, color a specific door.

I'd love to be able to pick a tune after I pick an event, though I suspect that this was done to help with event loading in the background. I end up keeping multiple copies of some of my favorite cars so they've got the tune I want for different things, but would be nice to just keep the car and swap my saved tune in event menu.

Add a new skill of baker for doing donuts... Baker, amateur baker, bake shop, bakers dozen.

Add competitions for people to lay the longest rubber on the pavement 😊

Fix issues with points from super 7, some are fairly hard and give 200 points, some are dumb and give thousands.
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