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#26 Posted : Saturday, March 27, 2021 1:32:46 PM(UTC)
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PG's Extreme Offroad obsession back with a bang this week.

Just curious, what about it's appearance this week for a Winter Trial makes it an obsession? It last appeared Spring, Series 32 for Playground Games at Mudkickers; just a few weeks difference, sure, but both uses strike me as more than appropriate. Beats the heck out of doing the same in say, S2 Hypercars, no?

The Forzathon + Showcase 'Remix' are also Extreme Offroad, when there's 33 car types in the game 3 of the weeklies sharing the same one is disappointing in my opinion.

Judging by Spring's games reward being my choice for this week's trial it's there next week too, add to that it seemed like a while ago that we had several weeks in a row where at least 1 Extreme Offroad event was present.

Like I say there's 33 car types and 8 events (7 if there's no Showcase Remix) in a season where your car will be chosen to a degree by PG, in theory it would be possible for an entire series not to feature the same division more than once and that's without Horizon Specials, decades, manufacturers etc.

I don't think I'm being unreasonable thinking 3.03% of the available standard options taking up 37.5% of a week's events or having it present for weeks in a row is a bit much.

Ah, yes, I think I see what you're getting at there. I never bother with either of those, myself. The remixes were always such a let down being just the one race that is almost entirely rigged in our favor, it's hard to take seriously as a full-fledged event; at the very most it's really just 1/3 of an event. The forzthon events I always look over/past as the dailies pretty much take care of themselves just by playing the game a bit, however, the more meaty 4-part challene side of it usually requires a considerable amount of time in some bo-bo vehicle I don't care for. I hardly ever bother with either unless I find whatever remaining of the standard events and/or stunts standing in the way of 50% is so untenable that these things suddenly become more attractive. I guess my eyes just roll right by those, and I subconciously discount them from the start.

That said, I take your point and see your reasoning. Not trying to be sassy or anything, but I would push back just a little in the respect that what your calculation doesn't take into account is the point I was trying to make about event appropriateness. While yes, there is a certain amount of combinations available, that doesn't necessarily mean they're all desirable. In some circumstances, some combination variables just make more sense together than others. As such, seeing Extreme Offroad in a muddy autumn playground games followed by a winter trial or xc set isn't outrageous, rather it's quite proper ― and certainly preferable to same in S2 Extreme Track Toys. Now, have there been excess use here or there? Perhaps. But by the same token, where you and others with the same non-offroad preferences may characterize this season's offroading as PG 'obsession,' believe me there have been many stretches of consecutive weeks (2-3) where there was very little to interest those that do favor offroad, sometimes weeks with no dirt or xc at all. The point is, the knife cuts both ways.

But, to your point, frequency has been an issue in the past; whether due to lack of creativity or laziness, it's unclear. Right off the top of my head I can recall B700 Modern Rally getting overused as well, three weeks in a row with two being playground weeks. That's happened at least twice, I am sure. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if that happened with other types as well.

I think every division has always had it's classes assigned from near the beginning of the game's life for seasonal events even when they could have plenty of options within a different one (Modern Rally always B700 when A800 would be better and bring the Mitsubishi's into play as good options, Cult Cars going no further than C Class, Vans + Utility only being either D500 or A800 etc), even just having a change there would add some variety.

At this stage in the game's life I'd even be happy if we were given a championship with a particular class + just Anything Goes, so if it were A class for example you could use the AP if you want for an easy win but be just as able to jump in a hugely modified Taxi, the Limo or the Iron Knight (but even that would be dampened down a bit by the fact you'd likely just face a field of mostly TT's + Focus's like in most Anything Goes races).

I personally still miss the Community Championships, the unique tracks had more than enough variety on their own that it didn't matter what car I was driving I'd still enjoy them hugely.

For the record though dirt events are actually my favourite, and I've come to appreciate them here in FH4 even more the past couple of weeks after starting Dirt 5.
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#27 Posted : Saturday, March 27, 2021 4:44:09 PM(UTC)
Yes, I always enjoyed the commmunity ones as well. I would like to experience more on my own, but plowing through a lot of foolishness to get to a decent one here or a wortwhile one there is not very appealing. It was great when we saw them show up in the playlist because they were vetted to some degree. And if the editor was properly equipped, I'd spend time doing them myself, but I'd rather not spendd the time/effort if it can't meet a certain standard for the general player base.
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#28 Posted : Saturday, March 27, 2021 10:52:52 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: TheGillesMuller Go to Quoted Post

...but be just as able to jump in a hugely modified Taxi, the Limo or the Iron Knight...

What kind of idiot would race any of those...?

walking away whistling innocently...


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#29 Posted : Monday, March 29, 2021 7:43:18 AM(UTC)
I can never seem to get good teammates in the trial. I get between 1st - 4th and the rest of my always seams to be last. Is there a way to get better teammates or am i just going to have to be lucky. I have been using the jeep track hawk for the trail and with the tune i use it seems to be good. i did everything else in the playlist except this. I also forgot to reply to this thread because i had done that speed zone with the Mosler Mt900s using piebald cow`s fly away III tune.
Edit: I finally got good luck and did it and got the falcon Fe and the 488 pista

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