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#1 Posted : Sunday, March 21, 2021 3:57:11 PM(UTC)
This is probably a noob question as I've only been playing for four days.

I've been playing around with the paint and decals and am starting to come up with some pleasing results. I've even shared a few of my basic design components, like ovals that that other painters can put their cars' numbers in and groups of chequered squares.

It seems to be hard to find any such similar components. How do I do it?

Searching designs only produces the same results for the same car, even though there must be hundreds or thousands of great designs that have been shared for each one. How do you get to see and choose the others?
Rank: Driver's Permit
#2 Posted : Tuesday, March 23, 2021 5:53:47 AM(UTC)
Also - is there a limit on how many designs I can share or a time limit that means I have to wait before shring another design? I seem to be locked out from sharing more stuff that other painters might find useful. Seems a bit silly really.