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#26 Posted : Saturday, March 6, 2021 12:44:26 PM(UTC)
I'm just not sure about this. I was exited about it at first, but then I was like... why? I've only been playing FH4 for a couple months but I already have almost a hundred hours into it, several million credits and 130 or so cars. For me, that's allot to give up and start over. And from the sound of it, the Steam version isn't gonna be any different so what's the point? It's not like it's a brand new game. Honestly this seems like just a marketing ploy, all about $$$. Yeah, lets all go to Steam! It'll be great! Then you're all exited and you pay all that money to buy FH4 and all the DLC only to find out that it's no different from the original.
Nothing at all against Steam. I have about 30 games on there and I like the Steam format.
Now if they were to put the C8 Corvette in Steam FH4 right from the beginning...
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