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#26 Posted : Saturday, January 16, 2021 3:17:05 AM(UTC)
Hello all,

Cars/tunes/suggestions for this weeks seasonal for those that find such useful. All tunes are my own, unless otherwise noted, all shared by myself (or others). ~ tune name / share code. If you use anything offered here, and you like it/it was useful to you, please don't forget to leave a like.

**Trial: "A Good Old Sport" | Road Racing | (A800) Retro Sports Cars
**Car used: 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE (Autoshow 250,000 Cr)
**Tune: A800 Road / 175 176 329

A.I. performance offline/solo in Trial clone races is similar if only a little slower than the actual Trial. Never used this RX-7 before, and it had the lowest base P.I. of all cars in the type, so thought I would see how it would do. This is an A.I. beater/point gather for your team car/tune, may not be the fastest on offer (certain was not against my teammates), but will get the job done with ease. Nice to drive, nothing really unpredictable about its handling. While not the fastest, it can easily make podium (depends on team), and even first if your team really let the side down in choice of car to use in the Trial. Tune is AWD, no aero, with race tires.

**Seasonal Playground Games | Rail Yard | (B700) Classic Muscle
**Car used: 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (Autoshow 45,000 Cr)
**Tune: B700 Games / 182 129 982

Lets begin with a small rant - Is it not time T10, for you to get around to actually telling players they don't need to win this event to get the prize? Getting stuck in a frozen loading screen for many minutes because player decide, now during the load/refresh is the time to pull the plug, is getting really old - yeah I could quit too, but that means going through all the waiting to join etc again, besides the frozen screen usually does not kick you - so waiting while annoying, is better.
Simple easy driving build for this one, no issues what so ever with this tune at this location and seasonal conditions. Plenty of go, handles great. Tune is AWD, sports tires, supercharged, with rear Forza wing.

PR Stunts:
- Broadway Commons Speed Zone, 2018 McLaren Senna - 'New S2 Road Race' (111 960 179) by Don Joewon Song,one run, no rewind,
- Northbridge Speed Trap, 2019 Rimac Concept Two - 'PR Stunt Rally' (120 633 544),one run, with one rewind due to traffic issues,
- Broadway Windmill Danger Sign, 2019 Rimac Concept Two - 'PR Stunt Rally' (120 633 544), straight, perfect one run, nil rewind.

Solo championships - Raced against Expert*, Steering: Simulation, ABS: on, Traction/Stability: Off, Gearbox: Auto.

**Championship: "Find New Roads" | Street Scene | (B700) Chevrolet
**Car used: 1955 Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan (Autoshow 35,000 Cr)
**Tune: B700 Road SC / 240 691 298

*Ran this one on unbeatable.. just because.
Okay, so the race event to win the *yawn* car of the week... excuse me the try-hard-Ferrari car of the week... excuse me.. not a try-hard, as most of the modern Ferrari's it looks like are all ready try-hard Ferrari wanna-bees... so yes, *yawn* car of the week. ... fun over. Ran on Unbeatable as mentioned, made for very close racing, win in all races is however very achievable. Car/tune is slow off the line, but can and will catch your opponents. Tune is AWD, has race tires, supercharger, hood/bonnet with hump.

**Championship: "Rally-Oop" | Dirt Racing | (C600) Classic Rally
**Car used: 1973 Ford Escort RS1600 (73,000 Cr)
**Tune: C600 Rally / 132 887 190

This car/tune is also slow off the line, but as with the above Chevrolet, it will catch them all (expert). Great on the (few) dirt sections, good on the wet track, good on the tarmac. Tune is RWD (stable, easy to manage), rally tires, no aero.

**Championship: "Nothing is Too Beautiful" | Road Racing | (S2 998) Bugatti
**Car used: 2018 Bugatti Chiron (Autoshow 2,400,000 Cr)
**Tune: using a tune no longer offered (because 'reasons') 'Grip Racer S2' by Don Joewon Song, unfortunately there is no new replacement tunes by this creator for this car.
Waznewz has a tune with 99% the same stats (for what it is worth), with apparently better handling - 'S2 Road Racing' (753 846 418), I have not tried this tune, however this tuner rarely disappoints.

Trash race event of the week - yes partly saying this because I am bad at S2. It is also bad because (a) you can not do the low P.I. entry thing to make it 'easier' - well you can with the EB110, but the A.I. just drive the full P.I. Chiron, Veyron and Divo and prove very hard to beat, if you can beat them at all (only sometimes for myself), (b) the tracks are not suitable for S2, and (c) A.I. misbehaving, - I copied the A.I., tried to brake and turn where they did, at no point, on any corner I tried it on, was it possible to do the corner how the A.I. did, and in a lot of cases, it was impossible to get the car to even remotely corner at all if you tried to follow the A.I. braking position - granted some of this is lack of ability/finesse on my part, but it is clear the system is allowing the A.I. to do things the car/class can not do from a player perspective.
Car/tune above will do the job (expert). In my case it was messy. I feel if you don't need the prize for the event, don't need the percentage (and are not compelled to reach 100%), just skip this one. If you like S2 however, this should be a fun challenge, for you poor fools.

Enjoy, take care, bye bye.
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#27 Posted : Saturday, January 16, 2021 3:59:16 AM(UTC)
Found the Corvette quite nice to drive in the monthly rivals but the way it looks...ugh.

Looks like some nutter's failed experiment of a Lykan Hypersport + Camaro centipede.
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#28 Posted : Saturday, January 16, 2021 4:15:02 AM(UTC)
Forza Horizon 4: Festival Playlist Events - Summer - Until 21/01/2021 - SERIES 31
For players who need help: Percents,Tunes and Rewards:
50% Summer: Toyota Supra 2.0 GT Twin Turbo 1992
80% Summer: Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe 2018
50% Series 31: BACKSTAGE PASS
80% Series 31: Shelby Daytona
Photo / Picture: Percents,Tunes and Rewards - Summer


Photo / Picture: Rewards / Todas as Recompensas
Forza Horizon 4: Festival Playlist Events - Rewards - Until 21/01/2021 ** SERIES 31 ** Summer


Share Codes: Pause Menu, Event Activations, or Creative Hub.
You can use this code to get to a specific Event Blueprint quickly, and easily.
Share Code: Garage -> Designs & Paints -> Find New Designs -> Search
Share Code: Garage -> Upgrades & Tunes -> Find -> Search

A) Photo Challenge: #ROMANROADSTER
Modern Sports Car in Mortimer Gardens
Reward: Super Wheelspin

**** DLC Forza Horizon 4 Mitsubishi Car Pack **** FREE

B) Forzathon Weekly:
Code Tune MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION VI GSR 1999:...... 774 140 022

Forzathon - chapter 3: Win 5 Dirt Racing Series events in your Lancer Evo VI GSR in 6 seconds
Code Share:...... 276 653 628

D) The Trial Co-Op Championship: A Good Old Sport
Reward: BMW Z4 Roadster 2019
Code Tune MAZDA RX-7 1997:...... 872 408 997

F) Playground Games Summer
Reward: Pontiac Firebird Trams AM SD-455 1973
New this season: You don't have to win the event to earn the reward.
Code Tune FORD MUSTANG BOSS 302 1969:...... 549 266 774

G) Danger Sign: Broadway Windmill
Code Tune MOSLER MT900S 2010:...... 308 569 021

H) Speed Trap: Northbridge
Code Tune MOSLER MT900S 2010:...... 308 569 021

I) Speed Zone: Broadway Commons
Code Tune MOSLER MT900S 2010:...... 308 569 021

J) Championship: Find New Roads
Reward: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe 2020
Code Tune CHEVROLET CORVETTE 1960:...... 125 781 463

K) Championship: Nothing Is Too Beautiful
Reward: Bugatti Chiron 2018
Code Tune BUGATTI DIVO 2019:...... 172 877 464

L) Championship: Rally-Oop
Reward: Ford GT70 1970
Code Tune TALBOT SUMBEAM LOTUS 1979:...... 183 416 442

RIMAC CONCEPT TWO 2019 is available for completing the Super7 this week


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#29 Posted : Saturday, January 16, 2021 9:27:31 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: WhiteBurrito42 Go to Quoted Post
The games and the C8 championship have some auto overlap overlap so I used a 70 Camaro for both. It's a race tune but did pretty well in the games.

I chose a 92 Silvia for the Trial for something different. It did pretty well beating all drivatars and winning in one race over a 92 nsx. The nsx won the others. I hung back to avoid other players until an easy pass presented itself.

Used an untuned Divo for the Bugatti championship. It went fine. If you don't already have a qualifying car you may as well just buy the reward unless you need the completion for the series or season.

C8 and Games: 70 camaro 102 125 328
Trial: 92 Silvia 454 135 829

For the stunts a 98 Supra knocked them out. For the speed trap I started out on the grass lined up with the bridge.
Speed Zone 98 Supra 600 737 502
Jump and speed trap 98 Supra 609 842 300

Shameless self promo, since I am not a big fan of the Forzathon mileage reqs I used this blueprint 365 541 446 for the distance req on the evo today. It starts a Elmsdon. A traffic free drive to the north traffic circle and back to the finish line will fulfill the requirement. I usually use it for high speed testing and photography.
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