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#426 Posted : Thursday, January 14, 2021 1:48:13 PM(UTC)
I like Hockenheim (especially National), but these cars are anathema. I realize every kid who lived through the '80s had a Trapper Keeper with a Countach or a Testarossa on it (myself included), but as an adult I'd rather fiddleflatulate around in a Fiat 500 than any of the Italian cars I'm supposed to like.

Tried a McLaren (both with and without aero) and a Testarossa. Might give the 959 another go, though I'm somewhat miffed there isn't a H6 motor swap for it. Might "skip this week" and see if I can't recreate a Ruf CTR. Would fit thematically, even if it wouldn't count officially.

Current best: 1:32.something in the aero McLaren.


Edit to add:

1:36.257 in a faux Ruf CTR. Specs and appearance are about correct, but the top speed's way lower than it should be. Tops out at 185 rather than the 210+ it's supposed to.

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