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#1 Posted : Sunday, April 26, 2020 7:50:59 PM(UTC)
Hello! So, I've been thinking and thinking.... racking my puny little mind for someway to help with the ranked drift playlist... There is an issue that I feel is known for sure and is causing alot of frustration within myself and the community.. And that issue is...(drum roll please!) you guessed it.... being able to choose AWD or RWD matches..

I find myself waiting an hour up to 3 hours.. (yes 3 hours) for one AWD ranked playlist game.. Random and very rare occasions that I lag out, or the power goes out, or the cat chewed through my Cat 7 cable is a frustration because you rank down after searching forever for an AWD race. AWD is my preferred play style, not much of a fan of RWD gametypes.. Although, I can drive and have a bunch of cars made for RWD drifting, it's just not my "cup of tea" I don't hate on whether or not you prefer RWD or AWD though...I hear it's not even possible in real life to drift cars that are AWD like you can in Forza. I don't know how true that is, so don't quote me on that (lol). I find that, in my opinion, RWD is just not nearly as fun and enjoyable as AWD games..

I find that there is a "trick" to get passed an RWD game without losing rank. When you get a que and it turns out to be RWD, I simply don't touch anything.. This kicks you out nd then you start the long que again.. This is so annoying for everyone in the community! I use it so I can get AWD games. Others use it so they can get RWD games.. and.. it breaks everything.. Because now you have a race with 8/12 or 6/12 and even low as 4/12 people that actually stayed for the race.. Not to mention every game at least 2-4 people quit... This being an online game an all some of the "fun" and "wow" factors come from the social aspect.. For some people this social element is sub conscious.. For others, like myself, It is known feeling of having so few people in a drift race.. It's like if you through a party and 12 of your friends said they were coming but only 4 showed up.. you'd be pretty bummed to... You would still have fun, but not as much fun if "Timmy" your best friend from high school showed up... instead you had to party with "jimmy", a cool guy yes but you've only known him 2 months and you know him from work... (lol).. annnnnnnywayys....

What about a vote system? Should we be presented with a vote for an AWD or RWD game? In my opinion, this will not work... I'd rather have this system that we have today rather than losing in a vote and be forced to play RWD... At least I have a little choice and power or else I probably wouldn't play ranked drift anymore.. You would be basically forcing half the people to play something they didn't want to play.. this would result in more people quitting... more frusteration, and less enjoyable play experience.

A a great idea would be to have an option when you click "ranked drift adventure" a popup would come up with 3 selections. Prefer RWD, prefer AWD, or no preference.. after lets say: 15 - 30 min of search time if the system couldn't get a game together, and if there is at least 6 people ready to play it would pop the que for everyone to join.. The system would select small races for small amounts of people...

Side note: add more races... add a gametype.. like 1 lap drift races, or a super duper small races or a collection of super duper small races.. or a drift themed DLC.. add community created drift races to the non ranked playlist and/or the ranked playlist as well.

*Will edit when more thoughts come to mind*

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#2 Posted : Sunday, January 3, 2021 10:39:42 PM(UTC)
AWD is best for scoring higher on drift zones, RWD is more challenging and more fun to drive with.