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#101 Posted : Tuesday, November 24, 2020 2:24:27 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: ziperrPL Go to Quoted Post
I did turn on assists (ABS is always on - keyboard) to see if it will help me with braking. Can't really tell if it helped or not. Maybe it was more subconsciously help? Or maybe I just found better braking point? I did set my time in next 5-10 laps after turning them on.

I did the same as you Zip. I set a time of 53.7## and was happy with that. I then looked at your time and noticed you did it with assists on so i gave it a run doing the same. I beat my time to set it as 53.15#

That would probably say the assists helped but i did it again with no assists and got it to 53.20#

I'm not that good at using MC so i just went with M. I cannot see for the life of me how people have recorded those top times using Auto though............

I'm hoping to get it to 52.### before the end of month but i foresee lots of laps from me to do it.

Edit: Well blow me down and call me Margaret. I decided to give MC a try and now i know why you guys can set times in 52.###. Makes a massive difference changing gears going up that hill. I am now behind Bree and ahead of Rayne and Jezza (haven't done that in a long, long time). New time is 52.6##, apparently 0.013 of a second off Bree's time.

Going to celebrate with a beer now :)

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#102 Posted : Tuesday, November 24, 2020 10:06:01 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: SXS14 Go to Quoted Post
And who the hell ajusted the gearing that bad? Shifting to 3rd gear is like the car almost breaks down....

Daimler/Mercedes did that!

What you or anyone expect?

It's an old 4-speed torque converter automatic in a 180mph capable 80's car, of course third and forth gear are longer than usual

It's designed for high speed autobahn cruising on low revs, not going snow uphill with low traction like a WRC crazy group B car

And almost all Forza cars has original gear ratios and rear axles, no surprise at all

except for you!

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#103 Posted : Wednesday, November 25, 2020 11:25:22 PM(UTC)
Agree. Had 86 300CE, great car but glacial. Puma faster, stupid Ipace too.
It didn’t count 3 Laps better than last rivals would have been 54.ish
Wagons stick better E63ST M157 tt5.5 ftw
Hammer is why swapped 2.5-16 E for CE.
Singer is lump even with gearing. GW or real long hood ftw.
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