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#226 Posted : Friday, November 27, 2020 5:24:14 PM(UTC)
yes, they will fix it until christmas.

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#227 Posted : Wednesday, December 2, 2020 4:25:06 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Spatz971 Go to Quoted Post

have another, about 1 month old account, sometimes played more intensely.
17th: 2359 points
20th: 2455 points
22nd: 2621 points
23rd: 3105 points
23rd afternoon: 3553 points
23rd end of day: League 4

from series change - i.e. from 20th on - so far 110 games.

and finally I did it again. the 5th GM account.
so it is still possible to get points.

after a few days of not so intensive playing with the account, it continued on the 29th:
29th: 4335
30th: 4431
1st: 4779 - i got 257 points in 1 event. in another event 96 points.
2nd: i reached GM league

from series change - i.e. from 20th on - so far 200 games. in approx. 1 week 90 matches. not so much.

Of course you also need luck to find the right match where there is no quitter.

By the way, I played most of the counting matches alone, without the team.
if there are golden players or GMs in the opposing team, then the probability is at 99% that there are no points. same if in the own team are too many golden players or GMs.

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