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#1 Posted : Friday, November 13, 2020 4:49:26 AM(UTC)
Hello, I'm not a specialist in car driving games, but I liked them since the first Gran Turismo. GT was my main game to look after if I had to play car racing games. In those games, I spend half of my time tuning cars in the campaign mode. I like tuning. A lot. I had a few successes sharing tunes on forums for GT 4-5-6.

So with the Gamepass, I had the chance to try out my first Forza game, FM7.

I'm impressed.

This games shows a lot what GT6 does wrong, but it also shows a lot what GT6 did rigth.

The (+):
- affordable cars and tune parts is a good, and rigth, choice of gameplay. We're not in the 1990 anymore, grinding hundred of laps for those cars, in a hundred car catalog, to then buy one, try it and after 2 hours of setuping, reload because you were wrong, is, in 2020, lost time. That is japaneese gamedesign that I'm glad is out.
- "Share and download setups" <3 <3 <3 AT LEAST <3 <3 <3
- in race, rewind + telemetry is a wonderfull instrument to tune the cars.
- a few more option than GT to tune is fine. You can really polish a tune with these.
- I like the damage model of the cars.
- The tire model is a little better on Forza than in GT.
- The livery system is astounishing.

The (-) :
- GIVE ME A ROCKET LAUNCHER TO SHUT THAT HELICOPTER. Seriously, that heli noise is painful (playing with 7.1 headphones,). This easy-to-fix problem should have been detected in QA day 1.
- The suspension is ok-ish. I feel GT, while having less definition on the setting, have better "definition" on suspension.
- Road bumps. Le Mans straigth line in FM7 is a new highway compared to GT6.
- The aerodynamic model is strange. I don't feel aspiration changes while changing the aerodynamics of the car. Max aero : no change in aspiration. Min aero, no (perceived) change aswell. I don't know if it's better or worse in GT. Top speed or 400m simulation in the setup menu doesn't change with min or full aero.
- GT have tire rolling noises that I miss a lot in Forza.
- GT have wind noise that I miss a lot in Forza. Those helps you to "feel" something from the aspiration.
- AI cars don't use the same physic engine as the player.

I don't know if this is a + or a - :
- GT had Initial lock for their differentials. It could be used for drifting setups. Here, without it, I think this simplifies differential setup A LOT, so it's a good gamedesign choice. But this is limiting the tuner's creativity (a little). Nota Bene : I don't know if GT's 3-way differentials are realistic or not, this is just comparing the two games here.
- those sinusoïdal behaviours on the simulated braking stat while changing some of the settings (esp the gearbox) are strange to me. There should be a better way of doing things to show half dents in gearboxes than re-using the same menu from GT.

Small requests :
- having the weigth distribution in the tuning menu for next games would be a real ease for tuners.
- having the power band distribution in the gearbox setup menu would be a real ease for tuners.
- I would want to be able to see how many tunes I made. So far, I don't know where to find the list of the cars I tuned and save a setup. I allready tuned and shared under the tag BlueShift2288 a dozen cars (2-3h each), and I'd like to be able to know which one was appreciated and which one wasn't used (this is where I get my personnal "points" in the game).
- best laptimes for your current car (WR and Personal Best) should be indicated somewhere in the welcome page before a race. FInding record times in FM7 is uneasy. Ideally I would like to see : WR (car model), PB (car model), WR (category), PB (category), WR (no limit), PB (no limit), with driver names and, hopefully, tuner name (that would be my score). If there is some ladders in FM8, I would like to associate drivers to tuners, because they does a lot for building good records.
- the musics are okay-ish, for the first 6 hours you listen to them. Now it start to be repetitive, and it's a game people payed hundreds of hours. A jukebox would be a nice addition. In GT, they desactivate the jukebox (for music rigths and bandwidth issues I guess) if you want to share the replay : this is done rigth.
- locking and keeping the tunes secret is 100% rigth, but I think you still should be able to modify these. I wonder if a setup menu with only +/- sliders (and no values) would be okay (with no indications even on the sliders ticks : some ticks would over or underflow but this would just make the value at the min or max value). Another lead for this would be to be able to reset one part of the car then hide the other menu but not the one you reset.
If doing this, of course, then you can save but can't share the setup.
The reason of this is I found great tunes from other tuners in the game but kept telling myself "that suspension is wonderfull, 90% of the car is rigth, but that guy can't tune a differntial".

The only things I miss from GT are :
- their texts (car stories, etc). Sometimes I discovered a car in GT, I loved to be able to learn her story in the game.
- their sound engine for the wind and the tires.
- their tracks, So I'd like if Turn 0 made a little more fantasy tracks where they can fully express their artistic strengthes. I think FM would profit from "iconic" races. Coming from GT, I "feel" Mapple is an Autumn Ring / Gran valley easter egg and I would be pleased to see FM invent some very different locations, like the beach, or Corsican roads (best circuit in GT4 is Citta di Aria). I liked a lot Praha btw, because of the very recognizable landscape (that city was a win for location choice). In FM8, I'd rather have -20 cars +1 track than the opposite.

Everything else so far is a big win. I'll be there for FM8 on PC (and if no PC port, maybe not for GT7).

Sorry for not posting in the good section of the forum and hi and thumbs up to T10 devs if they ever read this.
Main gamer tag is BlueShift2288. / Account is Redshift77 (played games on 2 different PC).