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#1 Posted : Monday, August 31, 2020 3:50:31 AM(UTC)
Hi. Pleasant surprise to find six gift cars from Turn 10 Community Team even though I'm late starter in playing. Got into top 1000 circuit this year. There are a couple of issues with the gifts. Of the six, I can only download one, a 2008 Lexus SC430 (of which I already have one). The others are I'm guessing is DLC of which I don't have. I've got some - like I have the Porsche pack. Can Turn 10 send me DLC so I can accept the the gifts? I can't even see what they are. I'm thinking of just leaving them there for the time being, is that OK? I might get the DLC later (unlikely I know - I thought the same about the test tracks in Forza Motorsport 4 but hey, I got them ;-)). Any chance I could get Benchmark or Sidewinder tracks instead? That would be useful and a really great gift.

I suppose I should be grateful that I can still post times on the leaderboard, buy vynals, designs and tunes from Storefronts and buy and sell cars at the Auction House (when I have xblg). It would busier if I and others could still upload some designs to share (just my opinion).

There was a time when business listened to customers. Now businesses spend more time mining data - well, that just slows my searches down to point where I'm not going to bother with the searches anymore as it takes too long. Oh well.

Stay Safe.

Till then, race ya! Beating me in 1 race is easy if you don't crash. Beating me in the next 307 races will take you some time!
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#2 Posted : Monday, August 31, 2020 7:25:18 PM(UTC)
How did you manage to get the test tracks in Forza Motorsport 4? I thought it's impossible...
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#3 Posted : Saturday, September 26, 2020 6:40:54 AM(UTC)
A friend of mine mentioned playing FM4 in conversation with a client at work and only having disk 1. The client said they used to play but hasn't for a while but had disk 2 - they had bought an exrental from Video Ezy (like Blockbuster - and like it gone too now). Inside was a code for Launch Bonus Car Pack and Bonus Track Pack. My friend said "let's have a go" and you know what - it worked!

I tried them for myself but didn't work for me (already used code :-( ). Anyway, invited friend to my house to play on my Xbox360, they logged on, reinstored packs so now I have access to the test tracks and Tesla. So yeah, I got lucky and consider myself fortunate.

You can get top 2000 without test tracks (but to get top 1000 you need them). But most players don't even get there thou. Don't use it as an excuse. Race ya!

PS test tracks don't really add variety as such.

Playing FM3 however, I get to play with Porsches even thou I'm slow as...

So in the words of Douglas Adams* "not impossible, just highly improbable".

* Hitchhikers Guide, Resturant End of Universe, So Long and thanks for all the fish, and everything. So, what's for dinner?

Till then, race ya! Beating me in 1 race is easy if you don't crash. Beating me in the next 307 races will take you some time!