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#26 Posted : Saturday, September 19, 2020 7:36:43 AM(UTC)
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I didn't realize the wheel had the transmisson mapped to buttons on the wheel; I just assumed there would be a clutch/pedal and stick to go along with the setup...or can you have it set up either way? I've got really painful arthritis in my hands and was hoping something like using a wheel or even just a 3rd party controller with additional mappable buttons and/or a different unit size/shape and button placement would be a viable solution. It's really becoming quite a problem for me and the less I use my thumbs, the better.

The wheel difficulty you described with dirt racing, btw, make your efforts at the Lakehurst Scramble even more impressive, for sure! 🏆

With the wheel I have, I have two pedals and use left foot braking, so my feet never change pedals. It has paddle shifters, which are great, but for clutch I have to press the Y button with my right thumb (it's a Fanatec wheel that has buttons that match the Xbox controller buttons). You can indeed have a clutch pedal if you want, but then you'd have the disadvantage of it being a long travel pedal, and you'd have to use right foot braking if you want to shift while braking. You can also use a gearstick if you want, I'm not sure if FH4 supports a pattern shifter that lets you directly go from any gear to any other gear. Pattern shifters are actually prohibited for ranked play in GTS because they give a competitive advantage. Overall, I feel paddle shifters are better than having to take your hand off to use a gearstick, and that's why race cars all use them. With a controller, the Elite-style controllers that have paddles underneath are definitely nicer for manual shifting than a standard controller, and the trigger lock is very helpful for braking (it's totally OP compared to pedals, as the pedals are more like a normal controller trigger for difficulty of judging the right amount of braking but with the disadvantage of no vibration feedback). If your thumbs are giving you trouble, then a wheel can quite possibly help, and you can reduce the force feedback if the force you need to apply is a problem. You can mostly get by without using a clutch if you limit yourself to cars that work well with manual, avoiding cars like the EB110. For manual, the wheel paddle shifters divert slightly less brainpower away from driving vs controller buttons/paddles IME.

The roadster on Lakehurst Scramble is fine with a wheel. The only bit that is a bit tricky is the section where you start going downhill and go right-left-right, it's easy to steer too much and de-stabilise the car. But I managed to work out the straightest line and amount of steering to do it fairly consistently, there wasn't much unpredictable randomness like there is with some car/track combinations.

Oh, and FN might be interested to hear that when using a controller, I quite often missed checkpoints by going on the inside of them, i.e. I'm not used to the rapid turn-in you get with a controller after turning in more gently with a wheel for so long.

I see, I see. Thank you. The pain is everywhere, really...base of thumbs, fingers, and wrists, and so far I can generally play through the pain if I keep it on automatic to reduce extra movement. I can only tolerate manual for short periods, which does put improving on the brakes, so to speak. Even now, right hand is starting to seize from typing all this out w controller. But your commentary and detail is extremely helpful and appreciated.
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#27 Posted : Sunday, September 20, 2020 1:15:26 AM(UTC)
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If you've only ever used a keyboard, or only ever used a controller, you might struggle to appreciate what I said in my previous post.

That's true but that's the reason I like games like Project cars or Assetto corsa, because you can see what means using controller like a wheel and what Forza could use behind the scene for you.

I don't use wheel because I don't need it. It's a game and not real car so wheel doesn't make any sense to me. The same I don't use cockpit view too much. I just don't play because of immersion. It's about gameplay.
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#28 Posted : Sunday, September 20, 2020 9:54:16 PM(UTC)
I don't know whether to be more upset that you said 'joypad' or that you really think that wheels and controllers should be the same. Is this a serious question?
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