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#26 Posted : Monday, September 28, 2020 2:22:06 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Abadula129 Go to Quoted Post
Hello! The problem started when i update the Windows version to the latest of it(2004).The my game was crashing out at the "Microsoft Studios" logo every time. Then I did this: Windows 10 Settings -> Storage -> Apps & games ->Forza Horizon 4 ->Advanced Options ->Select the "Reset" button. After that my game was running properly, but my profile got screwed, it said my profile isn't available anymore. I watched a tutorial, where the guy showed that i just need to delete two files from:
Disc D: -->Users-->*username*-->AppData-->Local-->Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe-->SystemAppdata-->wgs-->(then there was the 2 file) I did this and this wasn't working so i reset the game(again) but the internet connection was off this time.Then i started playing (with Wi-Fi out) and it started from the very beginning- I restarted it (now with internet) i chose the cloud saving and again it said my profile isn't available anymore. What can i do to have my account back?
Error Code E:47-0
It happened on pc(obviously) on 26th of September.

Sadly except you saved your game saves before the issue, looks screwed. You can log a ticket and expect a few CR and cars / wheelspins but nothing to compensate the loss.
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#27 Posted : Wednesday, September 30, 2020 12:28:12 PM(UTC)
My cloud save just got borked.
It seems my yesterdays play session on laptop didn't sync as it should, even though I waited few min before shutting it down.
So first sync on desktop goes on, throws error on 98%, retry ... profile no longer available.
I have a bit older Sunrise folder backup, so ok, but wait, what's going on on laptop ... says I have newer save on it then in cloud, so use newer and up it.
Wait few min, 7zip the sunrise folder, copy to desktop, delete desktop sunrise folder, unzip the one from laptop, success :)
Seems my laptop and desktop are fine, also cloud should be happy.
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#28 Posted : Wednesday, September 30, 2020 12:45:05 PM(UTC)
Congratulation! That's sound good.
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