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#1 Posted : Saturday, December 8, 2018 5:21:42 AM(UTC)
Level crossings ring when the train (The Flying Scotsman, which isn't even in service anymore, would've liked to have seen a class 801 or something like that) passes by, but they don't go down. Why is this? It can't be too hard to program closing gates into the game. The lights don't work either, they are just always on. The way it should be is Orange: train approaching; gates closing soon or Red Flashing: Train crossing; gates closing/closed. It really bugs me that they don't work and it loses all realism when you are waiting at a level crossing (yes, I do that, not everyone likes blasting through the countryside at 100+ mph) and the train passes through without the gates moving an inch.

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#2 Posted : Friday, September 11, 2020 4:21:34 PM(UTC)
Yeah, I like to wait for the trian, let it go past, then race the train. But, I am bugged as well that the boom gates don't go down, and lights are on. Forza Horizon 4 could really do with adding that to the game.