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#1 Posted : Sunday, September 6, 2020 3:24:31 PM(UTC)
Hi Gang-

I started playing FM7 and love it. I chose all the defaults (I never even go to the "car collection" because I don't know what that can do) and am doing the Forza Cup. I am winning most everything, races, series, you name it.

So I need to know what to do. This game KILLS, but I am not making the most of it.

1) It occasionally asks me if I want to move the Drivertar to Above Average. One part of me wants to win the cup and start over at a new level. That is what you do on other games. But it just seems like I am not using my game time wisely.

2) I have the game set to shift gears automatically. Depending on the car and the track, you literally can do the whole race with your foot to the floor, never touching the brake because downshifting takes care of that part. I know that is ridiculously wrong. (Frankly, this is why I am posting this because it suchs.)

I am just a normal person but I do have a "real" Porsche 911 that I have raced on a track (it has PDK so no need to "shift gears", but when I hammer it, it goes, unlike in Forza).

Should I start over, and what setting should I use? I don't want it to be too hard but running away with races is not that fun either. I'd rather get my butt kicked half of the time like a real racer would.

Sorry of this has been asked a bunch of times before. I have searched but haven't found this exact question.

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#2 Posted : Thursday, September 10, 2020 8:12:11 AM(UTC)
The only assist I use is the driving line, if you feel you're not getting the most out of the game - I'd start by turning off some of the assists - this should - once you get used to it, make you faster.

So maybe retain the existing difficulty and start switching off assists one at a time until you get comfortable. Generally if the game is regularly asking you if you want to up the difficulty, it's because you're coming 1st all the time. It's a little nudge to suggest you could cope with a harder difficulty. Get comfortable with less assists and if you're still consistently winning easily (in theory even more than before, as you should be quicker) - then start easing up the difficulty.

If I'm in a car I'm comfortable with, on a track I'm decent at unbeatable is not unbeatable. Some times you might find yourself in a handling car on a speed track, which just won't work on the higher difficulties or not for your average player at least.

Whatever you do, nothing is final, just change it back if it's not working for you. Just have fun with it to be fair.