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#1 Posted : Sunday, October 14, 2018 9:22:22 AM(UTC)
Hey I can't paint to save my live in this came could an able bodied person help me out i have a 350z and i want to do the forza motorsport 2 cover car but its not available on the storefront could someone help out if you want i got money i can compensate you with thank you here's link to a picture of the car i want

Also the link just shows one photo if you can find more for the whole car i would appreciate it and there's a video from launch where it shows the whole car again if you can thank you
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#2 Posted : Tuesday, October 16, 2018 8:11:12 AM(UTC)
I remember seeing a couple designs in the storefront before but it's been a long time. You won't find too many responses on Forza 4 anymore. Alot of players moved on. Dang shame, was my favorite game!
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#3 Posted : Sunday, August 16, 2020 5:23:02 AM(UTC)
Hi Diop. If you just want the livery, do a search with some of these keywords. Nissan Fairlady 03 Custom 350z Forza 2's JSK29. Filedate 23/12/2012. Filename: Custom 350z . Cost 3000cr. Downloads 194.
I don't have gold at the moment but i can still look at storefronts. oh well.

Oh. and have a look here or if you have upgraded? to FM5: https://forums.forzamoto...-9-10--Forza-2-350z.aspx

Have fun.