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#51 Posted : Sunday, August 2, 2020 5:53:51 AM(UTC)
I don’t think it’s feasible for Team Adventure but it doesn’t take too long to find a FFA. I wouldn’t have the patience to do what FullNietzsche does but I don’t find it too difficult to skip the occasional adventure if I’m getting particularly fed up with too much cross country.
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#52 Posted : Sunday, August 2, 2020 6:19:51 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Jezza14 Go to Quoted Post
Trial wasn’t too bad although whoever decided Edinburgh Station was a good idea for S2 with no ghosting at the start should try a future in comedy. That first corner was tricky!

Found the Trial quite easy and i do love the Road races. I was using the Pagani with ReZoaK's tune. Once in front nothing catches up.

I think a fair few who have problems are the ones who have trouble handling the S2 cars which is understandable. A mistake can put you way back in the field and basically they have no hope unless they are good drivers and can get back up, which i have done a couple of times when AI knocked me out or Team mate accidently lost control lol!!!!!

Welcome relief from the CC and Dirt we have had lately.

Overall i'm quite enjoying the Summer :)

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#53 Posted : Sunday, August 2, 2020 7:17:01 AM(UTC)
Agree Rex - this is definitely one of the best trials in the last few months. Just tried the Zonda C as I’d forgotten it was a Hypercar. I used GreetedDust8’s tune rather than ReZoaK’s but it’s very strong. Easily reached 220mph on the motorway on the first sprint. Won all three races by miles. It’s a wet tune but still worked well in the dry Summer conditions.
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#54 Posted : Sunday, August 2, 2020 10:21:58 AM(UTC)
Late start for me on this week's challenges; was trying to finish up a paint for the PTG contest.

The Trial is going to be tough for me, I'm not strong at S2 but we will see. My first ever Trial was an S2 street and I had to be carried through that one. Hopefully, I've gotten better since then.

But man alive, the M-B Tankpool challenge? Like what? Why is it when you select races, it doesn't give you a truck class? It puts you in open...with a vehicle that can't turn at any kind of speed whatsoever. (I kicked up the braking pressure so I slide the back end around...might not earn me any better times, but it makes it more fun/less frustrating) I normally run between Expert and Pro depending on the car/class/season. But yeah, had to nerf the entire crowd for this one. Got blown away at Above Average...so yeah. lol

Ran a Regalia at the PPG though, that was fun. Still people don't know that you get credit either way, was down to three members by the second game. Almost managed to win still. That would have been great, lol.
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#55 Posted : Monday, August 3, 2020 12:53:58 AM(UTC)
Wow, ok, so I see what all the commotion is about now.

Just ran the Trial tonight. Ok, so first off, I have gotten better. Part of that may be due to having a better selection of cars than when I first started. I don't have some of the cars mentioned already but I had a Bugatti Veryon that I tuned up as well as some others. I wasn't 100% on the Bugatti so I tuned an Italdesign. I like it. I like it a lot. Not the highest top speed, but very easy to drive, very controllable, brakes easily and picks right back up again. So yeah, that was my pick.

The Trial - So the races were tough...ok, not so much the races, but the racers. Crashing wildly into those first turns is just so unnecessary. I can see banking off of an AI to improve your position and back up an opponent, but when you do it to one of your own, it takes points away from you too. I was able to place 2nd in each race but never quite got first. I also have a tendency to be placed near the back of the pack so that always makes it fun. I had thought that Edinburgh Station was going to be my downfall but I actually did consistently well with it. With Holyrood it was a matter of avoiding my own teammates. Personally, I hate than someone can miss a gate and completely ruin your turn before phasing out to redo the gate. As soon as that countdown timer starts, they should be ghosted so they are not messing up the rest of the race. Haven't won the Trial yet, there has only been a max of two of us earning points so far in each race. The last two, I was literally the only one earning anything. Byw guys, thanks for not dropping out when you are dead last, really appreciated. lol

2018 Italdesign Zerouno Tune: 128 473 218

PGG - So I thought it would be funny to run the Regalia, being so long. Akin to my running of the Limo during one other Games. But let me tell you, it actually did well. Now, this isn't Mudkicker's. The turns are sweeping, plenty of fast track to go. It was fast enough to score flags. It was very tough to track down for King or Infection. So I was pleasantly surprised.
Quartz Regalia Tune: 362 822 637[./b]

Cult Following - I was already planning on running the Karmann Ghia, tuned it up with a grip tune. Ok, so low on horsepower, but you could run flat out through nearly every turn. It won but was nothing stellar. Had the Isetta already tuned from last week/week prior? So it out-accelerated everything easily. Had a low top speed but since it was about 450 points, the AI was nerfed also. Easily won.
1967 VW Karmann Ghia
1957 BMW Isetta 200 Export Tune: 742 555 298

Down Under- Ran a Torana. Quick acceleration, great grip, easy to drive. Just ate the dirt roads.
1977 Holden torana A9X Tune: 136 304 532

Dream - First tune of the van was a grip tune. Took too long to catch the lead car. On the last race, that long uphill...it just kept slowing down and nearly lost. Took off the sport tires, hopped up the engine a bit more. Now it's a wee bit slidy in the turns but it has the power to pull away, even uphill.
1983 GMC Vandura Tune: 370 371 558

PR Stunt Trap VW ID R Tune: 220 347 284

PR Stunt Zone VW ID R

PR Stunt Danger Sign - 1961 Maserati Tipo [b]Tune: 173 792 945
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