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#201 Posted : Tuesday, August 4, 2020 12:38:19 AM(UTC)
Following the June 15th update Forza started crashing during races. After trying all the normal things, power cycling, clearing the cache etc...and various support tickets, we were advised the game save was most likely corrupt and were told to delete from everywhere, losing everything. Following this, the game is a new install and it only got as far as the Autumn race before crashing. Since then, there have been various updates from Forza and now the game will not get past the screen where it explains what the controls are, before freezing and turning off the xbox. Forza support were saying contact Xbox support, which I have done and the last ticket response was power cycle the xbox, which is where I was 9 weeks ago, when I could last play the game!!!!

Is anybody else having this issue and have they managed to find a fix?

I have tried:

Clearing the Cache
uninstall and reinstall (lots count on how many times this has been done)
Delete games save from everywhere
checked date and timezone
checked sound input
brought up the xbox menu screen while loading
tried a different user account
tried loading the game offline
Soft Factory Reset
changed mac address
Raised a ticket(s) with Forza support
Contacted xbox support

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#202 Posted : Tuesday, August 4, 2020 7:21:21 AM(UTC)
My game won't launch. Haven't played it in 3 weeks and I have tried every thing.
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