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#1 Posted : Friday, June 26, 2020 4:31:28 PM(UTC)
Although the implementation of Custom Adventure and the sub modes that support it like Free For All and Team allowed us to choose what we wanted to do you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND what this has done to the playerbase. Basically it's fragmented and split everybody up so I'm ending up racing the same people over and over with much smaller lobbies as a result. Also Winter playlists are unavoidable without backing out and re-searching only to end up in the same limited lobbies. Not many people unfortunately want to play Winter online.

Most of the community is either in Team or Free For All and Custom Adv players are limited in terms of who they can race. The lobby voting system allowed players in one place to pick what they wanted to race and thus I think this should take stand against one or two players not getting the race terms that they desire. A collective voting decision for me was much better to set races up. Also a consideration for Drive to Event return. This was ideal for either getting a feel for your cars pre race event, waiting, or just being able to hop in and out with ease. Please consider bringing this back.

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#2 Posted : Friday, June 26, 2020 8:30:59 PM(UTC)
Sorry to say but your feedback arrives kind of late even for next FH episode. Additionally you are sharing with other players here, not with T10/PG team ( not reading over here )

Concerning the principle of voting for next championship, I consider it comes with pros and cons. Big negative effect is focus on S1 (FH3 ) and I guess result for FH4 it would be S1 summer. then what? then by reducing the variety of challenges, games becomes boring faster.

To speak dreams, what I would rather support is more variety and pace, like having only 3 races championships, making freeroam races a type of race therefore a type of championship. Then making so that next championship is never of the same as ending one ( different race type, different season, different class ) , we also miss B road races championships. That way, even if you enter a Cross country you are not found of, you know that next won't be cross country, less frustration, more variety, good for every one.

For custom championship, imho, the most huge mistake done (not the only one) was to block players from starting CS with 1 player. If only they have allowed such, this feature would have had so much more success.

Again just sharing between players here ... you can put also put your request in wishes thread by the way, possibly MM will move it there.