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#901 Posted : Friday, April 19, 2019 9:56:34 PM(UTC)
And what if someone told you that they can pull it off? They are looking into it, that's for sure. Will it take a while? Absolutely! Will they all be fixed? Well, with enough time, they can. FM8 doesn't debut until the new Xbox comes out in 2020 (i'm guessing, don't quote me!), so they've enough time to dedicate an entire time just for sound fixing and improvements.

The April car sound update was a breath of fresh air and a positive direction. I look forward to more updates, because I've certainly been enjoying the game more since the lat update.

Update: Can we please have the May or June update dedicated to improvements on the McLarens and American V8s (classic and modern)?

McLaren - all the modern road cars sound the same apart form the 720S; they share the P1's note, which is not entirely accurate to start with. American V8s sound all too similar between cars, even different manufacturers. P1 GTR is way too whiny and high pitched. Cockpit has insulation and air conditioning - should not sound hollow. Trans whine way too high-pitched. Exhaust rumble almost absent.

A little more punchy bass and volume please overall. The April update was just awesome. Here's to many more - until all cars are on the same level! :)

P.S: I like the Aventador LP-700 sound you guys updated but it sounds strange on deceleration and downshifts - it's a weird and distorted, very synthesized effect - rather than that raspy exhaust character the real Aventador has on off-throttle and downshifts.

LaF and FXX-K - ahh, pure bliss.

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#902 Posted : Monday, May 6, 2019 10:39:32 PM(UTC)
Really hoping to see improvement in the latest update. If not, then June I hope.

All American V8s need to be distinct from one another and sound more "rumbly" and "throaty", and less high pitched.

All modern Mclarens need their unique sounds. The Senna sounds fantastic but lacks bass and growl. Again, too high pitched.

The modern Benz's could also use more bass and "intimidating" exhaust character as well.

All in all, extremely happy with the work they did to improve the Lambos, Porsches, Ferraris, Civis, Skylines and a few others in the last update. Please keep the good stuff coming Turn 10! I'm starting to enjoy this game a lot with the consistent improvements.
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#903 Posted : Tuesday, May 7, 2019 6:50:05 AM(UTC)
They should re-do their sound back-end/framework, revert it back to how it was in FM6 would be a great start . There's no bass, and the sounds lacks many details. Like they really squished the range in mixing process or something. Listening to the Forza 6 Apex today, and it's sad how much worse it is in FM7.

T10 please.
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#904 Posted : Tuesday, May 7, 2019 10:58:04 PM(UTC)
Apollo I.E in FH4 is a disappointment. You can tell they recycled the old FXX K sound and used it. I'm just hoping that it'll sound like its supposed to in FM7.
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#905 Posted : Thursday, May 9, 2019 12:56:46 AM(UTC)
I hope so too - it has a very distinct V12 note which I'm hoping the developers will research on properly before including it in the game.
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#906 Posted : Sunday, May 12, 2019 11:18:28 PM(UTC)
I was not concerned with how any.vehicle sounded apart from obvious things (V-8's -V-12's, etc) but then the Audi 90 and Ford capri race cars came out in Forza 6 for the early GT division and i put a ton of miles into those cars! Mostly because I love that era but also I never got bored hearing those turbos wailing and blow off valves chirping away! Are those sweet sounds in FM7...yes but they are barely audible in cockpit. They just added that visceral feel that is very hard to capture in this medium that i love! The fact that you are still trying to improve things tells me a few things good and bad. If motorsport fans know anything it's the roar of maniacal engines at their favorite tracks!! I was at this years race at long beach and holy hell that Corvette and Porsche GTLM were louder that everything else that raced that weekend!!! That includes the historic IMSA GTO's, Indycar, DPI's and The Stadium super trucks, etc! Tv doesn't do it justice for sure but I know we can do this for Forza!
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#907 Posted : Friday, May 17, 2019 8:27:36 AM(UTC)
Forza 4, 5 and 6 have now become my benchmark titles for good car sound. I cannot believe - I mean it's somewhat shocking - how simplified the car sounds have become.

Among the Horizon games, all three have great sound, FH4 is lagging behind a lot.
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#908 Posted : Wednesday, June 17, 2020 4:50:32 AM(UTC)
the FXX K, murci and F12 TDF are very compressed, especially notable at low RPMs, hondas still sound straight piped. the lambos are good, astons are except for the DBR9 much better, ferraris too, the carrera GT is spectacular
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#909 Posted : Sunday, June 21, 2020 10:31:37 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Lardian Go to Quoted Post
They should re-do their sound back-end/framework, revert it back to how it was in FM6 would be a great start . There's no bass, and the sounds lacks many details. Like they really squished the range in mixing process or something. Listening to the Forza 6 Apex today, and it's sad how much worse it is in FM7.

T10 please.

I don't think it's going to go back to how good it was in all their games that came out before FM7 and FH4. It's a new 'technique' they are experimenting with apparently, and it's just sad.

I'm willing to bet they will use the X series to milk out more graphics from Forza, along with a handful of features most don't want.

The days of Forza being an authentic driving game are behind us I think. The sounds really made it stand out, now it's one of its biggest weaknesses.

Cars in a game should never sound tiny, squashed and compressed. That's like a call of duty game or a mortal kombat game with really poor gun sounds and 'beat em up' sounds.

I don't know why they can't just translate the sound 1:1 from real life to game. The technology is there, but their motivation isn't.

Even Dan Greenawalt doesn't show up anymore, chiming enthusiastically about the next Forza.

Forza 4/Horizon 1 really were the glory days. I remember how powerful and varied the cars sounded - and those wonderful wind noise effects that drowned out the engine noise at higher speeds. Bliss, I tell you!

The new generation of Forza is: really loud track effects and arcade 'flash' effects (for Horizon) - with tiny, high pitched remote-control sounding cars.
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