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#1 Posted : Saturday, June 6, 2020 8:56:30 AM(UTC)
I was reading some of the old forums this morning and it got me thinking of some of the cars I painted back in the day on the 360.

So this lunchtime, I dusted off and booted up the old trusty box and aside from making some alarming noises and needing several updates it seems to work pretty well.

It's worked well enough for me to build up a selection of old but reasonably good paints I did back in the day and stick them up for auction. I've probably not switched it on for 5 years, so chances are if you've only picked up the game in that time, these will be new to you.

Also by having a scan through what was available in the AH - they'll certainly be a breath of fresh air - pickings were slim lol.

Anyways - there's 30+ cars up now, some tuned some not - only had unlocked tunes for so many of them. So have at them & have fun.

I've put them up for 8 hours (thought there was a 6 hour option which would have suited me better but - like I say been a while). If it looks like there's some interest later in the evening might stick some sneaky buyouts up cheap. I'll see how it goes.

Oh yeah - they're all 1k starting bid, so should be reasonable


Not taking photos of them all, most of the photos I do have are on an old computer, which isn't coming out lol. But here's a sample of the sort of thing I've put up

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#2 Posted : Sunday, June 14, 2020 12:24:48 AM(UTC)
Hi. Any chance for another relisting of any of these? Or put them up in the storefront? Disk 1 cars preferred thou as lots of new players unable to get DLC. Anyway, thank you for listing - some look like photos; amazing.