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#1151 Posted : Saturday, June 13, 2020 2:25:05 PM(UTC)
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Sorry for the necro bump but are there any solid wheel/game settings for A fanatec CSWB V2? I tried playing the game just now and I am still not even close to impressed. There is 0 bite on center cant feel rumbles or anything car wanders and oversteer feels wack AF... Tried some settings on the Fanatec forum but yeah still felt terribad. I'm on PC.

I use a CSW and I think I have it set up... ...OK. Spring centering is still **** but... I'll see if I can cap and post my settings tonight. In the meantime set your wheel (not the game) to max everything with ACL and DRI to off. Go to a test drive session and then to "Tune Steering Wheel". Set steering sensitivity to 80% and try it out. Setting it here will only apply it to that car so if you like it you will need to set it in the global wheel settings.

The settings screen caps should be in my activity feed.

Sorry for the slow reply, I had not been messing with my wheel for a few days, I actually went and setup Forza Emuwheel and im legit blown away how good it feels now, it legitimately feels like a different game and I felt comfortable enough with the wheel to drive a Senna 1 handed while I recorded.

None the less thank you for trying to help my get to the bottom of this.
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