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#51 Posted : Sunday, May 24, 2020 8:38:39 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: AquaPainter168 Go to Quoted Post
Saxon looks amazing! You even managed to paint the light, and the aerodynamic thing on the back... cool!

Originally Posted by: FLUEX Go to Quoted Post
That turned out really ace!
Clever layout also though.... 🤘

Originally Posted by: Hotrod King87 Go to Quoted Post
Awesome work MD

Originally Posted by: RallyzX360 Go to Quoted Post
Great job, Midnyte!

HTH did you manage to paint the light? I've seen some off-plot locations for some wings in Forza, but that must be on coordinates in the next county!

Thanks guys, really appreciate the props 😁
Actually Rallyz, it’s just part of the roof & I noticed it flashed when I was switching from side to side using LB/RB. I know what you mean though and I’m probably not the only one who spends a couple of minutes moving a shape around as far as the coordinates go just to see what might be paintable. This time it just flashed when I highlighted the 1st square I put down to cover the whole roof.
Similar thing with the placement of that eagle Aqua, this car has the Rear Wing option one extra RB press from the Rear Bumper as you cycle through 👍🏾
Don’t know about you guys but I feel like the wide body kits are more of a pain to paint and cause more problems to layouts than previous games? I don’t like sharing multiple files of the same paint if I can help it and took me some time to find one layout that would suit all builds for this one.

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#52 Posted : Sunday, May 24, 2020 11:14:10 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: MIDNYTE DUBH Go to Quoted Post
My first entry:
‘Strong Arm of the Law’ by SAXON

Cheers 😁 🤘🏾

Now Midnyte, each time you enter I know it's gonna be something awesome and you still manage to surprise me every single time!
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