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#2776 Posted : Thursday, April 2, 2020 5:21:47 AM(UTC)
Can we just be able to paint the roll cage? And color tint our headlights?
Another thing i don't understand, why can't you guys add more cool rims ??? The ones we have now are OLD and many of them are so ugly that i never see somebody using them!
So many nice rims from BBS and RAYS that are in other games, and we don't have them in Forza.
Also is very weird having a fully upgraded car with totally stock interior. Gosh, just add some Sparco or Momo steering wheels and some Recaro buckets.
Adding this amazing drift course in Fortune Island and not be able to make private drift races\battles on it is just a missed opportunity.

All those things don't require some big changes in the games core engine and are easy to implement...

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#2777 Posted : Thursday, April 2, 2020 11:30:30 AM(UTC)
It could be a good idea if you add a "PARKING" logo to the map.This will help us to find parking places when we do meetings!

I hope you read this!

Forza FAN!!

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#2778 Posted : Saturday, April 4, 2020 8:19:10 AM(UTC)
Can we please get an option to switch Drivatar names to actual names instead of random account names plucked from Xbox's database? It's a lot more immersive racing someone named Mark Hunter or Jackson Grant instead of SubservientFish36115 or XxKILL_SLAYER420Xx. That being said, can you make them more expressive when driving? Have them angrily beep when you bump into them, and feature muffled music playing from the inside of their car when you're close. Oh, and have them wear proper gear like helmets and racing gloves when doing Horizon sponsored races.
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#2779 Posted : Saturday, April 4, 2020 8:56:15 AM(UTC)

please increase the design-limitation to the maximum cars one can own (750 at the moment), i'd really like to get designs for ALL cars that i have in my garage. If it's not pssibole on XBOX, at least do it for PC players.


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#2780 Posted : Monday, April 6, 2020 10:08:37 AM(UTC)
I would love myself 2 Nissans
The Nissan GTR Nismo 2020
and the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Z-Tune
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#2781 Posted : Friday, April 10, 2020 6:43:28 PM(UTC)
I know that in Forzavista, you can open and close the roof at will, but you can only drive in the way of the roof on(opened) when driving on the road.

Therefore, I suggest that you add a function: synchronize the state of driving with Forzavista. For example, if you set the roof off(closed) in Forzavista, the roof of the car will be closed when you are driving.

Or you can set a new button directly in the driving mode, you can switch the mode of the roof at any time, and you can also drive the photorealistic driving with the weather. For example, if it rains, you must turn off(close) the roof to conform to common sense.
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#2782 Posted : Saturday, April 11, 2020 9:25:22 PM(UTC)
We as the community have asked for 4 major thing, yet none of them have been implemented:

1. New map to play around in, would prefer to expand the existing maps we already have if you ask me.

2. All the convertibles. Just like you could do in TDU2, manually switch between roof on or off while driving.
If TDU2 could do it alot while back then , why not Forza?

3. The turn signals. Another feature that was cool in TDU2. I would love to see this implemented

And last 4. Alot of us have complained about the engine sounds of alot of cars. I personally can't withstand the engine sound of the Dodge Vipers. I really hope they can change the engine sounds for alot of cars. Not just copy/paste already existing ones.

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Mopar or no car
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#2783 Posted : Saturday, April 11, 2020 11:08:34 PM(UTC)
make eliminator free dlc outside forza
suggest you can download eliminator on xbox and play it and it connect to fh4

add gift for achievement if they ever come

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#2784 Posted : Sunday, April 12, 2020 10:34:57 AM(UTC)
Boneshaker/ Tractor in “Games Adventure”
I understand that it has been banned for racing and what not. It’s also been banned from “Games Adventure” where it isn’t an over powered vehicle. I know the community of people that play this game mode primarily (like me) is very small but it would very much appreciated to be able to mess about in these vehicles in infected etc again.

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#2785 Posted : Monday, April 13, 2020 7:45:23 AM(UTC)
Can we please have the way the cars reset back to the way it was 2 updates ago. Just as an example, If you do a long enough wheelie it will reset you (not in reverse wheelies though).
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#2786 Posted : Tuesday, April 14, 2020 1:44:07 PM(UTC)
This is my first post, so I'd like to start by saying thank you to all developers and other people working on this game. Thanks. A. Lot.

One thing that I would like to see implemented: adding time and direction to the scoreboards for the speed zones, drift zones, speed traps and other.

As of right now, we got the essential: the car model and the score. Since conditions are different with the seasons, it would be nice to add if that record was set in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter (the exact time may not be that important). The second thing would be the direction: did the record was set by driving from point A to point B, or from point B to point A?

Since there is already lot of existing records stored that may be difficult to upgrade; but it would be nice.

Thanks again.
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#2787 Posted : Tuesday, April 14, 2020 11:22:59 PM(UTC)
2 Things,

Please can you add a way to obtain the following:

Exclusive cars - Add them to the autoshow please because I want to drive my favourite cars yet I cannot because I missed half the first festival playlists and I am not a fan of the forzathon shop currently.
In addition, the 812 superfast and other cars that require certain ways to unlock like the FE car. The painting and tuning ranks mainly are so annoying because they take forever to get and rely on other players to complete these.

I have since unfortunately quit due to these however I would like to get back into it with the addition of these PLEASE FORZA

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#2788 Posted : Thursday, April 16, 2020 2:00:01 PM(UTC)
A few things

Point 1

Add cars that appear into the festival playlist to the autoshow at the end of the 4 week rotation of the festival playlist. for a price representative of a similar car
E.G The 2017 Aston-Martin AMR PRO being priced at 1.5 million credits which is similar to the standard Aston-Martin Vulcan which is basically the same car apart from the livery on the car .

Point 2

Extend the map to the area above Edinburgh including the 3 bridges which would eventually give people places to reach the top speed of their cars they want to test. This is because there is very few places where people can test their speeds of their cars. This is due to the motorway on the map being too bendy .These places include:
-The road to the south of the railyard
-The road along the coast near Bamburgh castle
this is about all of the roads I can think of

Point 3

More traffic this is because the maps roads are basically empty, with the occasional X5 driving in front of you at 40mph while your trying to get up to the cars top speed. This however isn't realistic at all so the ability in the menu to make the traffic dynamic depending on the in game time. for example if around 5pm in Edinburgh the roads would be stacked with AI Cars. not just the odd ai car just going very slow.

Point 4

On the hud on the screen we currently only have:
-Convoy List
So the ability to add a clock and the current in game temperature. This would be possibly work on 60x time progression

Point 5

The visuals in weather is virtually the same even if it is 32 farenheit or 83 farenheit so the inclusion of heat haze or heat blur. However in rain puddles virtually never form on the roads which is completely unrealistic and could affect the way people drive in the way of puddles causing aquaplaning. Like FH3.

Point 6

Add more varied customisation instead of just having forza branded aero such as bodykits, wings, bumpers/canards and hoods which mean that most cars are very similar to each others.

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#2789 Posted : Thursday, April 16, 2020 10:39:14 PM(UTC)
Please add customization to car interior like moving driver seat from right to left and from left to right, also allow us to change interior car speedometer from mph to kmh and from kmh to mph.
also i'd like to change licence plate from US to European and vice versa.
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#2790 Posted : Sunday, April 19, 2020 9:00:47 AM(UTC)
To be honest, I think forza would be better if they added this feature but of course that’s my opinion. I believe if there was an option to transfer cars between the forza horizon and forza Motorsport would be a great feature. I think they should make it so you can basically transfer cars you don’t have in forza Motorsport from forza horizon. I think this would make both games fun and you wouldn’t have to grind both games. I think it would increase the amount of people who buy both games. Forza could even add this feature as an add on, making people pay 20 dollars in order to access this feature, a one time fee of course. I think both games should share an auction block to make sure one car isn’t valued more in one game. I think both games should have the same cars so you don’t have a car that’s not supposed to be in one game. I think to make sure no duplications happen, forza should only transfer cars that you don’t have in one game but do have in another. Also, to make sure people don’t transfer cars through the auction block without paying the 20 dollars, horizon players can’t buy from Motorsport players unless they pay the original 20 dollars. I think this should be added to the games that will be released but not pre existing forza games. I believe this feature will increase the amount of players in both games due to less grinding, plus forza would get more money from the 20 dollar fee as well. I own both games at the moment but i think I would play Motorsport more if this feature was added. Just a thought. Like this post so the forza mods can see it!! Comment if you have any feedback for me. Have a great day and stay safe!!

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#2791 Posted : Sunday, April 19, 2020 10:15:11 PM(UTC)
Will be great to have this updates in the game:

1) More tuning options for wheel customization: more wheel fitment options (rim width, tire width in both sides - make fitment more flexible (sport or stanced), maybe add air suspension (also for stanced fitments), drift suspension with advanced angle customizing (for drift or stanced fitments) and springs height (for static stance). Players can spend hours to make perfect fitments (and extreme fitments like hella-flush etc) or make race-style fitments for their track-tool cars.

2) Increase the threshold of force for the destruction of objects (you can't destroy rail fence at the highway after 15kmh side touch-and-go, but you can destroy it after serious collision)

3) Parking lots for car enthusiasts w/o car transparency and forzavista options, we can make our own car meetings more serious (and moooore interesting with options i've listed in point 1)) not just racing, but car stance festivals, car tuning and design festivals.

4) Maybe add more envirement like traffic jams, more npc's beyond the road (just my imagination)

Make FH4 a best sandbox game for car enthusiasts ;)
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#2792 Posted : Tuesday, April 21, 2020 2:30:15 AM(UTC)
Most important for me is better sound of cars..more realistic..lot of cars have horrible sound, i cannot hear a cars around me..if someone close to me put the pedal on the floor..i wanna hear this scream! There miss noise, higher tones, deeper tones..it is really horrible and weak side of this game..there is nothing to excite..

Next point: More exhaust customization witch changing final sound..its very important part in real world of cars. Because doesnt matter about tuning..sound o the engine or exhaust is just still the same.
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#2793 Posted : Tuesday, April 21, 2020 4:15:10 AM(UTC)
An option that we could configure the advanced parameters of a steering wheel (force) directly to a car instead of the steering wheel.

Because all depending on what type of car I drive I adjust a lot of options.
For example a racing car I will put almost all the force at 80% and the direction at 100%. But with a rally car I'm going to set the vibration to 20%. And each time I have to go and change these parameters.

Each car has its strength in the steering wheel and it would be interesting to have this option there in the car settings instead of having it by the advanced steering wheel options.

The same goes for the clutch. Each time I have to change the type of clutch.
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#2794 Posted : Wednesday, April 22, 2020 2:18:27 AM(UTC)
A nice feature of photo mode will be to allow for up to three cars of your selection to be included in your photo. The way this will work is similar to convoy with the exception that your main car, or landing car, will lead the procession when not in still mode. In still mode, that is when your selection of up to three cars arrive to your designated location and providing there is enough space, you should have to option to designate a formation if more than one car is selected. Formations should be juxtaposed, in line, or triangular if more than two cars are selected. However only one of more than one car will be drive-able. Upon movement from landing location, if more than one car, the lead car will be at the head of of whatever formation you choose and cars will form a single file when approaching traffic dictates or if limited space mandates. It's about time we have this feature for users.
" If someone said to me that you can have three wishes, my first would have been to get into racing, my second to be in Formula 1, my third to drive for Ferrari. "
- Gilles Villeneuve

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#2795 Posted : Wednesday, April 22, 2020 10:04:07 AM(UTC)
Hello today I would like you share with you all cool features that most of us would like in fh4.

1- Custom interior parts that are obtained by wheel spins ans super wheel spins (like aftermarket steering wheels, shift knobs, handbrakes, and more)
2- Handbrake animation
3- New rims (we are still using rims that came out with the game and would be cool to have more)
4- More expansions
5- More customization options (only a few cars have body kits and parts so more would be cool)

Don't get me wrong the game is an absolute banger but with just a little more customization options the game would generate more attention, then players and then profit.

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#2796 Posted : Wednesday, April 22, 2020 6:24:51 PM(UTC)
During having some unpleased experience on playing at online playground games,I really want to make some advices for you to make things better.
1.Flag capture
1.1 After so many opponent players just stand on the flag respawn position,it's pretty hard to capture the flags,Even there's just one player doing that kind of things.Thas's ruinning the games excperience and fairness .Suggestion:1.adding additional two flag positions to make those annoying acts vain.2.Making a invincible time about 3 seconds when a player just get a flag.
2.Overall suggestions
2.1Balance for season
Many players just play this mode for the season reward,and those players normally played very nagetively and their cars are pretty damn bad.But you can't choose your teammates ,and the system is not good enough to distinguish those player want to seriously play the game and those nagetive players.For example,this season requires A700 cars.It's a disaster when your team got four about just 600 for 3 or 4 players,and your opponents got all A700.It's certain lose,I got that kind of lose over 10 times at this week,no winning,this is not a one mans games.When you face those situation,you can just either go with it and waste your time or quit game and search a new game again.That's really unfair and unhealthy
1.Adding a black list
Those players use a bad car far below the limits for 2 match at game would be banned to the Online playground games,unless they use a better cars.Those players don't move a bit for 2 round would be FLAGed as a nagetive player and banned to this mode for 1 day.
2.Team rebalance
When a nagetive player got kicked out the match or they quit,the system should balance the both team at nest round.The balancing should follow the standards like:car's performance,player's winning rate,performance at this match.Those stronge players would be moved to weaker team but they would certainly get winning rewards and season rewards as long as they don't get nagetive flags during the rest of the match.At the meantime,the round that some players quit or get kicked out shouldn't be counted in score.System would replay this round again after the team get balanced,and each additional round would add the final rewards about 30%.
3.Rewards rebalance
The season reward should be able to let all the poblics easy to get,the bad team system shouldn't be obstacle prevent player from it.Suggestions:When a player plays very nice but because the team's skills lose a game,that player would still get winning reward and season reward.To those normal players play it seriously(like get at least 1 flag.get a crown and hold it at least 10 seconds) but constantly lose the game,when they're not flaged as nagetive players,it should be a top game time limits.Like:such players plays games for 3 times certainly get the season rewards.
Season reward should encourage players to play it,in steady of forcing players to play it infinitely just for rewards.

I wish those advices could be helpful in making the Forza better.
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#2797 Posted : Thursday, April 23, 2020 7:49:51 AM(UTC)
These are the features I would like to see added:

  • A feature where we could erase or filter our the duplicate cars in the garage and

    A feature where when you change the radio stations and you have the interior camera view turned on the driver reaches over and flicks through the channels as well.

    Maybe a choice of cars that have a convertible feature where you could put the roof up or down

    Turn Signals

    Maybe an option for different driving modes like sport and comfort for cars that have them

    An option to flash the headlights at oncoming drivers or NPC cars.


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#2798 Posted : Friday, April 24, 2020 1:18:06 PM(UTC)
The ability to either change the color of the stripe on the tires of the Lamborghini Centenario, or the addition of plain race tires to its tire lineup. Thanks.
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#2799 Posted : Saturday, April 25, 2020 1:49:42 AM(UTC)

There are a few features that would be a good ide in Forza Horizon 4.
My first suggestion is a Forzathon tracker(like the achievement tracker in the xbox system).On Xbox it's really time consuming to watch the progression in the menu.
My other suggestion would be the bucketlist blueprint option.I know there are the Horizon stories which is basically the successor of the Bucketlist of the previous games,but I really miss the option to create some challenges for ourselves.Forza Horizon 4 is a great game which really based on the community and the idea to have fin with our friends and I think therefore the blueprint bucketlist would be a really great addition.
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#2800 Posted : Saturday, April 25, 2020 8:51:59 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: PapaEmy Go to Quoted Post
Dear Playground Games, could you add special features for painters to FH4 please? Like design mode or create a design mode only?

I mean I don't mind having seasonal weather cycle and daily time cycle to make the game more realistic, but when it's about painting cars or making wrap designs, it's just annoying because some times when leaving the house to see how the car looks.. either it's dark or too dark or it's raining, or when done checking and going back to the house parking lot, either it's getting darker or too early in the morning at the parking lot..

And the Festival garage isn't helping either.. because everything looks super shinny in there, it's not like what we used to have in FH3 with constant appropriate lighting surrounding the car, Fh3 Festival garage is more relaxing to the eyes when detailing some painting or making wrap designs and we know what to expect what the car would look like when it hits the street, even just for painting rims to have the intended color is just so hard in FH4.., for example I know how to make or mix silver color but it always went wrong like I painted them with aluminum polished or semi gloss color when the car taken to the street..

My request for painting or wrap design purpose is for us to have a Festival garage that was like in FH3 with constant appropriate lighting surrounding the car that isn't super shinny.. and/or we can still do that in the parking lot of the house but with the ability to disable the weather cycle and daily time cycle changing.. when entering design mode or create a designing mode..

And in addition to that, please fix the rims allocation painting group color, especially the group 2 and group 3, some of the rims have group 2 coloring affecting the outer lip group of coloring or vice versa with the group 3 instead, or just make every rims model independently not to affect other models so we can create the desired color to one or some specific model rims only..

Thank you..

Dear Playground Games, in addition to my previous features wish list, I'd like to add more for wrap designing creativity purpose..

In addition to "design mode" or "create a design mode only" above, could you also please make separate allocation designing for each additional aftermarket body kits or wide body kits for each individual car?

Like for example the Honda Civic Type R EK9 has several aftermarket front and rear bumpers.. side skirt.. and wings, what I'd like to request is.. can you make additional tab sections for each aftermarket body kits or wide body kits when is available for the car being design? In the current format.. we have Front, Left, Right, Rear, Top and Wing tab sections, can you add more tab sections for each specific aftermarket body kits or wide body kits available please??

So instead just Front side for stock model for example, there would be additional aftermarket front bumper 1, 2, 3.. and so on.., the same also with aftermarket side skirt, aftermarket rear bumper and aftermarket wings tab sections..

Therefore when the wrap design is uploaded and shared, anyone whom downloaded and uses it, has the freedom to choose any combinations of the aftermarket body kits or wide body kits available to the car without having to download another wrap design made specifically for each additional aftermarket body kits or wide body kits, so the wrap designer will only have to make one model for all aftermarket body kits combinations possible without having missing area or overdone area when aftermarket body kits were added because it's not compatible , but instead it would changes automatically to wrap design packages that has been designed earlier including all aftermarket body kits or wide body kits available to the car..

So the wrap design creator will only need to make a 2nd wrap with different color combination if it's needed to.. or another new different wrap design altogether, the same also with allocation painting group color for rims as I mentioned previously above..

I think these feature wish lists will take wrap designing to another level, on one side it makes easier to design and on another side it will also increase the design quality..

Alright then.. I guess that would be all from me for design mode and creativity purpose, I hope you guys would approved them.. thank you in advance :)

PS: Another wish list aside from what I just posted above, could you please consider to make FH1 and FH2 available for purchase in Windows 10 Store for PC users? As a PC user.. I would buy them if they're available for PC.. :)

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