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#1 Posted : Wednesday, February 26, 2020 10:10:28 AM(UTC)
Welcome stranger!
First i would like to thank you for peeking by my gallery.
If you see anything you like, or you have any feedback,
please feel free to let me know.

Before getting into any pictures, i will give a short introduction about myself:
Im 24, and born in Norway. Besides taking photos in videogames, i do drifting in a national level (Pro class 2020)
aswell as build cars, motorcycles, fabricate tools and things. I've also done motorsport photography for about 6 years, but i've put that on the backburner for now, as i busy with drifting.
I got into photos in videogames back when i played GT4, then GT5 and 6, i kept taking photos, learning more and more about it.
I pre-ordered Forza horizon 3, as my first ever Forza game, and sad to say, the dissapointment was huge.
The game was so poorly optimised, that it was unpleyable for me.
So when Horizon 4 came around, i held back, and didnt want to spend any money on it.
By chance, a friend of mine, informed me that FH4 was free with Xbox game pass, so thought to my self, what's the worst that could happend?

Luckily, FH4 runs smoother, by a mile. Im not even sure they should be compared to each other. My hardware is the same, just older. So some wort of magic has to have been performed on the game side. Which is really nice to see.

So ofc, i started taking pictures again. Steadily trying to increase the settings ingame, up untill the point my CPU decides it doesent wanna hang anymore (currently on a good 99% cpu capacity, and about 50% on GPU)

Here's the first set i've made in FH4, im looking forward to try out different techniques thruout the seasons, even tho im late to the game.

Hope you enjoy!


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#2 Posted : Monday, March 2, 2020 6:10:37 PM(UTC)
Beautiful, not sure many people would read the short essay you started with, but I did, and I am impressed.