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#1 Posted : Saturday, February 22, 2020 7:42:30 AM(UTC)
Hi I'm Zaxph I'm 18 From Australia Currently Looking For A Competitive Team To Race With Im Determined To Be Able To Compete With The Best I Can Run Top 50s In Everycar (Besides Forza GT I Just Can't Get These Right) I've Tried On 95% Of Tracks I Have A Few WRs But Really Only One Worth Mentioning (Tons Of Region Records Mainly In The Higher Classes) What I'm Really Looking For In A Team Is People Who Have The Same Drive As Me To Become A Better Driver And Also People Who Have Already Established Themselves As Fast Drivers To Help Me Learn And Improve Faster If There Is Anything I Have Missed Don't Hesitate To Ask Hope To Hear From Some Teams Soon :)