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#1 Posted : Friday, February 14, 2020 10:41:07 AM(UTC)
To be honest, can you think of making an "offline game" again? Forza Horizon 1 was incredible, your career motivated you to keep playing, I played for a long time at the house of an uncle (who had no internet to play online at x360) and what a wonderful game even without internet. I remember beat the game at least 5 times on vacation, and as I didn't have an Xbox I was waiting for that game for PC. FH2 came, several races came in categories that I didn't want to play, we finish the main story and never touched again, we returned to FH1. I bought the FH3 for PC, it was cool, but it wasn't the same thing, the "pokeforza" was starting, collect all the cars and that's it. FH4 after a few days has the same thing, I feel obliged to play to get the cars that appear, probably I won't use them, there is no satisfaction, there was no progression. I started winning a Pagani if I not wrong,, then I bought a Huracan, and the game went on. There was no challenge, much less a reason to play it no atmosphere, nothing. And why do we have to race against players and friends? I've already had to delete friends from my account because they don't know how to run, they just ram on others like a drivatar, close the door in meaningless moments, and I just want a decent race. Don't get me wrong, the last few games were good, but I, who don't want to play online and am still the only one who really likes racing games among my friends, just want a challenging and interesting game, to be able to start another save with cars that I didn’t choose at first, adapt, tune, test and not just tedious as it has been FH4. Think about it, the idea of ​​progressing in your career until you become number 1, start with a slow car and start getting better as you advance, the rival provoking you, radio talking about the championship on that bracelet, billboards with your rival, finishing with the 1v1 race and winning his car, it was really amazing. And the atmosphere of the festival, practically today doesn’t make any sense, the radio only said it had an abandoned cars, forzathon was concluded and we are on another season, it doesn’t look like that festival anymore, everything was forgotten. FH4 until today, it's not a bad game, it's a sandbox to play online and collect cars. Until those events like against planes, trains seems to have lost the emotion or attention, I rembember one of the weekly race against the hovercraft which was slower than my car on points that should'n be, and on 3 turns it crashes on me, another against train that was necessary to stop, wait for the train pass and so make the turn cause it blocked my way. I Understand that many people like this online format, they always play and want more things, but hey, try to think of who doesn't want to do that, those who just want to play alone and enjoy the game, better worked expansions, have a beginning, middle and end. Maybe even divide the game on 2, have a campaign in the old way and make another save online for the game as today. I know that I'll be much happier playing a career like FH1 again, and not just opening the game all week to see if has a car that I doesn’t have and race to get it, which is really boring. So, I'll apreciate if you think about, cause even buying those 2 launched on pc, the game who I really want (or a game like that) hasn't launched on PC.

Ps. English isn't my first language