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#351 Posted : Friday, May 29, 2020 11:27:05 PM(UTC)
Ok this will be my last one on here for FH5 location so don't worry everyone this will be the last u will see of me and my reason for posting on here again is that I've done some extreme research on Japan and I was absolutely 🤯 about of what I have found on Japan now starting off with number one
1. Towns in Japan
Tanegashima Island
Yakushima Island
Naka koshiki Island
**** uoka ( this town is near Kitakyushu,SAGA,and also near Nagasaki and it starts with a letter F and it has UK in one part of the name of the town in JAPAN and I also just wanted to clarify that I didn't say a filthy, vulgar,and dirty word I just wanted to let everyone know that and I'm done)
Oki Island
Toyota (and yes there's literally a town in JAPAN called Toyota don't believe me look it up on Google earth)
Saitama (and yes that's there's literally a town in JAPAN called Saitama and once again if u don't believe me then look it up on Google earth)
**** ushima (once again I didn't say a filthy, vulgar, and dirty word and also this other town is like the first one it starts with the letter F and it has UK in one part of the name of the town and it is near Yamagata and Tochigi Japan that is where u will find it)
Cape erimo
Uchiura bay
Rishiri Island
Tokyo (and I know that everyone might recognize either half or all of them and if u didn't u sure do now LOL)

And now on to number two and don't worry I don't have far to go so plz everyone plz just bare with me

2. Places that are in JAPAN that hopefully and prayfully can be as beauty spots in FH5 Japan though that is of course and everyone u definitely need to Google earth these places and trust me u won't regret it not one bit

Nichitsu ghost village in chichibu Japan
MT. Fuji
Jodogahama beach in hitachihamacho
Sotomo arch in tomari
Lavender farm station in or near nakafurano
MT. Daisen
Zao onsen ski resort in Yamagata
Kawachi wisteria garden in Kawachi
MT. Sarakura in Kawachi
Haneda airport in Tokyo (and this one will solve y'all's few complaints about the airport in FH4 so hopefully and prayfully this one will fix it)
Port Island in Kobe
Amanohashidate in miyazu
Ashikaga flower park in ashikaga
Umeda sky building in Osaka
Kirishima kinkowan national park in kirishima
Yakushima national park in yakushima
Yoshino kumano national park it is in between mirozu and wabukagawa districts
Yumoto in nikko area
Akan -mashu national park in kushiro
Shiretoko national park in rausu
Aogashima Island somewhere off the coast of Japan
Sagano bamboo Forrest in Kyoto
Noto peninsula in soryomachi
Shikoku Island near Kochi
Kiso Valley near okuwa village
Shodoshima Island near takamatsu
Kenroku-en garden on top or either in Kanazawa
Matsumoto castle in Matsumoto
Nachi falls in nachikatsuura
Tateyama kurobe alpine route
Shirogane blue pond in biei Japan
Hitachi seaside park in Hitachinaka
Tottori SAND DUNES in tottori Japan (and some people said Japan doesn't have sand dunes hogwash I say hogwash LOL)

And finally ladies and gentlemen boys and girls drum roll plz now we're at the final stage of my post 1. Plz forgive me for me can't shorten it and 2. THX for being patient with me and anyhow onto everyone's favorite number three

Tateyama snow corridor
Ome to otsuki
Tokyo bay aqua line (BTW this road goes under water)
Bandai-azuma skyline
Ashinoko skyline
Hakone skyline
MT. Haruna
Kawazu nanadaru loop bridge (if anyone ever wanted a loop bridge well here u go then LOL)
MT. Aso
Norikura skyline
Orochi loop observation deck in yakawa district area (and also I know that u playground games Microsoft ,and turn 10 studios I already know that u can't put down all of these towns,and beauty spots I only gave y'all this list so that way if y'all were to look them up then y'all would decide which several towns and which several beauty spots could be implemented into FH5 but atleast plz consider of putting all of the roads that's on this here list into FH5 that is if it were to be in JAPAN that is of course that would really make my day and also I want to clarify 2 things here 1. I didn't say a filthy, vulgar,and dirty word and 2. If the Japan club doesn't win we will all still be happy either way or atleast I would though anyways but I'm still am hoping and praying that the Japan club will continue to rise up and also will get more people to join and also more and more people from the YouTube community is wanting FH5 to be in JAPAN so everyone here in forza community I have no idea about y'all but if the universe isn't telling us to be in JAPAN I have what is plz forgive me everyone here LOL I'll shut up now)

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#352 Posted : Saturday, May 30, 2020 6:59:44 PM(UTC)
They should base the the next horizon game in either - Canada / Alaska / Iceland / Russia / japan / Germany / Antarctica / Utah / Hawaii
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#353 Posted : Sunday, May 31, 2020 9:46:38 AM(UTC)
Japan, or South America since the jungle setting would be nice, and all that.
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#354 Posted : Monday, June 1, 2020 10:16:55 AM(UTC)
I think Japan would be epic! So many different areas, mountains, highways, cites and country side. A deep rooted car culture, not to mention all that their car culture has given the rest of the world. Nissan skyline, drifting, Rx7 etc...
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#355 Posted : Friday, June 5, 2020 6:16:36 AM(UTC)
I want forza horizon 5 to take place in Detroit
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#356 Posted : Friday, June 5, 2020 7:44:48 AM(UTC)
Japan. I feel like it should be set in Japan cause I remember we were all disappointed when it wasn’t in FH4. Also, think about the Initial D, Wangan Midnight, and Tokyo Drift fandom. If they can create highways, mountain passes, cities, and parking lots based on these shows, I’m certain the game would get lots of positive reviews and love.
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