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#51 Posted : Thursday, May 9, 2019 7:58:19 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: ShanicTheMeme Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: ManteoMax Go to Quoted Post
Here are the top 20 cars from recent lists and the number of users requesting them:

Just shows the obscurity of my personal wishlist. None of the cars on my wishlist made it into the top 20.
The top 20 list is filled with people screaming about whatever new supercars are in the news at the time, meanwhile I had a ton of unique and interesting cars on my list.

I can understand that just showing a small portion of the overall requests looks biased toward modern cars. In fact, the model year distribution in wishlists closely matches that in FH4, which I think is far more diverse than any car game around. The game and lists typically break around 50% made after 2004 and 50% before. And consider that a user's list of even 500 cars would still cover less than 10% of all car models mentioned. And there are plenty of cars out there that haven't been mentioned in wishlists (<-this is not a challenge! Post what you like, but don't post the encyclopedia.)

Top requested cars made prior to the early the 1970s that would be new to Forza:

new 44 Jensen Interceptor 1967-1976
new 33 Chevrolet C/K Gen2 (Silverado) 1967-1972
new 18 Chevrolet Impala 1965-1970
new 17 Lotus Europa 1966-1975
new 16 Lamborghini Espada 1968-1978
new 15 De Tomaso Mangusta 1967-1971
new 14 Citroen DS 1955-1975
new 14 Lamborghini 350 GT 1964-1966
new 13 Duesenberg Model J SJ LaGrande Dual-Cowl Phaeton 1928-1937
new 13 Ferrari 275 (GTB, GTB/4) 1964-1968
new 13 Renault 8 R8 Gordini 1964-1970
new 12 Chevrolet Camaro Gen1.1 (Z28/SS) 1967-1968
new 12 Oldsmobile Toronado 1966-1970
new 11 Dodge Charger Gen1 1966-1967
new 11 Ford Model T 1908-1927
new 11 Mercedes 600 (W100) Pullman 1963-1967
new 11 Mercedes 540K 1935-1940
new 10 Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic 1938-1938
new 10 Bugatti Type 57 1935-1935
new 10 Cadillac Eldorado Gen3 (Brougham) Sedan 1957-1960
new 10 Ford Galaxie 1965-1968
new 10 Iso Grifo 1963-1974
new 10 Jaguar # XJ13 1966-1966
new 10 Marcos Mantis 1968-1968
new 9 Buick Riviera Gen1 coupe 1963-1965
new 9 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ghostbusters 1959-1959
new 9 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 1969-1972
new 9 Dodge Super Bee 1968-1971
new 9 Lotus Europa Special 1969-1972
new 9 Maserati Ghibli 1967-1973
new 9 McLaren # M6GT Can-Am 1969-1969
new 9 Studebaker Avanti 1963-1963
new 9 Tucker 48 1948-1948
new 8 AMC SC/Rambler 1969-1969
new 8 BMC Mini Moke 1964-1993
new 8 Ford Torino Gen1 1968-1969
new 8 Jensen FF 1966-1971
new 8 Maserati 3500GT 1957-1964
new 8 Mercedes C111 1969-1969
new 7 AMC AMX 1968-1968
new 7 Buick Riviera Gen2 coupe 1966-1970
new 7 Chevrolet C/K Gen1 (Silverado) 1960-1966
new 7 Citroen Traction Avant 1934-1956
new 7 Cord 812 S/C Sportsman 1937-1937
new 7 Ford Galaxie 1960-1964
new 7 Ford Thunderbird Gen1 1955-1955
new 7 Jaguar XKSS 1957-1957
new 7 Mercury Cyclone Gen3 Spoiler II / Cobra Jet 1969-1969
new 7 Morgan Plus 8 1968-current
new 7 NSU Ro 80 1967-1977
new 7 Peugeot 504 1968-1983
new 7 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1965-1980
new 7 Rover P6 1963-1977
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#52 Posted : Thursday, May 9, 2019 8:46:25 AM(UTC)
Still only 1 car from my personal top 20 on that list. Though my list does include plenty of cars from 80s and 90s.
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#53 Posted : Monday, May 13, 2019 6:37:56 PM(UTC)
Cars in the top 20 list AND my wishlist:

new 182 Lamborghini Huracan LP640-4 Performante 2017-current
new 126 Ferrari 488 Pista 2018-current
new 105 Lamborghini Aventador LP770-4 SVJ 2019-current
new 88 Mercedes AMG Project One concept 2018-current
new 85 McLaren 600LT 2019-current
new 83 McLaren 675LT 2015-2017
new 80 Aston Martin Valkyrie 2018-current
new 77 Audi RS5 (performance) Coupe 2017-current
new 73 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 2019-current

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#54 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2019 7:51:24 AM(UTC)
I'm glad they don't choose cars solely off the wishlists threads because there are a ton of amazing vehicles we otherwise wouldn't have in Forza. Also the fact that sometimes a cool car is released and everyone on the forums says they want it when a better version is on the way. IMO the 488 Pista and the new 850i are really cool cars but the F8 Tributo is already here and the M8 right around the corner, much better to just wait for those instead. Again just my opinion.
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#55 Posted : Tuesday, May 14, 2019 11:07:54 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: ManteoMax Go to Quoted Post

34 Tesla Model S 2012-current

Are you sure people want 2012 Model S and not the 2016 restyled version?
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#56 Posted : Saturday, June 15, 2019 1:55:39 AM(UTC)
Interesting list (and the favorite cars kind of boring - almost only S1/S2 stuff which I think we had already enough). I didn't take part of the car wish list thread, so I cannot really judge anyone, but I would prefer some cars which complete some classes of already in game cars.

For example the Meyers Manx could get some competitor by the Mini Moke or the Citroen Mehari. The Willy's Jeep by the Volkswagen 181 or the DKW Mungo. The Ford Transit and Volkswagen Type 2 with the Opel/Vauxhall Bedford Blitz or the Citroen Type H.

There are also so many great manufactors out there, which are already in the game but quite underrepresented I think - Fiat, Lancia, Maserati, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault. Not to mention the many car manufactorers who went insolvent through the sixties like Borgward, Panhard and all the others.

Sorry for OT...
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#57 Posted : Saturday, June 15, 2019 6:11:56 AM(UTC)
Respectfully, if Toyota is currently unwilling to agree to a licensing agreement for the inclusion of their product lines into the Horizon series, why are they included in these player request lists? Seeing the number of Toyota requests for X, Y, and Z and their respective ranking does anyone little good if there's close to zero chance of Toyota returning. There are approximately 7 Toyota request lines in the list above; it seems to me that omitting Toyota all together and disclosing the next seven on the list that actually have a shot to join Horizon, whatever they may be, would be of greater good and more useful than including items that won't be anything more than list filler, at least for the foreseeable future.

At any rate, seeing this data is very interesting and greatly appreciated! 👌🏻
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#58 Posted : Saturday, June 15, 2019 9:01:52 AM(UTC)
If I didn't include the requests for Toyota then the community wouldn't be able to see where those requests fall relative to the others. In the past, manufacturers that weren't in the game at launch have shown up later, and since nobody actually knows the corporate reasoning or negotiations going on, I don't think it's clear enough to say 'we won't get this so don't ask for it.' I'm counting pretty much everything including requests for tanks and lunar rovers.
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#59 Posted : Saturday, June 22, 2019 7:14:35 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: ManteoMax Go to Quoted Post
If I didn't include the requests for Toyota then the community wouldn't be able to see where those requests fall relative to the others. In the past, manufacturers that weren't in the game at launch have shown up later, and since nobody actually knows the corporate reasoning or negotiations going on, I don't think it's clear enough to say 'we won't get this so don't ask for it.' I'm counting pretty much everything including requests for tanks and lunar rovers.

Okay. I was under the impression that Toyota was *not* happening, by choice, and potentially for future installments of the franchise, thus rendering players seeing how those requests stacked up as moot and a waste of your time. But if there’s still a chance for an agreement, great. I’d really like my Celica back! (But not before my Pacer X 😰)

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#60 Posted : Friday, July 26, 2019 11:49:55 AM(UTC)
I want the Audi Q7, the Chevrolet Silverado 2500, the de tomaso pantera, the rtr ford raptor, and a West Coast Customs car pack, or at least the cars
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#61 Posted : Thursday, August 22, 2019 12:31:52 PM(UTC)
August 2019 stats update

It's been three months since the last revision so it's time for an update to the most requested cars in the FH4 Car Wishlists thread. These numbers are current as of post #3300 (August 17th). Since the last info update in May the thread has grown by 700 posts and 6,600 requests, an average of just under 10 cars per post.

The game roster has grown by 16 cars through Series Updates 10-12 for a total of 70 free cars added since launch, and a roster of 641 cars including Pre-Order DLC and Forza Edition models.

At the time the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera was added in Series 12 it was in the top 20 of the most requested cars, appearing in 86 user lists since the thread first began. Here are the other recent additions ordered by frequency of requests:

86 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 2019-current
55 Mercedes G-Class G63 AMG 6x6 2013-2015
54 Rimac C_Two 2019-current
40 Koenigsegg CCX 2006-2006
33 Buick Gran Sport GSX coupe 1968-1973
32 McLaren 12C 2011-2014
30 Ford Ranger Raptor (RHD) 2019-current
22 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 14 1967-1970
19 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato 2017-2018
16 AMC Rebel "The Machine" 1970-1970
10 Maserati Ghibli S 2014-current
6 Fiat Dino 2400 1969-1973
5 Volkswagen Type 3 1600 L (Notchback) 1967-1967
1 Mercedes E-Class (W213) All-Terrain Estate 2017-current
- 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Deberti Design (The Fast & Furious Edition from FH2 appears in 9 lists)
- 2018 Top Gear Track-tor

With those models crossed off, the new Top 100 most requested models appear in 34 or more user lists (which actually breaks at 103 cars). Interest in the Huracan Performante remains steady, appearing in 7% of user lists. 63 of the 103 listed below would be new to the Forza franchise, 59 are from European manufacturers, and 50 are current models. To the left of each model you'll see either "new" (to Forza) or its most recent game appearance.

new 231 Lamborghini Huracan Performante 2017-current
new 169 Ferrari 488 Pista 2018-current
new 147 Bugatti Divo 2019-current
new 137 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2019-current
FM4 134 DeLorean DMC-12 1982-1983
new 116 BMW 8-Series M850i / M8 Competition coupe 2018-current
new 111 McLaren 600LT 2019-current
new 110 Mercedes AMG Project One concept 2018-current
FM6 108 Mercedes SLR McLaren 2005-2005
new 108 Toyota GR Supra A90 MkV 2019-current
new 107 McLaren 675LT 2015-2017
new 101 Aston Martin Valkyrie (AM-RB 001) 2018-current
FH3 101 Toyota Supra A80 MkIV RZ 1998-1998
FH3 100 Tesla Model S 2012-current
new 98 Audi RS5 (performance) Coupe 2017-current
new 98 Tesla Model X 2015-current
FM4 97 Honda Civic Gen5 (EG/EH) 1.5 VTi / Si 3dr 1992-1995
FM4 92 De Tomaso Pantera 1971-1980
new 81 Alpine A110 2017-current
new 80 Koenigsegg Jesko 2019-current
new 79 Mercedes E-Class (W213) AMG E63 / E63S sedan 2017-current
new 74 Tesla Roadster 2020-current
new 73 Audi RS3 (performance) sedan 2017-current
FM7 73 McLaren P1 GTR 2015-2015
FH1 73 Gumpert Apollo S 2010-2010
FH1 69 Peugeot 206 RC (GTi180) 3dr 1998-2012
new 65 Hennessey Venom F5 2019-current
FH3 63 Lexus LFA 2010-2010
new 61 BMW 3-Series M3 (Competition) / CS / M340i sedan 2015-current
FM7 61 BMW 8-Series 850CSi / 840Ci 1989-1999
FM7 61 Chevrolet Camaro Gen4.2 (35th Anniversary) 1998-2002
FM4 61 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Sport Truck 2004-2006
new 60 Mercedes AMG G-Class (W463) G63 2018-current
FM7 60 Volvo XC90 2014-current
FH1 59 Koenigsegg CCXR Edition 2009-2009
new 59 McLaren Speedtail (BP23) 2019-current
new 59 Peugeot 106 Rallye 1991-2003
new 59 Shelby GT500 Fastback (Eleanor) 1967-1967
new 58 Ferrari Portofino 2018-current
new 56 Citroen Saxo 1996-2003
new 56 Ford Mustang Gen6 Shelby GT500 2019-current
FH3 56 GMC Syclone 1991-1991
new 55 Lamborghini Huracan Evo 2019-current
new 54 Rimac Concept One 2016-2016
FM7 53 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1998-2002
new 52 Plymouth Road Runner 1968-1970
new 51 Ferrari F8 Tributo 2019-current
FM4 51 Volkswagen Golf Mk5 GTi / R32 3dr 2003-2010
new 51 W Motors Fenyr SuperSport 2016-2016
FM4 50 Honda CR-X Del Sol SiR 1992-1998
new 50 Jensen Interceptor 1967-1976
new 50 Renault Megane IV (RS, Trophy) 5dr 2016-current
FH1 50 SSC Ultimate Aero 2010-2013
new 49 Audi TT RS (performance) Coupe 2016-current
new 49 Ford SVT Mustang Gen4 Cobra Terminator 2003-2004
new 49 Mercedes S-Class (W222) 63/65/500 sedan 2013-current
new 49 Nissan GT-R NISMO 2014-current
FM7 49 Renault Clio II Sport Clio V6 3dr 1999-2004
new 48 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept 2019-2019
new 48 Tesla Model 3 2017-current
new 47 BMW 7-Series 750Li/M760Li 2016-current
FM4 47 Honda Civic Gen6 (EM1) Si Coupe 1999-2000
FM7 47 Rolls-Royce Wraith hardtop Coupe 2013-current
new 47 SEAT Leon Gen3.2 Cupra/R 2018-current
FH3 46 "Toyotas"
new 45 Jaguar XE SV Project 8 2018-current
FH3 44 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 GT Apex 1985-1987
FH3 44 Toyota Supra A70 MkIII 2.0 GT Twin Turbo [RHD / GA70] 1986-1993
FM7 43 Chevrolet Camaro Gen3.2 IROC-Z 1990-1992
FM4 43 GMC Typhoon 1992-1993
new 43 Lexus LC coupe 2018-current
new 43 Nissan Pulsar N14 GTI-R 1990-1995
FM4 43 Pontiac GTO (LS2) 2005-2006
FM4 41 Ford Mustang GT 2005-2009
new 41 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII 2018-current
new 40 Ford Fiesta Mk8 ST 2017-current
new 40 Ford GT90 concept 1995-1995
new 40 Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe 2016-current
new 40 Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5 (GTi / GTD / GTE / R / Clubsport) 5dr 2017-current
FM2 39 Chrysler ME Four-Twelve concept 2005-2005
new 39 Ford Focus Mk4 ST 5dr hatch 2018-current
new 39 Ford Mondeo MkIII ST220 2000-2007
new 39 Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2019-current
new 38 Bentley Continental GT 2018-current
new 37 Chevrolet C/K Gen2 (Silverado) 1967-1972
FM7 37 Mazda RX-3 Grand Familia 1973-1978
new 37 NIO EP9 2016-current
new 37 Peugeot 306 GTi-6 3dr 1993-2002
FM7 37 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1967-1969
FM4 36 Fiat Coupe 1993-2000
new 36 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning 1993-1995
new 36 Peugeot 308 5dr 2013-current
FM7 36 Rolls-Royce Dawn 2016-current
FM4 36 Pagani Zonda C12 1999-1999
FM4 35 Citroen C4 VTS 3dr 2004-2010
FM4 35 Alfa Romeo Brera (Italia Independent) 2005-2010
FM4 35 SEAT Leon Cupra 1998-2005
new 35 Zenvo TSR-S 2018-current
new 34 Audi RS4 Avant 2018-current
new 34 BMW 2-Series (M2 (Competition) Coupe 2019-current
new 34 Hyundai i30 (N, Option) 5dr 2018-current
FM4 34 Mercedes SLR McLaren Stirling Moss 2009-2009
new 34 SSC Tuatara 2016-current

I currently count over 3,400 models or general body types that have been requested by two or more users. To recap, my method is to define a model by its generation/facelift, body type, and performance level (base/performance/track-oriented/offroad/race spec/custom); I generally group requests for different drivetrains and powerplant options within the same model name when those variations don't significantly change the nature of the car. For instance, if one user were to request the Mercedes-Benz X200 (petrol) and another user were to request the X250d (the diesel model in the game) I would count that as two user requests for the "2018-current X-Class" instead of 1 request each for different models. This helps prevent the stats being skewed by single users who request every option version of the same car, or endless models with only one request each.

If you see any designations that are incorrect or don't make sense please point them out. In some cases it's a bit out of my hands; most users requesting the Tesla models don't include a model year, which is why I group them as "2012-current" despite the more recent facelift.

A final reminder: this is only an analysis of user requests and is in no way an indication of likely future additions to the game. As has been detailed in the past and in recent Playground Games livestreams, user wish lists are not the only factor in determining which licensed content is ultimately added to the game.

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#62 Posted : Wednesday, September 11, 2019 7:20:38 AM(UTC)
[Mod Edit - since we already have a thread for wishing I'd like to keep this one clear of specific wish lists. Please use the Wish List thread pinned at the top of the forum, and quote your previous post to help monitor for duplicates. - MM]

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