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#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 11, 2019 7:17:13 AM(UTC)
Player like myself who only likes to take part in S1-S2 RWD Drift events, i have to dodge queue for long time for a change to race in drift adventure. When i finally get to event i want to play i have to wait multiple minutes for next race to start, sometimes there isn't even a race left and i'm back to queue. When there is races left in the event i can't compete for championship win because atleast one race has already passed. So basicly i have to wait for a long time between events i want to take part in, i when participate i can't consistently take part in all 3 races.

Game has gamemode i want to play, but does not have consistent, quick and/or fun way for me to play it.

Change Drift adventure matchmaking so i can select what i want to play or add new gamemode.

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